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Hu Qis gaze was locked onto Huang Xiaolong in front of him, his eyes ferocious.

The reason he had exposed his Golden Copper Beast Physique so early and resorted to the Dragon Origin Sects divine dragon art was to send Huang Xiaolong off the battle sage with the heaviest injuries possible!

In yesterdays battle stage, Huang Xiaolong had defeated the Twin Cities Sects Xiong Dong with a single palm.

Because of this, a lot of people claimed that hi strength almost rivaled the top ten islands genius disciples.

He wanted these people to open their eyes wide, this Huang Xiaolong in front of him, this softshell turtle was nothing before Hu Qi!

As Hu Qis fists were about to hit him, Huang Xiaolong raised his fists, clashing head-on with Hu Qis fists.

Seeing Huang Xiaolongs action, Hu Qi snickered in disdain. ‘This kids seeking death His Golden Copper Beast Physique could be considered terrifying both in terms of defense and attack, as the average peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm cultivator dares not meet his fists in a head-on clash.

“This Huang Xiaolong actually dares to take Hu Qis attack head-on Ignorant! Stupid!” The spectating masters in the crowd shook their heads.

Bang! A thunderous explosion shook the stage, and before the spectators eyes, four fists collided.

However, in the next moment, Hu Qi tumbled backward like a withered leaf carried away by strong winds, finally falling on the stage with another loud thump. 

Huang Xiaolong remained standing on the same spot.

The exclamations and gasps of wonder regarding Hu Qis Golden Copper Beast Physique came to an abrupt stop.

Those who loudly called Huang Xiaolong ignorant and stupid were stunned agape.

The noises on the square died down almost instantly.

The Twin Cities Sect experts\' eyes widened watching the situation on stage fifty-two, even the Twin Cities Sect Chief Zhuo Xuantongs expression froze momentarily in disbelief.

Earlier, he had said that Huang Xiaolongs strength was more than what it seemed on the surface.

Although Huang Xiaolong was only a peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm, his strength was probably comparable to an average late-First Order Ancient God Realm.

Now, a peak late-First Order Ancient God Realm Hu Qi who possessed the Golden Copper Beast Physique and succeeded in condensing dragon qi was sent tumbling back in the air by Huang Xiaolongs fists!

On the main stage, Gong Fei and the other three Fortune Gate Elders were also astonished by what happened on stage fifty-two.

One of the Fortune Gate Elders beside Gong Fei named Chen Renfei was looking at Huang Xiaolong with amazement while asking, “A peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm Which sect is this kid from”

A female Elder named Chang Yan interjected, “His name is Huang Xiaolong, Ive heard some disciples below me say that he bet three hundred billion that the first place wont belong to Zhou Xu.

On the battle stage yesterday, he defeated an early First Order Ancient God Realm Twin Cities Sect disciple in a single strike.

His opponent\'s name was Xiong Dong, ranked in the top one hundred in the preliminary round.”

“What was that kids ranking in the preliminary” Chen Renfei asked.

Elder Chang Yan was the one who answered Chen Renfei.

“Twenty-fourth!” Saying this, she glanced at Gong Fei, sneering, “Elder Gong, Huang Xiaolong was ranked twenty-fourth in the preliminary round, while Hu Qi was ranked sixteenth.

As the Elder in charge, arent you aware of the All-Islands Great War\'s rules Youve actually arranged for the two of them to meet on the battle stage, what is your explanation”

Gong Feis expression turned ugly, he intended to let Hu Qi deal with Huang Xiaolong in order to prevent him from entering top one hundred, but never did he expect Hu Qi to be the one at the other end of the stick. In one strike! Not to mention this matter had attracted various experts, as well as Elders notice.

He and Chang Yan had never seen eye to eye.

When this matter was reported back, Gong Fei knew he would be unable to escape punishment.

Thinking of this, he icily looked at Huang Xiaolong, a piercing gleam in his eyes. ‘This brat has continuously made trouble for me.

Judging from his talent and strength, if he doesn\'t die, he\'ll cause even more troubles in the future!\'

Outside the square, Dragon Origin Sect Chief Chen Ding and his sect members also looked over to the fifty-second stage.

The Dragon Origin Sects experts were obviously upset right now.

Chen Ding, on the other hand, was calmer than the rest, asking, “Hes Barbarian God Sect disciple Whats his name”

“Yes, Sect Chief.

Hes that disciple called Huang Xiaolong!” A Dragon Origin Sect Grand Elder answered.

“Send someone to check, I want to know this Huang Xiaolongs godhead rank and other details.” Chen Ding ordered.

The present Dragon Origin Sect experts were astonished by this order.

This Huang Xiaolong, a Heavenly God Realm disciple, was worth this much attention from their Sect Chief The experts were astonished because he had barely even asked a word about the second and third disciples in the preliminary ranking, Luo Yunjie and Tan Lin.

Still, no one dared to dally on Chen Dings order.

With a respectful sound of compliance, the order was carried out.

While the crowd was still in shock and disbelief, Hu Qi who was sent tumbling back by Huang Xiaolong struggled to his feet.

Looking at the crowds shocked expressions, his gaze finally fell on Huang Xiaolong.

All of a sudden, a peculiar aura rushed out from Hu Qis body like never-ending waves.

Everyone stopped what they were doing after sensing this aura, their gazes falling on Hu Qi with astonishment.

“This is…!” A Heavenly Dao Island expert exclaimed, but the voice slightly hesitated, “It feels like an Ancient God Realm divine beasts aura!”

Hu Qi was cloaked in a greenish azure glow.

With a shake of his body, the armor covering his arms shattered, revealing muscular arms with protruding blood vessels extending under the skin as if they were hiding a terrifying ferocious beast that was about to break out.

Finally, when the blood vessels had completely covered Hu Qis arms, the greenish azure glow around him became glaring, two twisted diagrams of ancient divine beasts appeared on his skin.

The two diagrams looked like they were burned into Hu Qis flesh.

Both diagrams had the head of a dragon, eyes of a lion, waist of a bear, and tail of a cow, exuding majestic divine might.

“Thats a qilin!” Someone in the crowd exclaimed.

His words stirred the crowd.

Hu Qi sneered, “Thats right, divine beast qilin! I was lucky to survive a calamity In the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, and in a dangerous place I obtained a qilins egg.

I swallowed and refined it, and succeeded in cultivating my Dragon Origin Sects ancient technique, the Divine Qilin Arms!”

The Dragon Origin Sects ancient technique, Divine Qilin Arms! The crowd clamored.

“Divine Qilin Arms! The Dragon Origin Sects heritage technique.

I didnt expect this Hu Qi to have succeeded in cultivating it!”

“It is said that once a person successfully cultivates this Divine Qilin Arms, they can  destroy heaven and earth.

They would be filled with inexhaustible strength, nothing could stop them!”

“Now it seems that Huang Xiaolong has little chances of winning .

Hu Qis Divine Qilin Arms are good enough to bring him into the top ten!”

Similarly like the crowd, the Dragon Origin Sects experts were also amazed.

Not even Chen Ding knew about Hu Qi successfully cultivating the Divine Qilin Arms.

Every disciple had his own secret, it was normal the sects higher echelon was extremely common.

Hu Qi glared fixedly on Huang Xiaolong, his voice sounded as if it heritage from a ferocious beast hell, “Go die for me!” His arms attacking Huang Xiaolong, godforce surged like crazy.

Light circulated the two divine beast qilin diagrams on his arms, giving them a life-like appearance, spewing golden flames.

This was qilin fire, one of the more powerful divine beast fire.

Before Hu Qi came close to Huang Xiaolong, great waves of scorching heat first arrived.

“Elder Brother Huang, fight!” At this point, a cheer came from below the stage.

The Golden Dragon Gates Hu Dan was already standing near the fifty-second stage, her two small fists were clenched, cheering Huang Xiaolong on.

Huang Xiaolong smiled at her, and he still used his two fists to meet Hu Qis Divine Qilin Arms.

Dragon Origin Sects ancient technique Then let him completely cripple this Dragon Origin Sects ancient technique!


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