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Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, Tan Lin, and the rest stepped up to draw a token each.

After drawing a token, Huang Xiaolong turned it over and saw a number two written on it.

Others also did the same; Zhou Xu\'s token was the number one, and the other person who drew the number two token was the Twin Cities Sect\'s Tan Lin!

Tan Lin!

Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes narrowed for a second, he didn\'t expect the first battle for the top ten positions would be against Tan Lin who had an emperor rank godhead!

\'Tan Lin, a peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm, possessing a unique physique and the Illusionary Godhead\' Huang Xiaolong sneered.

Huang Xiaolong had been looking forward to battles for the top ten ranks.

Tan Lin was watching Huang Xiaolong with ferocity, even chuckling as he drew his thumb across his own neck.

After all ten disciples had drawn their lots, Gong Fei declared the first match: Dragon Origin Sects Zhou Xu, Luoshan Cult\'s Tao Ming, please come up to the stage!

The disciple who drew number one token was the Luoshan Cult\'s Tao Ming.

Zhou Xu and Tao Ming both leaped onto the stage, landing at the center.

 At this point, compared to Zhou Xu\'s calm, Tao Ming wasn\'t looking very good.

Everyone knew that Zhou Xu\'s strength was at peak early Second Order Ancient God Realm and that he had the Thousand Dragon Physique, not to mention his Violent Dragon Godhead.

Battling Zhou Xu would surely lead to a loss. 

Although Tao Ming was ranked fifth in the preliminary round, he was greatly lacking compared to Zhou Xu.

Senior Brother Zhou Xu, please be lenient. Tao Ming said, cupping his hands at Zhou Xu.

Zhou Xu calmly said, Looking at the relation between our sects, I shall allow you three moves first. 

Among the top ten islands, there were both rivalries and alliances, Dragon Origin Sect and Luoshan Cult had almost been on good terms.

Allow you three moves!

Tao Ming looked a little uncomfortable having Zhou Xu give him a three move handicap.

Please! Tao Ming said and his figure was already in midair, leaving a stretch of blurred images behind him but each seemingly real.

This is the True Body!

In the Luoshan Cult, only their Ancestor succeeded in cultivating this technique, I didn\'t expect this Tao Ming to have also succeeded!

True Body was the Luoshan Cult\'s highest level of movement technique.

After executing it, the area would be filled with images of the user, and just like it\'s name, each image was a true body!

However, cultivating this movement techniques required a high comprehension of the space law.

Not only that, it also required a unique godhead that could produce light element godforce!

Bright Sword Canon! Someone shouted.


As the crowd exclaimed in surprise, Tao Ming arrived in front of Zhou Xu in an instant.

At some point, a long sword appeared in his hand, extremely thin and almost transparent as if it had become one with space.

The sword in Tao Ming\'s hand slashed out like a sun whose bright radiance spread over ten thousand zhang, harsh to the eyes.

The Bright Sword Canon was originally not the Luoshan Cult\'s technique, but the highest sword technique belonging to a powerful ancient Sect named Bright Sword Sect.

It seems like, through one of Tao Ming\'s fortuitous encounters, he had obtained this Bright Sword Canon technique.

Tao Ming\'s sword light reached Zhou Xu\'s chest in the blink of an eye, then went on to pierce him.

However, the instant the tip of the sword light was about to pierce into Zhou Xu\'s chest, Tao Ming was stunned, for that was only Zhou Xu\'s afterimage! \'When did he leave behind an afterimage\' He hadn\'t even noticed! Not only him, even Luo Yunjie, Tan Lin, and others were narrowing their eyes.

A light glimmered in Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes looking at Zhou Xu.

This Zhou Xu used a movement technique similar to an Ancestor God Realm\'s Greater Space Teleportation, and \'teleported\' to another point on the stage.

It\'s just that his action was too fast and others were unable to perceive it.

 Merely a moment later, Tao Ming recovered his senses and determined Zhou Xu\'s position, thus his sword thrust out, attacking once more.

This time, Tao Ming\'s sword burst out in brilliant light, his godforce condensing into terrifying sword qi that exploded like torrential rain from the sky, covering the stage.

This is the Void Sword Gate\'s Heavenly Rain Sword Technique!

Another ancient sword technique!

 In the void above, Sky Sword Ancestor nodded with appreciation, This Tao Ming is a good talent for practicing the sword, but similar to that Huang Xiaolong, it\'s a pity he only has a high grade king rank godhead.

Otherwise he could inherit my Sky Sword.

Another Blood Knife Ancestor smiled, adding You still aren\'t able to find a suitable talent to inherit your Sky Sword, but aren\'t I the same

Isn\'t my Lightning Hammer the same An old man inside a lightning blue sphere complained, I have been searching for so many years, yet I can\'t find a lightning element emperor rank godhead disciple!

 This time on the stage, Zhou Xu who was submerged in the rain of sword lights suddenly burst out a dark glow from his body.

When Tao Ming\'s sword light formed from light element godforce fell into the dark glow, the sword lights were actually swallowed.

Everyone was dumbfounded by this scene.

What technique was this

 Huang Xiaolong was surprised as well, Zhou Xu\'s Violent Dragon Godhead also had a devouring power It seems Zhou Xu\'s godhead might be a kind of variant that birthed a devouring power.

However, unlike Huang Xiaolong, he couldn\'t turn the devoured power into energy that he could use.

 Huang Xiaolong was able to sense the surging light element godforce below Zhou Xu\'s feet.

After \'swallowing\' Tao Ming\'s light element godforce, he had probably channeled it out from his body through his feet into the ground below.

Of course, this was sufficient to shock everyone watching.

Soon, Tao Ming had used up his three moves.

 All of a sudden, Zhou Xu attacked! A dazzling azure light burst out from his body as his right fist punched out.

Dragon qi roared as an azure dragon flew out from his fist, bathing the stage in azure light, rushing towards Tao Ming.

Tao Ming\'s expression tightened and his body backed away at rapid speed while swinging his sword forward.

A curtain of sword qi covered his retreat, but the whirl of the azure dragon tempest easily broke through, crashing straight at Tao Ming.

Tao Ming was sent flying off the stage!

He lost!

Everyone was in a flabbergasted state.

Was this Zhou Xu\'s real strength! The fifth in the preliminary round, Tao Ming, Luoshan Island\'s number genius, was defeated in one strike!

Zhou Xu walked down the stage.

When he was passing by Huang Xiaolong, he said, Did you see Your first match is against Tan Lin, whose  real strength is much stronger than you imagine.

I hope you can withstand ten moves from him

Huang Xiaolong was unperturbed.

Twin Cities Sect Tan Lin, and Barbarian God Sect Huang Xiaolong, please come up the stage! Gong Fei\'s voice was ici as he announced the second match.

Everyone\'s gazes fell on Huang Xiaolong and Tan Lin in a whoosh.

Compared to Zhou Xu and Tao Ming\'s battle, they were more looking forward to see the result of this match.

Huang Xiaolong and Tan Lin landed on the stage simultaneously.

Outside the square, Yao Chi\'s small hands were tightly clenched, her breathing heavier.

 Miss Yao Chi, don\'t you worry, Xiaolong will win. Noticing her anxiety, Lu Zhuo comforted solemnly.

However, truth be told, even he did not hold much confidence.

Could Huang Xiaolong win this time His opponent was one of three emperor rank godhead geniuses, Tan Lin!

Although Tan Lin ranked was second in the preliminary, it was no secret that Tan Lin and Luo Yunjie\'s were on par, only weaker that Zhou Xu!

 The noisy square suddenly quieted down a lot.

 Both Huang Xiaolong and Tan Lin stood on the stage, neither of them in a hurry to move first.

Tan Lin shook his head, sneering Huang Xiaolong, your luck is really bad, encountering me in your first match.

In fact, based on your strength, you could enter top ten, but now you won\'t have this chance anymore.

In a little while, you will end up a hundred times more miserable than Junior Brother Yang!

Huang Xiaolong looked as calm as always, I don\'t think you have the strength.


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