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When Wu Qian\'er saw that Huang Xiaolong drew the same token number as her, her delicate face tightened.

He was the person she wanted to fight against the least.


Anyone who saw Huang Xiaolong\'s method of dealing with Yang Liming and Tan Lin would rather avoid battling him.

Wu Qian\'er had never thought Huang Xiaolong would be lenient just because she was a woman.

Even before getting up onto the stage, her palms were wet with sweat.

Barbarian God Sect Huang Xiaolong, and New Stone Gate Wu Qian\'er, please come up to the stage. Elder Gong Fei waited until all five disciples drew a token then called out.

Huang Xiaolong and Wu Qian\'er leaped up, but Huang Xiaolong was a few seconds slower.

When Wu Qian\'er was due to battle Chen Kai, many male disciples below were cheering for her as they had eaten poison, but now, none of them found the courage to open their mouths.

Wu Qian\'er was New Stone Sect\'s number genius disciple, and her beauty made her a favorite both among the disciples and higher echelon.

The number of men trying to woo her could form a river.

Even though she had always been proud and arrogant, facing Huang Xiaolong, she could barely feel any pride.

Senior Brother Huang, please enlighten me. Wu Qian\'er greeted Huang Xiaolong with a small nod.

Her voice was music to the ears, like an oriole chirping.

Despite knowing she was no match for Huang Xiaolong, she was unwilling to admit defeat directly in front of so many people, she couldn\'t do it.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Wu Qian\'er who was so nervous there were beads of sweat on her nose, and couldn\'t help feeling that it was funny.

Was he so terrifying The reason he treated Tan Lin and Yang Liming so was because there were grudges between them, it wasn\'t like he abused everyone he saw.

Huang Xiaolong was certain he wasn\'t a sadist who liked to abuse others.

Huang Xiaolong tried to sound as amiable as possible, Please.

Seeing Huang Xiaolong amiable attitude, Wu Qian\'er\'s racing heart calmed a little.

She took out a flute that was entirely white as snow.

On its surface was inscribed the image of a snow phoenix.

The moment Wu Qian\'er took out the flute, snow began to drift down around the stage.

The ancient chaos spiritual weapon, Snow Phoenix Flute! It used to be the Snow Phoenix Ancestor\'s spiritual weapon in the past, but it had disappeared together with Snow Phoenix Ancestor for many millennia! The flute actually fell in Wu Qian\'er\'s hands!

There was a saying, \'When the Snow Phoenix Flute appears, frozen in a dream for eternity.\'

Many experts below the stage exclaimed, sounding envious.

Huang Xiaolong\'s interest rose.

He didn\'t expect this Wu Qian\'er to have a chaos spiritual weapon, a famous flute with a big background. \'Snow Phoenix Ancestor\' When he went through the libraries of both Barbarian God Sect and Golden Dragon Gate, he had indeed read a few descriptions of this Snow Phoenix Ancestor.

More than ten millennia ago, Snow Phoenix Ancestor\'s reputation reached far and wide in the Vientiane World as one of the masters who held themselves in high standard, not to mention the fact that Snow Phoenix Ancestor truly had an ancient Snow Phoenix as a mount. 

However, there wasn\'t much information from the descriptions Huang Xiaolong read, he knew only so much.

Earlier, when Wu Qian\'er battled Chen Kai, she hadn\'t taken out the Snow Phoenix Flute, it seems she had kept some moves hidden. 

Feng\'er, come out! After taking out the Snow Phoenix Flute and imbuing her godforce into it, a wholly white Snow Phoenix flew out from the flute, issuing a melodic cry that rang throughout the Fortune City.

As a chaos spiritual weapon, the Snow Phoenix Flute had a separate space inside, where that Snow Phoenix had been staying to cultivate.

The ancient Snow Phoenix hovered above the stage, behind Wu Qian\'er.

Its wings spread out, reaching over thirty meters in length, causing an overwhelming suppressive might to spread out.

There was no rule prohibiting participants from summoning war pets, thus Wu Qian\'er summoning  it did not count as violating the rules.

The crowd was astounded, including Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and others.

There was even a trace of envy in their eyes.

Ancient divine beasts were extremely hard to tame.

Some Fortune Gate Elders, and even Grand Elders, did not necessarily have the qualifications to use one as a mount.

Yet Wu Qian\'er, an Ancient God Realm junior, actually had one! Moreover, this Snow Phoenix already reached peak late-Second Order Ancient God Realm!

Huang Xiaolong looked unperturbed despite seeing Wu Qian\'er summon a peak late-Second Order Ancient God Realm Snow Phoenix.

He didn\'t mind it at all.

Huang Xiaolong gently rubbed the Ghost Buddha Ring on his finger, where his own chaos spiritual beast, the Black Baboon, was currently cultivating.

The Ghost Buddha Sect Chief, Gui Fu, had travelled throughout the Ghost World and Buddha World searching for precious materials to forge this Ghost Buddha Ring, the rich spiritual energy inside was the reason why Huang Xiaolong had the Black Baboon cultivate there.


Wu Qian\'er suddenly shouted and leaped into the air, sending the Snow Phoenix Flute in her hand swinging down on Huang Xiaolong.

In an instant, the flute seemed to fill the sky, interweaving with the white flakes of drifting snow.

At the same time, the Snow Phoenix flapped its wings, diving toward Huang Xiaolong as well.

The feathers on its wings were like unsheathed sharp swords, reaching Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye, locking all escape paths.

 Watching this, New Stone Gate disciples found their courage and cheered.

Senior Sister Wu, defeat Huang Xiaolong! 

Defeat Huang Xiaolong!

From the perspective of individual strength, Wu Qian\'er was far weaker than Tan Lin.

However, she had the Snow Phoenix Flute and also a peak late-Second Order Ancient God Realm Snow Phoenix, therefore, her battle power was much higher than Tan Lin\'s!

Several Twin Cities Sect\'s disciples were deliberately shouting, Abuse Huang Xiaolong! Cripple him!

Toward the Twin Cities Sect disciples\' attitude, Huang Xiaolong harrumphed coldly, his body shaking slightly.

Everyone could see abundant frigid cold qi surging out from Huang Xiaolong\'s body.

Under that frigid black qi, all of the Snow Phoenix\'s attacking snow swords came to an abrupt stop.

In the blink of an eye, the pure white snow world turned black.

Wu Qian\'er\'s face was ashen at this sight, backing away several times until the edge of the stage.

Even so, the Snow Phoenix Flute in her hand was covered by a layer of black ice.

The black ice appeared eerie, as if it originated from hell.

The horrifying frigid coldness even seeped through the barrier around the stage, causing black ice to spread out in all directions.

Those slight weaker disciples swiftly backed away in fear. 

By now, Wu Qian\'er was pale as a white sheet, her reason hovering over a cliff. \'What kind of cold qi is this, so terrible!\' She even suspected that her soul hidden inside her godhead would be frozen if she retreat a little slower.

I admit defeat! I admit defeat! Wu Qian\'er anxiously shouted as if afraid that Huang Xiaolong would attack again.

The crowd was staring at Huang Xiaolong with amazement.

Wu Qian\'er with chaos spiritual weapon in her hand, as well as a peak late-Second Order Ancient God Realm Snow Phoenix, admitted defeat so decisively!

Hidden in the void, the five Fortune Gate Ancestors also showed shock.

Could this be Hell\'s Black Xuan Frigid Qi! Black Ice Ancestor muttered, she was more astonished than anyone else.

No, no, this is not Black Xuan Frigid Qi, but the much more terrifying Extreme Frigid Qi! Myriad Flames Ancestor stated with a solemn expression.

Extreme Frigid Qi! The other four Ancestors were shaken. 

Extreme Frigid Qi was the common name for the  universe\'s most terrifying and startling frigid cold qi.

Huang Xiaolong\'s godhead is definitely not just high grade king rank! Sky Sword Ancestor stated with certainty.

Earlier, he was only guessing, but now he was certain!

Blood Knife Ancestor suppressed his surprise, laughing loudly, Huang Xiaolong\'s godhead is definitely an extremely cold element godhead, suitable to practice my Blood Knife.

This disciple, I want him!


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