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Let\'s go in, Sect Chief and several Ancestors are waiting for us. Seeing Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu and the rest stood in a daze.

Li Chaosheng spoke and descended the Thousand Spirit Mountain.

The four disciples came to their senses, hurrying to catch up.

A while later, Li Chaosheng and Huang Xiaolong\'s group of four descended on the square at the slope of an enormous mountain.

Li Chaosheng pointed at one of the magnificent palaces in front, explaining, This is our Fortune Divine Kingdom\'s Assembly Shrine.

It was built over a hundred years ago using Melting Dragon Stone and over a thousand spirit stones.

Moreover, the shrine\'s divine formation has been enhanced by generations of ancestors, becoming so powerful that a peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm wouldnt be able to break it\'s defenses!

Speaking of this, there was complacence and proudness on Li Chaosheng\'s face.

He then brought Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie and Tan Lin up the stairs step by step.

This Assembly Shrine was the Fortune Gate Chief and several Ancestors\' living quarters.

Once they reached the front hall, they had to proceed on foot.

After more than a hundred sets of stairs, they finally reached the entrance.

On the right side of the entrance was a small balcony where a stone stele twice the height of a person stood.

It was completely matte black without any lustre; on top of that, there was a kind of devilish force that made one unable to look away, feeling an impulse to explore it\'s secrets.

This is the Sans Devil Stele. Li Chaosheng introduced, It is a divine artifact that our Blue Lion Ancestor found in a devil land two hundred million years ago.

However, regardless of what method he used, he was unable to refine this Sans Devil Stele, even the best top grade chaos spiritual weapon is unable to cut through it.

Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin were astonished.

Not even top grade chaos spiritual weapons could cut this stele in two!

Later on, before Blue Lion Ancestor died, he placed this Sans Devil Stele here and left word that whoever can refine this Sans Devil Stele will own it! But Li Chaosheng shook his head saying this.

In two hundred million years, no one managed to refine it, including the many generations of our Fortune Gate Chiefs!

Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes glimmered hearing Li Chaosheng\'s words.

Although Huang Xiaolong didn\'t know what exactly this Sans Devil Stele was, he had a feeling that it wasn\'t so simple.

It might even be a grandmist aura artifact.

If he could refine this stele, Huang Xiaolong believed it would greatly benefit him.

Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin too were looking at the Sans Devil Stele with feverish gazes; clearly, they had the same thought as Huang Xiaolong.

The four disciples expression did not escape Li Chaosheng\'s eyes.

He chuckled and said, You\'ll have a lot of time in the future to study this Sans Devil Stele. With that, he stepped through the Assembly Shrine\'s main entrance.

In the early days, hadn\'t he also harbored the same thoughts as these four disciples But as the years passed, after countless times trying to comprehend the Sans Devil Stele and countless failures, he had completely given up.

Li Chaosheng believed that Huang Xiaolong and the others would soon be like him, completely losing interest in it.

After stepping through the Assembly Shrine\'s entrance, the group finally arrived at the great hall.

The ceiling here was foggy and mysterious, as if it was the end of the universe.

In the four corners of the great hall, statues of divine beasts of different shapes were placed.

These divine beasts probably belonged to the primordial or chaos era and Huang Xiaolong could not recognize them.

Reaching the center of the great hall, Huang Xiaolong sensed the boundless energy coming from the depths of it.

This boundless energy was no stranger to Huang Xiaolong, it was fortune energy!

In the past, when Huang Xiaolong killed the lower realm Fortune Gate\'s Fang Chu, he had summoned the Gate of Fortune.

This was precisely the same energy that flowed out from that door! However, the amount of fortune energy that flowed out from the gate Fang Chu had summoned was dregs compared to the fortune energy coming from the depths of this great hall.

Huang Xiaolong\'s group of four had just stepped into the great hall when Fortune Gate Chief Zhu Yi, Golden Brow Ancestor, Myriad Flames, Black Ice, Blood Knife, Lightning Hammer, and Sky Sword walked out from the inner hall.

Greetings, Gate Chief and several Ancestors. Li Chaosheng, Huang Xiaolong, and the rest saluted.

Zhu Yi, Golden Brow, and the other Ancestors nodded.

 No need to stand on ceremony. Zhu Yi said, then sat down at the main seat in the great hall while Myriad Flames, Black Ice and others sat on the left and right. 

When Zhu Yi sat down, he looked at Huang Xiaolong and said, Xiaolong, we decided after some discussion.

 Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor will accept you as a disciple, what do you think

Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Disciple is willing! A short pause later, Huang Xiaolong stepped forward and said.

Golden Brow Ancestor, and Blood Knife Ancestor smiled until their eyes were lines of seam.

Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, Sky Sword Ancestor intends to accept you two as disciples, what do both of you think Zhu Yi then turned to Zhou Xu and Tan Lin.

Zhou Xu and Tan Lin were stunned for a moment, then quickly stepped forward, saying they were willing.

Lastly, Luo Yunjie was accepted as a disciple by Myriad Flames Ancestor.

Li Chaosheng congratulated the Ancestors who accepted disciples.

Laughter echoed in the great hall.

Zhu Yi adjusted his expression before solemnly warning, I know the four of you have grudges between you, but now that all of you have entered our Fortune Gate, you are now brethren.

I hope you all will cooperate well, advance and retreat together, putting the Fortune Gate\'s well-being as your top priority.

Killing among fellow disciples is not allowed!

If found out, you won\'t escape punishment! A whelming pressure surged out from Zhu Yi\'s body, enveloping Huang Xiaolong, Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin.

The four disciples lowered their heads, claiming they dared not.

Only then did Zhu Yi retrieve his pressure.

Golden Brow Ancestor spoke Three days later is the apprenticeship ceremony.

At that time, various forces under Fortune Gate\'s Ancestors and Chiefs will come to congratulate us.

In these two days, you can follow Grand Elder Li Chaosheng around to familiarize yourselves with the Thousand Spirit Mountain.

Huang Xiaolong and everyone else complied.

There is another matter, related to the Four Mainland\'s New Disciples Battle three years later.

Yesterday, the Eternal Mainland, Dark Elf Mainland, and Primal Chaos Mainland\'s All-Islands Great War also concluded. Zhu Yi went on solemnly, This time, emperor rank genius disciples also appeared on the three other mainlands, moreover, on the Eternal Mainland there is one disciple named Wangu Ziyi who has a high grade emperor godhead, the Soul Jade Godhead!

Soul Jade Godhead! Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin exclaimed in shock.

The Soul Jade Godhead was ranked one hundred and sixty-eighth!

There was a serious expression on Golden Brow Ancestor\'s face, Yes, the Soul Jade Godhead ranked one hundred and sixty-eighth, furthermore, this Wangu Ziyi\'s strength is unfathomable.

During the Eternal Mainland\'s All-Islands Great War, from beginning until the end, he had only used one move to defeat his opponents.

No one knows his real strength, but our deduction from the news we heard is that his cultivation has reached late-Fourth Order Ancient God Realm at the very least!

Late- Fourth Order Ancient God Realm!

Zhou Xu, Luo Yunjie, and Tan Lin felt their throats go dry. 

 Subsequently, Myriad Flames Ancestor added, Other than the Eternal Mainland\'s Wangu Ziyi, there\'s one on the Dark Elf Mainland named You Wuxin, also having a high grade emperor rank godhead, the Black Underworld Godhead ranked three hundred and ninety-third.

His strength is also above Fourth Order Ancient God Realm!

You Wuxin, Black Underworld Godhead! Above Fourth Order Ancient God Realm cultivation!

People in the great hall were a little astonished.

Huang Xiaolong, on the other hand, was calmer than anyone as he recalled Wangu Yangui and You Wuye he met in the lower realm.

Golden Brow Ancestor said to Huang Xiaolong, But Xiaolong, you don\'t need to feel any pressure.

Three years later, with your strength, other than this Wangu Ziyi and You Wuxin, others won\'t be your match.

You can definitely enter the top three.

Although the rewards for the third place can\'t compare to first place\'s rewards, they are still better than our All-Islands Great War\'s first place rewards!


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