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\'Never have this chance\' Tan Lin took a quick glance at Wang Wei, but did not ask any further questions.

During these three years, you must work hard and successfully cultivate Sky Sword Ancestor\'s technique.

It would be best if you can breakthrough to the third stage of the Sky Sword Canon and condense a heart sword.

At that time, during the New Disciples Battle, it won\'t be impossible for you to enter the top ten!

Yes. Tan Lin answered, determination shone on his eyes.

The humiliation he received during the All-Islands Great War, he would one day pay it back to Huang Xiaolong a thousand, no, a million times!

Time flowed and the days passed one after another.

In order to prepare for the Four Mainland\'s New Disciples Battle three years later, Zhou Xu, Tan Lin, and Luo Yunjie were diligently cultivating at Sky Sword Ancestor and Myriad Flames Ancestor\'s side.


With Sky Sword Ancestor and Myriad Flames Ancestor\'s guidance, coupled with the startling spiritual energy on Thousand Spirit Mountain, as well as the nurturing of chaos spiritual pills, these three people\'s strength rose at a shocking rate.

Each month passed with visible changes in the three of them.

Inside the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace, Huang Xiaolong was still sitting cross-legged above the Spiritual Blood Pool.

At this time, counting the days, more than two months had passed since he entered the Spiritual Blood Pool.

During this time, Huang Xiaolong\'s surroundings were completely dominated by a golden-red color as startling dragon qi came from his body.

 On his back, black and blue twin dragons appeared, emitting pulses of dragon might.

The Ancestral Dragon Fruit was hovering above Huang Xiaolong, causing boundless golden-red spiritual energy and ancestral dragon qi to enter his body through his head.


At the same time, numerous speckles of light resembling rubies were flowing up from the Spiritual Blood Pool, entering Huang Xiaolong\'s body from below.

The golden-red spiritual energy blended and merged with the ancestral dragon qi.

In his consciousness, his three supreme Godheads were emitting a brilliant light.

Purple grandmist aura flowed out continuously from the purple grandmist dragon, merging with them.

Within his three supreme godheads, his godseas roiled high.

 Earth, metal, wood, water, fire, wind, lightning, darkness, and light elements were intermingling and glimmering inside his three supreme godheads.

Huang Xiaolong had entered an ethereal state.

Compared to two months ago, his strength had increased even further, reaching the very limit of peak late-Tenth Order Heavenly God Realm.

However, Huang Xiaolong had yet to breakthrough.

He felt that his three supreme godheads could withstand more heaven and earth energy, and he wanted his breakthrough to come only when they could no longer take in any more energy.

His two Masters were both sitting in Blood Knife\'s cultivation palace, discussing the path of cultivation.

It\'s already been more than two months, Xiaolong should be coming out soon.Blood Knife suddenly said.

Golden Brow nodded, He should be coming out after a few days.

The average genius disciples breaking through to the Ancient God Realm took about two months\' time to do so.

In Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor\'s opinion, Huang Xiaolong would probably take about three months.

Soon, another half a month went by.

More than three months had passed since Huang Xiaolong entered the Spiritual Blood Pool.

Blood Knife Ancestor frowned, Strange, it\'s been more than three months, how come there is no movement at all

Golden Brow laughed, Isn\'t it better if there is no movement The longer he stays inside, the greater his strength will rise.

Don\'t tell me you\'re reluctant about the Spiritual Blood Pool\'s spiritual energy.

Blood Knife Ancestor laughed loudly, saying, This Spiritual Blood Pool has been created through my efforts over tens of thousands of years, gathering countless divine beasts\' blood essence and chaos spiritual herbs.

I am indeed a bit reluctant, but this kid is only using it to breakthrough to the Ancient God Realm, that\'s barely anything.

The two ancestors continued discussing things related to cultivation.

In the blink of an eye, another month passed.

Golden Brow and Blood Knife were still calm initially, but now that four months had passed without movement on Huang Xiaolong\'s part, they could stay still no longer.

Xiaolong, you\'re fine, right Golden Brow suddenly jumped to his feet, his brows furrowed deep.

Blood Knife Ancestor shook his head, There shouldn\'t be any problems.

The spiritual energy in my Spiritual Blood Pool can not only raise his strength, it will also nurture his soul, there won\'t be any accidents.


However, both ancestors still decided to go check in on Huang Xiaolong.

Thus, with a Greater Space Teleportation, they arrived at the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace. 

However, they were afraid they would disturb Huang Xiaolong at a crucial point of breaking through.

Opening the door and entering all of a sudden might alarm  Huang Xiaolong.

Thus, when the two ancestors arrived at the Spiritual Blood Pool palace, they hesitated.

Let me have a look with my knife eye. Blood Knife Ancestor solemnly said.

Following that, a knife shaped blood hole opened between his brows, from which rays of light shot out, entering the void above Spiritual Blood Pool Palace.

However, Blood Knife Ancestor was agape, then shock rose to his face.

Golden Brow Ancestor was curious watching Blood Knife Ancestor\'s changing expressions, hence he too used a secret technique to investigate the situation inside the Spiritual Blood Pool.

His expression became the same as Blood Knife Ancestor\'s, he was just as shocked.

Inside the Spiritual Blood Pool, Huang Xiaolong\'s figure had completely disappeared, leaving behind balls of glaring light.

From them, pulses of dragon qi could be felt, roiling inside the hall like great waves.

The most startling thing was, they felt a terrifying dragon qi belonging to a primordial dragon clan master!

This, this is

Ancestral dragon, the Lord of the Dragon Clan! This is the Lord of the Dragon Clan\'s aura!

They still wanted to look deeper into the light enshrouding Huang Xiaolong to check his situation, yet their vision was hindered by a mysterious force.

 In the end, Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor\'s vision wasn\'t able to look in further; they could only retrieve their gazes.

That ancestral dragon\'s aura, is it the Ancestral Dragon Fruit Blood Knife Ancestor muttered in a daze.

Golden Brow Ancestor chuckled, It seems there\'s no mistake, I never expected this kid to have such fortune, to obtain the Ancestral Dragon Fruit and borrow its power to breakthrough to the Ancient God Realm!

Blood Knife Ancestor laughed joyously, It seems I was overly concerned.

Since he has the Ancestral Dragon Fruit, whether he has my Spiritual Blood Pool or not, he will still be able to break through into the Ancient God Realm!

But this kid, what is that force coming out from his body Golden Brow Ancestor was doubtful.

The mysterious force coming from Huang Xiaolong\'s body could actually could block his vision from gazing within!

Blood Knife Ancestor shook his head, he couldn\'t figure it out either.

In fact, the force hindering Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor\'s vision was none other than the purple grandmist aura dragon.

If it wasn\'t for this, Huang Xiaolong\'s three supreme godheads and his other secrets would have been thoroughly seen by both of them.

But now, they only found out that Huang Xiaolong was refining the Ancestral Dragon Fruit.

All of a sudden, at this time, an overwhelming force burst out from the Spiritual Blood Pool Palace like a great flood followed by a resounding dragon roar that shook the sky.

Every corner of the Thousand Spirit Mountain could hear it.

Both Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor were startled.

Multiple figures flickered in the air as Myriad Flames Ancestor, Black Ice Ancestor, and Sky Sword Ancestor appeared one after another.

Clearly, they were alerted by the resounding dragon roar.

Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor also flew into the air.

Brother Golden Brow, this is Myriad Flames Ancestor asked in astonishment.

Golden Brow Ancestor waved his hand, casually saying, It\'s nothing, just Xiaolong that kid attempting to breakthrough to the Ancient God Realm at the Spiritual Blood Pool.

I just didn\'t expect the movement to be a bit big.


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