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With the death qi, nefarious qi, and yin energy cleared out of the tomb, Huang Xiaolong and the little cow hurried inside with anticipation.

With a stroke of his palm across the air, Huang Xiaolong sent the coffin cover spinning into the air, falling to the ground seconds later.

When Huang Xiaolong saw the condition of the corpse lying within, he breathed a sigh of relief.

He had explored over four hundred tombs back to back, but had found only thirty-three complete Nefarious Devil corpses.

This meant that he had obtained one complete Nefarious Devil corpse for every ten or eleven tombs.

Before entering this tomb, Huang Xiaolong was a little worried that the corpse inside it would be incomplete before entering.

But now, he was at ease.

Judging from the death qi and nefarious qi flowing around the coffin, this Nefarious Devil Tribe expert absolutely had above Tenth Order Ancient God Realm strength.

This corpses actual cultivation realm could only be known after refining it into a puppet.

The only disappointment was that there was no Nefarious Devil Gold Core inside this coffin, therefore, Huang Xiaolong directly began refining the corpse into a puppet.

Huang Xiaolongs pupils shone purple as he spun the Grandmist Puppetry Technique.

A ray of purple light entered into the Nefarious Devil corpse between his brows.

Thirty-three Nefarious Devil puppets stood behind Huang Xiaolong in a pentagon formation with their hands forming various seals linking them together.

Abundant soul force was gathered and it was channeled into Huang Xiaolong.

This was an ancient method named Five Stars Soul Formation that could merge every persons soul force within the formation.

Through the borrowed soul force from the group of Nefarious Devil puppets, Huang Xiaolong could smoothly refine Nefarious Devil experts corpses above Tenth Order Ancient God Realm cultivation strength into puppets.

Otherwise, even though Huang Xiaolong had the strength of a Fourth Order Ancient God Realm, he still wouldnt be able to refine Nefarious Devil corpses belonging to Tenth Order Ancient God Realm and above into puppets.

The instant Huang Xiaolongs soul mark entered into the Nefarious Devil corpses godsea, it was met with strong resistance from its remnant will.

Huang Xiaolong hadnt expected for the remnant will of the corpse to be stronger than he was, in fact it was far stronger than he had estimated.

Despite his Grandmist Puppetry Technique, it took Huang Xiaolong a lot of effort to suppress the corpses remnant will. 

The two sides continued to collide repeatedly, lasting for more than ten days before Huang Xiaolong felt the remnant will had weakened a little.

He inwardly breathed a sigh of relief, but he did not dare to be careless and continued refining the corpse.

Ever since his three supreme godheads had absorbed the purple grandmist aura— dragons purple grandmist aura, Huang Xiaolongs soul had become extremely resilient.

He had no problem holding on for another half a year.

Half a month went by.

From the time Huang Xiaolong had entered this tomb until now, roughly a month had passed when he finally succeeded in refining the Nefarious Devil Tribe experts corpse into his puppet.

Late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm! Huang Xiaolong learned that this Nefarious Devil was a late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master in his heyday.

This Nefarious Devil Tribe expert was named Xie Li, a tribe patriarch who lived over forty million years ago! Huang Xiaolong was beyond himself with delight as this would make it a little easier for him to conquer to entire Nefarious Devil Tribe.

After successfully refining Xie Li, Huang Xiaolong wasnt in a hurry to go to the next tomb.

Now that he was at the limit of the peak late-Second Order Ancient God Realm; lately, he was having a feeling that hed be able to advance to Third Order Ancient God Realm in next few days.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong sat down cross-legged and swallowed five Golden Buddha Pills simultaneously that were refined by Ghost Buddha Sect Chief Gui Fu.

He then started circulating the four divine fires and began cultivating.

Chaos spiritual energy surged down from the void like a waterfall.

The little cow stared enviously at the gray chaos spiritual energy surging out from the void.

Using its knowledge, the little cow could see that the chaos spiritual energy that was being absorbed by Huang Xiaolong was of high quality.

With the continued cultivation using this chaos spiritual energy, not only Huang Xiaolongs True Dragon Physique would evolve, but Huang Xiaolongs supreme godheads would also become more terrifying.

‘This kid, where did he find these four great divine fires The little cow contemplated.

Despite its vast knowledge of the Divine World, it couldnt see the four divine fires origin.

But the little cow knew that the four divine fires had existed even before the Divine World was formed.

Five days later, the airflow in the tomb suddenly became stronger.

A bright light exploded above Huang Xiaolongs head, followed by a low crisp noise of something breaking.

It was several hours later when things gradually calmed down.

Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes and saw that the little cow was observing him in a strange manner.

He couldnt stand the look on the little cows face and laughed.

Huang Xiaolong teased, “Xiaoniū, whats so nice about me to look at me in that way”

“When compared to you, this cow will not even be able to lift her head up.” The little cow sighed bitterly, looking sad and devastated.

‘It has only been half a year since Huang Xiaolong had broken through to peak mid-Second Order Ancient God Realm ah!

Yet he has already advanced to Third Order Ancient God Realm!

Huang Xiaolongs cultivation speed in the Ancient God Realm was almost similar to his speed when he was still in the Heavenly God Realm.

It was the norm that after cultivators stepped into Ancient God Realm, advancing every order took time— at least twenty to thirty times longer! In other words, if advancing from Second Order to Third Order Heavenly God Realm took a year, then advancing from Second Order to Third Order Ancient God Realm would take twenty to thirty years!

But Huang Xiaolongs breakthrough Ancient God Realm orders were almost as fast as he breakthrough Heavenly God Realm orders.

Huang Xiaolong grinned but said nothing and got to his feet.

“Hurry up, we need to continue!” Huang Xiaolong flew out from the tomb and went straight to the next one.

Only one month\'s time was left before Ouyang Family would attack Dralion Island.

Huang Xiaolong hoped to use this remaining one month to add another Nefarious Devil puppet to his ranks if he could.

If his cultivation hadnt broke through to Third Order Ancient God Realm, then Huang Xiaolong would have been slightly concerned; but now, his soul force was twice as strong.

On top of that, he had the newly refined Xie Li\'s late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm strength to assist him; as a result, his confidence rose even higher.

As Huang Xiaolong\'s group reached the four hundred and fifty-second tomb, Huang Xiaolong had Xie Li and other thirty-three Nefarious Devil puppets clear out the thick death qi, nefarious qi and yin energy.

The addition of Xie Li greatly reduced the time needed to clear out thick death qi, nefarious qi and yin energy from the entrance.

It only took as little as six days. 

But Huang Xiaolong was greatly disappointed as the Nefarious Devil expert corpse inside this tomb was incomplete and it didnt have a gold core.

Reluctant to leave at this point, he headed to the four hundred and fifty-third tombs entrance.

He wanted Xie Li and other puppets to clear a path quickly.

However, the death qi, nefarious qi and yin energy at four hundred and fifty-third tomb were many times denser, and it took more than ten days to clear them out.

The result was just as depressing for Huang Xiaolong—the corpse inside it was also incomplete!

Coming out from the four hundred and fifty-third tomb, Huang Xiaolong led the group to the next tomb entrance.

After observing the situation at the entrance of this tomb, Huang Xiaolong gave up exploring any further and flew towards the ancestral burial grounds exit.

With the power he currently possessed, it was sufficient for him to conquer the Nefarious Devil Tribe and also annihilate Ouyang Family.

According to Gu Ling\'s words, Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect had sent one Elder each to protect Ouyang Family.

Both these Elders\' strengths were early Tenth Order Ancient God Realm.

It didn\'t take long for Huang Xiaolong\'s group to come out front the burial grounds.

Huang Xiaolong rode on the little cow while Xie Li and other thirty-three Nefarious Devil puppets followed behind him.

The awe-inspiring group flew straight to the Nefarious Devil Tribe settlement.

The Nefarious Devil Tribe\'s settlements were four to five hundred in number, therefore, conquering each one separately was going to be very time consuming and troublesome.

Huang Xiaolong had learned from Xie Li\'s broken memories that the Nefarious Devil Tribe\'s Ancestral Hall was the most sacred place apart from the ancestral burial grounds.

And inside the Ancestral Hall was a Nefarious Devil Holy Bell.

It could gather all Nefarious Devil Tribe settlements\' Heads at the Ancestral Hall when it chimed.


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