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The biggest hindrance to annihilating the Nefarious Devil Tribe is them hiding inside the Nefarious Devil Tribe\'s ancestral burial grounds! The Demon-Buddha Clan Ancestor Yao Yue emphasized.

I agree.

Once the Nefarious Devil Tribe hides inside their ancestral burial grounds and activates the formation, we won\'t be able to touch a hair on their bodies! Demon-Buddha Clan Patriarch Yao Duo said, frowning deeply.

Ouyang Family Ancestor Ouyang Bin waved his hand as he smiled nonchalantly, All of you rest assured, even if the Nefarious Devil Tribe cowards hide in their ancestral burial grounds, I can sweep them out!

Yao Yue and Yao Duo were pleasantly surprised at Ouyang Bin\'s implicated promise.

May I know what good method Ancestor Ouyang Bin Ancestor has Yao Yue couldn\'t help but ask.

You\'ll know when the time comes. Ouyang Bin answered with an air of mystery.

Both Yao Yue and Yao Duo exchanged a glance, inwardly trying to guess Ouyang Bin\'s method, as it would be improper for them to ask Ouyang Bin any further.

Looking at Ouyang Bin\'s confident attitude, Yao Yue and Yao Duo were slightly reassured and relaxed.

Ouyang Bin raised his cup and toasted, Cheers, drink to our success in annihilating the Nefarious Devil Tribe!

Cheers! Yao Yue and Yao Duo both raised their cups high.

The three of them threw their heads back and drank the wine from their cups in one gulp and laughed.

Ouyang Bin was still laughing as he said, According to our prior agreement after the Nefarious Devil Tribe is annihilated, all the treasures within the Nefarious Devil Tribe ancestral burial grounds will go to our Ouyang Family!

Naturally, Yao Yue chuckled and continued, The Nefarious Devil Tribe\'s treasury will belong to Demon-Buddha Clan, and the ancestral burial grounds will belong to Ouyang Family!

Good! Ouyang Bin laughed heartily as the three people raise their cups again.

Two days later, Ouyang Bin, Yao Yue and Yao Duo led Ouyang Family and Demon-Buddha Clan\'s experts as departed from the Demon-Buddha Island, flying towards the Nefarious Devil Island.

Ouyang Family had sent close to three hundred Ancient God Realm experts, whereas the Demon-Buddha Clan had brought thirty experts.

However, the great army after combining the two forces consisted of fifty thousand high-level Heavenly God Realm disciples!

An army of fifty thousand disciples flying across the air was akin to an enormous cloud that leaves a momentary darkness on the ground below.

When other islands\' forces saw this mighty army, the color drained from their faces and they even forgot to breathe.

Ouyang Family, Demon-Buddha Clan! I heard they joined hands to attack the Nefarious Devil Island!

It seems the Nefarious Devil Tribe is on the brink of genocide, erased from the Divine World hereon!

The cultivators below sighed.

 Ouyang Family and Demon-Buddha Clan\'s great army was closer to reaching Nefarious Devil Island, while these other people were talking about their combined great army.

Ancestor, spies have reported that the Nefarious Devil Tribe is going all out in preparation for war.

They plan to fight to the death against us! 

Ouyang Bin, Yao Yue and Yao Duo couldn\'t help laughing in disdain.

Fight to the death Ouyang Bin laughed louder.

Merely a nest of benighted ants— even after knowing that they are no match against us, yet they stubbornly clinging to that land.

If it were me, Id have sent away as many disciples away as I could.

As long as there is hope there is a chance to avenge others.

Yao Yue chuckled, Isn\'t it better for us that they didn\'t run By chance, if some of their elite disciples were to escape, it\'d be a waste of effort to hunt them down afterwards!

Three days later, a great army stopped above the Nefarious Devil Island.

Strangely, the Nefarious Devil Island seemed calm and peaceful, as opposed to the chaos and panic Ouyang Bin had imagined and expected.

Ouyang Bin\'s brows scrunched up in a frown.

Ancestor, below…something is not right with the Nefarious Devil Tribe ah.

Should we send some people down there to check the situation Ouyang Family Grand Elder Ouyang Jiang asked.

Brother Yao Yue, what do you think Ouyang Bin turned to the Demon-Buddha Clan Ancestor Yao Yue.

Yao Yue shook his head and said, The Nefarious Devil Tribe is probably pretending to be mysterious; what could have they come up with! But is also a good idea to send someone down there to check out the situation.

Therefore, each of the two forces sent a hundred people down to the island to investigate the situation.

Before these two-hundred people had left for the island, Ouyang Bin had instructed them to report back after every ten minutes.

However, half an hour had passed without any news.

The two hundred people they had sent down were akin to pebbles that fell into the deep sea.

Not just that, Ouyang Bin, Yao Yue, and the others had gotten a strange feeling.

Right then, they saw a group of Nefarious Devil experts rushing out from the island below.

The four in front who leading this group were none other than the four biggest settlements\' Heads— Xie Sheng, Xie Luoxing, Xie Shan, and Xie Xiao.

Behind the four were other Nefarious Devil Tribe settlements\' Heads as well as Grand Elders, Elders, and Heavenly God Realm Nefarious Devil disciples.

There were over a hundred thousand Nefarious Devil disciples, in fact, all of the Nefarious Devil Tribe\'s Heavenly God Realm disciples.

More than half of them were only low-level Heavenly God Realm.

Only a small number of these disciples were of high-level Heavenly God Realm strength.

Compared to the great army of Ouyang Family and the Demon-Buddha Clan, the tremendous gap between the two opposing forces was evident.

Demon-Buddha Clan Ancestor Yao Yue chuckled as he watched Xie Sheng and others leading out the Nefarious Devil \'great army.\' Xie Sheng, who\'d have thought that you would be so  benighted to lead Nefarious Devil disciples to defend the Nefarious Devil Island; want to fight to the death against us

Yao Yue introduced Ouyang Bin to Xie Sheng and his army, Let me introduce to you, he is Ouyang Family\'s Ancestor Ouyang Bin.

Xie Sheng, Xie Shan, and others took a glance at Ouyang Bin.

Ouyang Bin spoke, Initially, Ancestor Yue intended to kill all of you so that Nefarious Devils would cease to exist in this world, however, I offer you one last chance— submit to my Ouyang Family and I will spare your lives.

It\'s a pity that the Nefarious Devil Tribe has already submitted to me, therefore, they will not serve your Ouyang Family. Exactly at this time, a familiar voice sounded.

The voice came suddenly, stunning Ouyang Bin, Yao Yue and the others.

In the next second, the Nefarious Devil Tribe\'s experts opened a wide berth in the middle, and Ouyang Bin\'s side saw a black-haired young man riding on azure-colored cow advancing towards them.

Xie Li and the other resurrected ancestors were nowhere to be seen.

Hua-ng, Huang Xiaolong! Ouyang Bin, Ouyang Xun, and most Ouyang Family members were taken aback by Huang Xiaolong\'s presence.

Clearly, they did not expect to see Huang Xiaolong here.

Demon-Buddha Clan Ancestor Yao Yue\'s side was also taken aback.

\'Huang Xiaolong Could it be that All-Islands Great War first place Huang Xiaolong\'

Ouyang Bin, long time no see. Huang Xiaolong coldly greeted.

Ouyang Bin calmed himself from the shock of seeing Huang Xiaolong and looked around.

After he was sure that no other Fortune Gate experts were hiding in the vicinity, his heart was slightly at ease.

Huang Xiaolong, in truth, attacking the Nefarious Devil Tribe is Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect\'s order. He said after some hesitation.

Regardless Ouyang Bin felt a little guilty about mentioning Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect, he couldnt help mentioning them after he had seen Huang Xiaolong.

Another truth was that Dragon Origin Sect and Twin Cities Sect actually needed something from within the Nefarious Devil Tribe\'s ancestral burial grounds.

Thus, it was an honest truth that attacking the Nefarious Devil Tribe was the two sects\' order.

That\'s why I hope that you won\'t interfere in this matter. Ouyang Bin stressed.

Ouyang Bin spoke humbly because he was apprehensive of Huang Xiaolong\'s backing.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head indicating a difference of opinion and said, Sorry to say this, today not only will I interfere in this matter, but all of you must die here!

Ouyang Family Grand Elder Ouyang Xun was enraged by Huang Xiaolong\'s words.

He couldnt help but shout at Huang Xiaolong, Huang Xiaolong, don\'t think that you\'re so great just because you are the personal disciple of Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor! Do you really think that we wont dare to kill you!


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