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Golden Brow was slightly frowning, Judging from the current situation, Wang Wei has a higher chance of succeeding the Gate Chief position than Zhu Feng.

Blood Knife Ancestor\'s mouth opened and closed silently as he knew that Golden Brow Ancestor was right.

Wang Wei\'s strength, talent, and even prestige were higher than Zhu Feng.

Huang Xiaolong was intrigued as he listened to his Masters\' conversation and asked, Masters, can you tell me more about this matter, in regards to Fortune Gate Chief\'s succession

Since you asked, we\'ll tell you about it. Golden Brow Ancestor went on solemnly, The position of our Fortune Gate Chief changes in every thirty thousand years.

As long as a disciple with emperor rank godhead reaches mid-level Ancestor God Realm, they are qualified to compete for the Gate Chief position.

Mid-level Ancestor God Realm! Emperor rank godhead and above genius!

Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes glimmered as he said, Then Wang Wei and Zhu Feng are mid-level Ancestor God Realm masters!

Blood Knife Ancestor shook his head, not Zhu Feng, his cultivation is at peak late-Third Order Ancestor God Realm.

In a hundred years he could break through to Fourth Order Ancestor God Realm by the time they elect the next Gate Chief.

As for Wang Wei, ten thousand years ago, he already broke through to Fourth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Although, we don\'t know anything about his current strength.

Golden Brow Ancestor\'s expression was solemn as he said, Wang Wei, that child is unfathomable, I guess he has already broken through to Fifth Order Ancestor God Realm; moreover, he uses an ancient chaos grade technique for cultivation.

Due to this his strength cannot be compared to an average Fifth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Be careful when you come across him in the future.

Blood Knife Ancestor looked solemn as well.

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

He had guessed that both Zhu Feng and Wang Wei were Ancestor God Realm masters, but the extent of Wang Wei\'s strength exceeded his imagination.

Fifth Order Ancestor God Realm with the battle power higher than the average Fifth Order Ancestor God Realm masters!

What did this mean Did it mean that apart from Golden Brow Ancestor, Blood Knife Ancestor, and several other Ancestors, Wang Wei was the strongest person in Fortune Gatel

After all, there were only a handful of Fortune Gate Grand Elders who had managed to reach the Fifth Order Ancestor God Realm and above cultivation.

Master, then when exactly will be the new Gate Chief selected Huang Xiaolong asked thoughtfully.

Blood Knife Ancestor glanced at Huang Xiaolong and laughed, What Are you thinking about the next Gate Chief position Although your talent is higher than Zhu Feng, your current strength is still very low.

And there\'s only a hundred and fifty years until the new Gate Chief is selected.

Forget about mid-level Ancestor God Realm, be content with your cultivation even if it reaches Seventh Order, Eighth Order, or even Ninth Order Ancient God Realm by then!

Golden Brow laughed as well, adding, Instead, better focus on getting third place in the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle.

Huang Xiaolong sounded depressed as he said, Masters, don\'t look down on me.

Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor laughed even louder.

Do you think it\'s easy to breakthrough to Seventh Order Ancient God Realm The Seventh Order Ancient God Realm is the hardest ceiling of Ancient God Realm. Golden Brow teased.

Zhu Feng took more than a hundred years to advance from Sixth Order Ancient God Realm to Seventh Order Ancient God Realm!

\'Just because Zhu Feng took more than a hundred years to advance from Sixth Order Ancient God Realm to Seventh Order Ancient God Realm does not mean I will too, isn\'t it\'

More than a hundred years

A light flickered in Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes.

He had realized that he needed to put in more effort in his cultivation.

There was a little over one hundred and fifty years time left until the next Gate Chief selection.

Huang Xiaolong was confident he could breakthrough to Ancestor God Realm by then, but mid-level Ancestor God Realm was going to be harder.

There was a heaven and Earth difference between First Order and Fourth Order Ancestor God Realm.

In Ancestor God Realm, advancement for each order was difficult; even more so, trying to advance Ancestor God Realms first four orders in a hundred and fifty years was near to impossible.

Wang Wei for example, had stepped into Fourth Order Ancestor God Realm ten thousand years ago.

Deducing from this example, Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor had guessed that Wang Wei most likely had broken through to Fifth Order Ancestor God Realm by now.

In other words, given Wang Wei\'s talent, it took him ten thousand years to advance to Fifth Order Ancestor God Realm from Fourth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Golden Brow Ancestor said, You need not worry about Black Ice Ancestor since we have got your back. His expression turned cold as he continued, Even if she is Li Lu\'s Master she cannot force you and Li Lu to stop interacting!

That\'s right, with us here, you don\'t need to worry about this. Blood Knife Ancestor patted his chest reassuringly, If this happens again, tell me and I\'ll give that old hag\'s ass a few stabs with my knife!

Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t help but burst out laughing at his Master\'s promise.

Both Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor let out a hearty laughter.

They left a short while later after spending some more time with Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong hesitantly looked in the direction of Brimming Snow Palace, but then he returned to Cosmos Palace instead.

 Li Lu will soon learn about what happened today.

He was simply eager to know her decision.

As expected, not long after Huang Xiaolong returned to Cosmos Palace, Li Lu came over.

Li Lu walked in and the moment she saw Huang Xiaolong, she apologized, I\'m sorry about today, I apologize on behalf of my Master.

Don\'t be angry, okay

She looked nervously at Huang Xiaolong, that pitiful expression made his heart ache.

Huang Xiaolong was still somewhat upset but now his anger disappeared completely.

He smiled and said affectionately, You are not your Master and she is not you, so no need to apologise on her behalf.

Don\'t worry, I won\'t get angry with you, even if I am angry with that old hag.

Li Lu laughed hearing that and said teasingly.

You are not allowed to call my Master an old hag.

Standing on your Master\'s side and not your hubby\'s, you should be punished. Huang Xiaolong deliberately raised his palm as he said that.

Li Lu\'s face turned red and she dodged away, You are...

who\'s hubby I am not talking to you anymore. Her voice drifted in the air as her figure whistled away.

Huang Xiaolong watched Li Lu until she was out of sight.

Shaking his head he turned to walk towards the Cosmos Palace secret chamber.

Inside, Huang Xiaolong took out a chaos spiritual herb he had found in the Ghost Buddha Depository and swallowed it as he began cultivating for that night.

While Huang Xiaolong had entered the secret chamber to cultivate, inside a certain palace in Fortune Mountain Range, Cheng Zongwei and Chen Wenzhang were indignant.

In front of them were Hu Qi and Yang Liming who had been injured by Huang Xiaolong.

Cheng Zongwei and Chen Wenzhang were respectively Hu Qi and Yang Liming\'s Masters.

Huang Xiaolong has crossed the line! Cheng Zongwei angrily smashed the tea cup in his hand shattering it to pieces on the floor, I am going to the Gate Chief to sue him.

He is relying on Golden Brow and Blood Knife to become lawless! He has the guts to violate the rules! 

Chen Wenzhang\'s express was scarily frosty as he said, Even if we were to sue him in front of the Gate Chief, he is likely to turn a blind eye.

Do you expect him to punish a high emperor rank godhead disciple because of this With the Four Mainlands\' New Disciples Battle around the corner, Gate Chief is looking forward to him winning the third place to bring some glory to Fortune Gate.

Though we can\'t do anything about Huang Xiaolong, can\'t we deal with that insignificant of an outer disciple— Hu Dan A cold glint flitted across Cheng Zongwei\'s eyes, I have heard that Huang Xiaolong has bought a residence in Fortune City and Yao Chi is living in that Myriad Gods Manor!

Chen Wenzhang hesitated, Yao Chi If at all in the future, Huang Xiaolong connects the dots and finds out this is related to us, we can\'t escape Golden Brow and Blood Knife\'s wrath.

Cheng Zongwei snickered, Who says we\'re going to do anything ourselves Yang Liming comes from Twin Cities Sect.

In a way, he is Wang Wei\'s Junior Brother and also, Yang Liming is close to Tan Lin, therefore, we don\'t need to do anything ourselves.


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