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She went out early in the morning Huang Xiaolong did not took it to heart when he heard that.

He had known that Yao Chi liked shopping.

Thus, Huang Xiaolong sat in the main hall, sipping tea as he waited for Yao Chi to return.

This tea was rare in the Divine World.

It was called the Bright Moon Tea and its leaves could only be brewed in the spiritual spring water.

The tea\'s refreshing taste lingered on Hung Xiaolongs taste buds after every sip.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly thought of his parents from his past life; both of them had loved drinking tea the most.

Huang Xiaolong wondered if he would ever have a chance to return to Earth to where he had lived in his past life.

For a moment, he felt a strong desire to bring them some of this several thousand years old tea to taste.

Huang Xiaolong couldn\'t help but smile as he pictured their shocked faces on their first sip.

One hour soon passed by as Huang Xiaolong waited in the main hall.

Seeing that Yao Chi had yet to return, he took out his communication talisman.

But just as he was about to send Yao Chi a message, a flustered Barbarian God Sect female disciple ran into the hall.

She was momentarilly stunned at seeing Huang Xiaolong, but the next second she was overjoyed.

She cried out anxiously, Young Lord, Sister Yao Chi has met with trouble!

During the time Yao Chi had stayed at Barbarian God Sect, she had grown close to several female core disciples.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong had brought them over to Fortune City to accompany Yao Chi.

However, these Barbarian God Sect female core disciples\' cultivation was not high and it ranged between Seventh Order to Eighth Order Heavenly God Realm.

Trouble What happened Huang Xiaolong\'s heart sank.

His divine sense spread outward from the Myriad Gods Manor in four directions instantly as he asked the female core disciple, Where is she

At Old Star Street! she answered swiftly and then added, When Sister Yao Chi bought some alchemy materials from a shop on Old Star Street, they accused her of stealing their chaos spiritual herb Sword Qi Grass; clamoring to strip off her clothes in order to check! Before she could finish her sentence, Huang Xiaolong\'s figure had disappeared from the main hall in a flicker.

Inside a shop called Righteous on Old Star Street, Yao Chi and four Barbarian God Sect female core disciples were glaring at the group opposite to them in indignance.

An obscure light flitted in the shop owner Ma Yihai\'s eyes as he watched Yao Chi\'s angry expression, especially when her bosom moved as her breathing quickened in anger. 

Have you thought it over clearly then Whether you will strip naked and let us check if you stole our things or will you obediently follow me to the room and let me check it myself! Ma Yihai smiled lecherously at Yao Chi, Don\'t worry, if we determine that you did not steal our shop\'s chaos spiritual herb Sword Qi Grass, we\'ll let you leave!


are despicable! Yao Chi glared at Ma Yihai, All of you will regret this!

Regret Ma Yihai didn\'t believe in Yao Chi\'s warning at all.

I\'d like to know what regret tastes like, can you tell me what it tastes like By the way, I forgot to tell you that I am Ma Family Island\'s core disciple.

You have three more minutes to consider, after three minutes, I\'ll let you know what regret taste like!

\'Ma Family Island\' Yao Chi was inwardly surprised.

Although Ma Family Island did not stand shoulder to shoulder with Dragon Origin Island or Twin Cities Island, the island ranked in the top thirty among tens of thousands of islands of Fortune Mainland.

Ma Yihai detected the change in Yao Chi\'s expression and understood Yao Chi knew about Ma Family Island.

Ma Yihai felt proud and exerted more pressure on Yao Chi, How is it going to be Do you know how to decide now

Just as Yao Chi opened her mouth to retort, an icy voice rang in the shop, No need to consider.

Ma Yihai and his cronies were taken aback but Yao Chi\'s group of women was overjoyed when they heard this voice.

Xiaolong! Yao Chi was pleasantly surprised looking at Huang Xiaolong who had appeared beside her stealthily.

How come you…

How come I appear here Huang Xiaolong finished Yao Chi\'s question and chided, Didn\'t I tell you to take Xie Xuan, Xie Ying, and others with you when you leave the manor But you simply don\'t listen!

Looking at Huang Xiaolong\'s angry face, Yao Chi dared not say anything to refute him.

She timidly shook his arm and softly apologized, I will listen to you in the future.

No wonder you sounded so righteous even after stealing our chaos spiritual herb Sword Qi Grass since there\'s someone backing you, hmph! Ma Yihai jeered as his gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong\'s robe.

Fortune Gate inner disciple Ma Yihai pointed his finger at Huang Xiaolong\'s face, Punk, even if you are a Fortune Gate inner disciple, interfering in our Ma Family Island\'s business will only lead to negative consequences for you! So, get lost now!

Huang Xiaolong was clad in Fortune Gate\'s inner disciple robe.

An identity as aFortune Gate inner disciple held a lot of respect in other peoples eyes, where these people would go to lengths to flatter them; but on the other hand, a Fortune Gate inner disciple held no such importance in Ma Yihais eyes.

Ma Yihais disrespectful attitude towards a Fortune Gate inner disciple stemmed from the fact that one of the Ma Family\'s Ancestors was a Fortune Gate Grand Elder.

Not just that,there several Fortune Gate Elders who were from the Ma Family.

Then again, he alone was more than enough to deal with a mere inner disciple.

He knew quite a few of Fortune Gate\'s talented disciples, including the core disciples.

Ma Yihai himself was a mid-Fifth Order Ancient God Realm master.

Get lost A devilish smile spread across Huang Xiaolong\'s face.

In the next second, a streak of light flashed and others saw Ma Yihai screeching in pain as one of his arms was cut off by Huang Xiaolong.

Blood spurted out nonstop from his severed shoulder.

Right from the moment Huang Xiaolong had heard Ma Yihai accuse Yao Chi of stealing and had demanded her to strip naked, he had been a dead man in Huang Xiaolongs mind.

Tell me, who told you to do this Huang Xiaolong\'s eyes were emotionless.

He felt there was something strange to this incident, and he was sure Ma Yihai was instructed by someone.

You...! A little panic flitted in Ma Yihai\'s eyes, but he soon regained his composure and glared venomously at Huang Xiaolong with a tinge of bloodlust, How dare you…

But Ma Yihai couldn\'t finish what he wanted to say as another streak of sword qi flashed.

Ma Yihai\'s scream shook the shop as Huang Xiaolong severed his other arm.

Speak. Huang Xiaolong\'s gaze turned icier.

He did not bother to scour Ma Yihai\'s soul, as Huang Xiaolong wanted to vent out the rage filled inside his heart.

Yao Chi and Li Lu both were Huang Xiaolong\'s reverse scale and those who dared to touch his reverse scale must prepare themselves to experience his wrath!

The shop\'s guards distinctively felt Huang Xiaolong\'s killing intent, but they did not dare to make any move.

They had just witnessed Huang Xiaolong easily cut off Ma Yihai\'s arms. 

I #×&* your mother! Ma Yihai endured the throbbing pain coursing through his body and swore loudly, I\'m going to annihilate your whole family!

Huang Xiaolong sneered and in a flash of sword qi, Ma Yihai\'s legs were cut off from his thigh.

Yao Chi closed her eyes and turned away.

I\'m giving you one last chance. Huang Xiaolong pointed the tip of his sword at Ma Yihai.

I-I, I will t-tell you-u, som-someone gave me-e ten b-billion to, to do this. Ma Yihai screamed, That person was completely obscured in black, I don\'t know who that person was.

Ten billion was no small sum for Ma Yihai, not to mention his target was only a weak Heavenly God Realm.

That person had also told him that Yao Chi had no backing, therefore, Ma Yihai had agreed without much thought.

Ma Yihai had thought that a Heavenly God Realm cultivator would have nothing but a weak backing, incase they had one.

Therefore, he was very confident in his ability to smoothly complete this task.

Never had he imagined a Fortune Gate inner disciple to be so powerful, who could easily cut off his limbs.

What is going on here The group leader of the Fortune Gate law enforcement patrol disciples shouted as his group arrived at the scene.

Hope rose to Ma Yihai\'s face when he saw the patrol group leader and he shouted Younger Brother Peng Rong, save me! This pair of adulterous couple brazenly rushed into my shop in broad daylight and tried to steal my shop\'s herb elixirs...

they even cut off my arms and legs!


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