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‘Whats going on! Huang Xiaolong was shocked at the sudden violent quaking throughout the Void Sky City. 

‘Is this an earthquake But Huang Xiaolong soon denied his own conjecture.

A great city like this, which is the number one city in Void Sky World has numerous protective barriers.

Therefore even if there was an earthquake of a very high magnitude, it wouldnt be able to shake this City in the slightest.

But the cracks on the ground were spreading and multiplying throughout the Void Sky City.

Merely within few seconds, the cracks on the ground had already widened and the ground had started collapsing at an alarming rate.

At the same time, a terrifying energy rushed upwards from below the citys surface.

Huang Xiaolong could barely stand without losing his balance, therefore he quickly leaped onto the little cow and she swiftly flew into the air.

Looking down from the midair, Huang Xiaolong saw the flustered faces of various sects experts in the Void Sky City as they escaped into the air, just like him.

Thunderous booms came from the city below them, as shopfronts and other buildings collapsed, while being swallowed by cracks in the ground.

Undulating screams of terror reverberated from various corners of the city.

Huang Xiaolong assumed that these to be the shopfronts owners who were trying to salvage the herbs, divine pills, and divine artifacts inside their shops, since this catastrophe had descended too suddenly and unexpectedly.

One could only imagine their loses.

The streets were collapsing even more rapidly now.

At first, there were only several meters of cracks, then a dozen meters, and now, these cracks had turned into fissures that were wider than twenty meters.

The cracks in the ground multiplied and grew increasingly bigger, as if the whole Void Sky City was sinking into the ground.

Even the roads and mountain ranges around the city quaked and collapsed.

Even more astounding than this was the thick black qi surging from underground, which contained frightening devil qi with corrosive power.

It\'s Hell\'s corrosive devil qi! The little cow exclaimed.

Hell\'s corrosive devil qi Huang Xiaolong was perplexed, \'why is there Hell\'s corrosive devil qi beneath the Void Sky City\' He had read some of the Fortune Gate library\'s records about the Hells corrosive devil qi.

It was written that the Hells corrosive devil qi contained a terrifying corrosive power because only a whiff of it was enough to corrode the weaker cultivators body and even his godhead. 

Even though Huang Xiaolong had three supreme godheads and a True Dragon Physique, he didnt dare to be negligent about this corrosive devil qi.

He circulated his godforce and formed a protective barrier over him and the little cow.

However, as fissures in the ground grew wider, the Hells corrosive devil qi in the air became thicker, forcing Huang Xiaolong and the little cow to ascend higher in the air.

They were initially a hundred meters above the ground, but now it was two hundred meters.

Shortly after, they rose to three hundred meters, four hundred meters, and lastly, a thousand meters from the ground!

Huang Xiaolong grew solemn as he looked at the roiling corrosive devil qi that was spewing out from the ground.

The little cow also looked solemn.

“Probably, magic creatures are sealed beneath this Void Sky City.” The little cow said to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong nodded in agreement, as he was of the same conclusion.

Those in the air could see cultivators who were too slow to escape getting plummeted to the ground, after they came in contact with the corrosive devil qi.

Their bodies twitched, and in a short few minutes, their bodies looked like ten-thousand-years-old rotten corpses. 


A thunderous boom suddenly shook the whole city, as a large area in the ground exploded.

The explosive force swept out like a tsunami with rocks shooting several thousand meters into the sky.

Almost immediately, screams reverberated all over the city, as these rocks struck cultivators.

While these cultivators were fearfully dodging the rocks, they could see a giant entity breaking out from underneath the Void Sky Citys surface and rising above the ground.

Soon, everyone was able to determine that this giant entity was a black devil mountain that was exuding an overpowering corrosive devil qi!

The devil mountain continued to rise from underground, even though its height had already exceeded several thousand meters.

It made everyone wonder about its height.

It was about an hour later that the devil mountain finally stopped rising from the underground.

Astonishingly, it towered the city at the height of two thousand zhang and its width took up half of the Void Sky City.

The shops and buildings on this side of Void Sky City were long gone.

The cultivators could see some odd-shaped trees growing on the surface of the mountain, despite the thick devil qi enshrouding it.

These odd-shaped trees glimmered in a blood-red light.

“Could this be the legendary Devil Prison Mountain!” Far in the distance, some familys expert exclaimed in shock as he stared at the devil mountain.

“Devil Prison Mountain What is that”

Nearby cultivators who heard him asked curiously.

“It is said that hundreds of millions of years ago, there was a Devil Prison Mountain in the Void Sky World with a void devil beast, but later on, the Devil Prison Mountain disappeared due to some unknown reasons.” The expert explained.

“A void devil beast!” Gasps sounded from all around.

“The void devil beast is one of the top chaos divine beasts, right And it is extremely savage in nature, which makes it one of the top ten fierce beasts of Hell.

How was a void devil beast imprisoned in the Void Sky World!” Someone asked in doubt.

“I dont know the answer to that.” The expert went on to elaborate, “Perhaps it fled out from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefields passage to Devil World a few hundred million years ago.

According to the latter part of the legend, during that time, nine-tenths of Void Sky World forces Ancestors died in order to imprison the void devil beast!”

“Ninety percent of Ancestors died!” This degree of casualties sent a cold shiver down other cultivators hearts.

They could only imagine how tragic that battle might have been.

“Then, where is that void devil beast” A cultivator asked.

Everyone focused on the expert as their hearts tightened.

However, the expert shook his head, “I dont know about that, but according to the old records, that void devil beasts physical body was destroyed by the Ancestors, only its damaged soul survived, even so, its damaged soul was sealed in the depths of the Devil Prison Mountain.

No one knows whether it is still alive or dead.”

“Look, someones rushing into the Devil Prison Mountain!”

“Its the Golden Phoenix Pavilions people as well as the Eight Wings Sect!” 

Someone shouted, and everyone saw several Golden Phoenix Pavilions disciples and Eight Wings Sects disciples passing through the thick corrosive devil qi and entering the Devil Prison Mountain.

“Were going too!” A Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master urged and rushed into the thick corrosive devil qi.

In just one breaths time, those in the air could hear his blood-curdling screams, that died down abruptly. 

Everyone knew very well what that meant.

Others who were planning to rush to the Devil Prison Mountain hesitated as their faces went pale.

“Did you see what it was” Huang Xiaolong asked the little cow. 

He had vaguely captured that the Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master was attacked by something.

The little cows eyes glimmered with purple lightning as she answered, “Most likely a creature from Hell, but the corrosive devil qi is making it hard to see clearly.

What do you want to do Go in and have a look” It seemed like the little cow had the confidence to deal with the corrosive devil qi.

“Alright, lets go in!” Huang Xiaolong agreed almost immediately.

The Void Sky Citys transmission array was likely to be damaged due to this Devil Prison Mountains appearance.

Since, it would take a few days for it to be repaired, he might as well take this time to explore the Devil Prison Mountain, and maybe he would find some treasures.

The little cow then flew through the thick corrosive devil qi with Huang Xiaolong on her back, heading to the Devil Prison Mountain.

Huang Xiaolong soon saw the decapitated corpse of the Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master; there were razor sharp teeth marks on what was left of his body.


Huang Xiaolong frowned, it was obvious that this persons head was gobbled by something.


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