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Huang Xiaolong took the black cube from Feng Ers hand.

Feng Er and Xu Baisheng had said that this black cube was the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure.

Who wouldve thought that this ordinary black stone was the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure, that various forces were desperately fighting for.

If he hadnt heard this from Feng Er and Xu Baishengs mouth, he would have never been able to guess this.

Suppressing the excitement in his heart, Huang Xiaolong channeled his godforce into the black stone, opening the Yellow Springs Archdevilss Treasure.

Immediately, an overwhelming and violent death qi and devil qi rushed out from the black stone, but Huang Xiaolong was prepared for this.

He soon suppressed the death qi and devil qi with his supreme godforce along with assistance from Feng Er and the others.

The moment the black cube opened, it revealed the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure, and an alarming devilish gray light exuding death qi soared to the sky, and dispersed in all the four directions, regardless of the formation around the residence that Huang Xiaolong had arranged previously.

Huang Xiaolong and everyone else were stupefied for a second due to this gray devilish light.

Subsequently, a magic robe with brimming devil qi flew out from the black cubes space.

The magic robe was entirely covered with thousands and thousands of magic symbols that formed the outline of a giant devil.

The giant devil on this robe held an axe in his hand, with glowing scarlet eyes, and exuded a pressure of an archdevil.

‘This is the Yellow Springs Magic Robe Such startling devil qi. Huang Xiaolong was inwardly astounded.

“Yellow Springs that brat has quite the forging talent.

Even though Yellow Springs Magic Robe cannot be compared to the Six Great Devil Steles, its not far from them.

But, its a pity that…” The little cows words trailed off as she shook her head.

“Pity what” Huang Xiaolong urged.

The little cow explained, “Pity that this Yellow Springs Magic Robe is damaged, thus its power is greatly reduced.

In the past, when the Yellow Springs Magic Robe had appeared, its death qi could cover ten thousand li and more, it is no exaggeration to say that its death qi could reach several world surfaces.

Those under the area of the Yellow Springs Magic Robes death qi, would be trapped within.

And even if the Yellow Springs Magic Robe was retrieved and put into this treasure box, people who were trapped by its power wont be able to escape its influence regardless of how strong they are.”

This information astonished everyone.

‘The Yellow Springs Magic Robe, even though it was less than two meters long could actually cover several world surfaces to exert its power over them! How big was several world surfaces! 

This had exceeded their scope of imagination.

Huang Xiaolongs breathing quickened slightly, “Then, is there a way to repair this Yellow Springs Magic Robe” The problem was, he couldnt any damages on the Yellow Springs Magic Robe at all.

The little cow rolled her eyes at Huang Xiaolong, “Do you think this Yellow Springs Magic Robe is the same as the Pill Blending Tower that you can repair it by collecting a few chaos spiritual liquids and some chaos five-colored heaven refining stones This Yellow Springs Magic Robe is forged from the Devil World and Hell\'s most yin and frigid materials.

You must find these things if you want to repair it.

Purple lightning crackled from the little cow\'s golden horns as she explained, and landed on the Yellow Springs Magic Robe, It needs at least five hundred kinds of yin element and cold element materials from the Devil World.

Not to mention after youve found these materials, you need the devil holy water to fuse them, which can only be found at the Devil Worlds Holy Land.”

Huang Xiaolong was dumbfounded at the little cows description.

In the end, he nodded his head listlessly.

At least five hundred kinds of yin element materials

Although the little cow did not say it explicitly, Huang Xiaolong estimated that it was almost impossible to find more than five hundred kinds of yin element materials in the Divine World.

On the other hand, it was purely a fantasy to enter the Devil Worlds Holy Land to get the devil holy water.

Despite their great strength, even Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor would perish, even before reaching the Devil Worlds Holy Land.

Taking this into consideration, Huang Xiaolongs chances of reaching the Devil Worlds Holy Land were completely out of the question.

Huang Xiaolong kept the Yellow Springs Magic Robe away, as he does not plan to refine it in that moment.

More than a few experts in the Void Sky City were alerted by the striking gray light in the sky earlier, when the Yellow Springs Magic Robe had unfolded.

Therefore, it was urgent for Huang Xiaolongs group to exit the Void Sky City.

He wasnt too stoked to check the other treasures inside the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure at that moment.

It could wait.

Huang Xiaolongs group hurried out from the residence immediately.


A few hours later, Huang Xiaolongs group was flying in the vast space.

Huang Xiaolong stopped briefly as he turned to look at the Void Sky World, then he sped off again leading Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, and the others.

Based on their current speed, Huang Xiaolong estimated that they could reach the Vientiane World in a month and a half.

Thus, there was ample amount of time and he was not in a hurry.

A few days later, Huang Xiaolongs group stopped on a small planet to rest.

He selected a small forest to descend.

Gui Yi and the others spread out in different directions to keep a watch, whereas Huang Xiaolong took out the black cube.

He took his time going through the treasures inside this cube.

The more he saw, the brighter his eyes shone.

“Crimson Water Fruit!”

“Double-hearted Nine Yang Grass!”

“Wind Dragon Leaf!”


“Phoenix in the Cloud Divine Armor, low-grade chaos spiritual artifact!”

“Furious Ghost Yin Halber!”

“Blood Ghost Twin Blades!”


“Souls Blood River Pill.”

“Life Reversing Soul Devourer Green Corpse Powder!”

Huang Xiaolong looked at one item after another.

There were stalks of chaos spiritual herbs, chaos spiritual artifacts, chaos spiritual pills, and ancient poisons.

His hand holding the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure quivered with excitement.

Xu Baisheng and Feng Ers eyeballs nearly fell off to the ground as they listened to Huang Xiaolongs exclamations.

Even the little cow couldnt move her eyes away from the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure.

Other than these chaos spiritual herbs, chaos spiritual artifacts, and chaos spiritual pills, Huang Xiaolong spotted several piles of magic spirit stones.

Grade seven was the lowest grade among the piles of magic spirit stones; there were grade eight, grade nine, and even grade ten!

Grade ten magic spirit stones!

Unfortunately, he did not see the legendary chaos spirit stones.

Even through Huang Xiaolong had not seen the Vientiane World Fortune Gate branchs treasury, he was certain that the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure was richer by a lot.

“Somethings not right, how could there be this less amount of things!” All of a sudden, the little cow exclaimed.

Her voice was too sudden in the quiet forest that others jumped in fright.

But as Huang Xiaolong thought of the Yellow Springs Archdevils status and identity, he too felt that the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure was a bit small.

Reasonably, there should be more treasures.

“Could it be that this treasure left behind by the Yellow Springs Archdevils disciple or grand-disciple” Void devil beast Xu Baisheng guessed.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, Xu Baishengs guess was a possibility.

Then again, whether it was the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure or his disciples or his grand-disciples was not important anymore.

He gripped the Yellow Springs Archdevils Treasure black cube in his hand.

These chaos spiritual herbs, and chaos spiritual pills were sufficient for his cultivation to rise again in a short period of time.

With that decided, Huang Xiaolong did not push onwards to return to the Vientiane World, but remained on the small planet, and began refining the Yellow Springs Magic Robe.

Although the Yellow Springs Magic Robe had suffered damages, it didnt make it any easier to refine it, despite having Feng Er, Gui Yi, Xu Baisheng, and others helping him on the side.

It took him half a month to successfully refine the Yellow Springs Magic Robe.

Huang Xiaolong draped the Yellow Springs Magic Robe over his shoulders and circulated his godforce.

Thick devil qi flowed out from the robe immediately and enshrouded him.

Under the robes devil qi, Huang Xiaolongs figure flickered in and out.

Currently, even a peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master could manage to break through the devil qi defenses of the Yellow Springs Magic Robe.

Only after refining the Yellow Springs Magic Robes damages, did Huang Xiaolong realized how severe they were.

If it was an intact robe, the Yellow Springs Magic Robes devil qi could have devoured all the lives within one million li radius under his godforces activation.

Whereas now, the devil qi was merely enough to protect him.


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