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On the stage, Guo Jun was staring at his own fist with an incredulous expression as he wondered,is this really my fist Not someone elses, right Even though I punchedHuang Xiaolong, he actually said it was quite relaxing, despite being a mere peak late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm.

How is that possible

His mother, this punk says its quite relaxing!


Guo Juns face turned sullen and ugly as red blood vessels lined the whites of his eyes, while he glared ferociously at Huang Xiaolong.

It seemed like he wanted to rip Huang Xiaolong into shreds with his eyes.

Huang Xiaolong walked back to the center of stage, towards Guo Jun, while saying, “How about, you give me a few more punches to help me loosen a bit more.

I will take it as a free massage.”

Give me a few more punches!

Free massage!

Insult! Naked contempt!

Guo Jun let out an angry bellow, akin to an injured fierce beast as he swung his fist at Huang Xiaolong.

This time, he channeled his entire bodys Silver Whale godforce.

‘I am going to blast off Huang Xiaolong with my fist, blast him into a splatter!



The silver-colored godforce emitted such an extreme radiance that the crowd could see the surreal shadow of a silver whales head.

The silver whales jaw was side open, revealing its lethal sharp teeth.

Huang Xiaolong circulated his three supreme godheads godforce, concentrating them at his chest.


A loud bang resounded from the stage as Guo Juns fist landed on Huang Xiaolongs chest.

Huang Xiaolong staggered several times, before standing firmly at the edge of the stage, and patted the dust off of his chest, like he did before.

There was dust on his robe

Huang Xiaolong rolled his shoulders and breathed out loudly, “Refreshing!”


First, it was relaxing, now, it was refreshing!

Guo Juns infuriated roar thundered and resembled a stimulated beast.

Once more, he punched Huang Xiaolong.

Then another punch!

After every punch, Huang Xiaolong patted his chest, and said, “Too refreshing!”

Too refreshing!

Guo Juns bellow thundered as he punched Huang Xiaolong once more.

“Super refreshing!”

“Super, super refreshing!”

Guo Jun kept landing a punch after another on Huang Xiaolongs chest.

Again and again Huang Xiaolongs voice rang in the square, as he shoutedrefreshing.

As time passed, the crowd grew deathly quiet.

The various sects experts were flabbergasted and astonished by the shocking results on the stage.

Feng Yingyings chest heaved as she watched full of interest.

Li Zhi, Zhu Feng, Wang Wei, Guo Familys disciples, and other sea tribes disciples minds went blank.

After consecutive punches, Guo Jun finally stopped.

He was slightly panting, and shock was clearly written all over his face.

Now, there was a trace of fear in his eyes as he looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Even though he was a late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm master, Guo Jun was actually feeling scared of Huang Xiaolong; not to mention Huang Xiaolong was just a peak late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm.

This feeling was ludicrous, but at the same time real.

Huang Xiaolong detected the fear in Guo Juns eyes as he looked at him, and said coldly, “Youve helped me loosen by muscles, now, let me return the favor.

The moment his voice fell, Guo Jun merely saw Huang Xiaolong disappear into a blur.

In a split second, a fist enlarged in front of his eyes.

By reflex, Guo Jun wanted to dodge, but he was still too late as he felt the tremendous impact on his chest.

An indescribable pain spread from his chest that sent him staggering backwards.

However, before Guo Jun could regain his balance, Huang Xiaolong punched his chest.

The second punch!

The third punch!

One punch after another, Huang Xiaolong\'s fist punched Guo Jun\'s chest like a violent thunderstorm.

In the beginning, Guo Jun could still endure the pain, but soon, the pain became increasingly excruciating and he began screaming in pain.

His screams were worse than a pig being slaughtered, and his face was distorted. 

Huang Xiaolong punched thirteen times consecutively at Guo Juns chest, forcing him to a corner of the stage, and sprawl unbecomingly.

Mutilated flesh had replaced Guo Juns chest.

The wind blew.

Suddenly, out of nowhere, a Guo Familys disciple farted.

No one else, but only he knew if it was due to fear or for some other reasons.

All eyes turned to this disciple, especially Guo Familys Elders, Grand Elders, and even Guo Familys Ancestor.

Their murderous gazes terrified him to such a great extent that he fainted on the spot. 

Guo Familys Ancestor Guo Da, and Guo Familys Patriarch Guo Shi both turned their attention back to the stage.

Killing intent towards Huang Xiaolong was glimmering in their eyes.

Whereas Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor had recovered from their earlier shock, which was now replaced by joy and excitement as they watched Huang Xiaolong on the stage.

Their shadow of worries and anxiety from earlier was replaced by a radiant smile.

“This kid, this kid…!” Blood Knife Ancestor spoke incoherently.

He was lost for words as he tried to express his feelings.

“When we return, we must smack his bottom.” Golden Brow Ancestor said as he laughed happily.

Blood Knife Ancestor laughed and echoed, “Thats right, smack his bottom when we go back, smack his bottom really hard.

This kid dared to hide it from us, making us worry in vain for him!”

Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor did not deliberately lower their voices as they spoke, and everyone could hear that these two old men were inwardly ecstatic.

Then again, anyone who was a Master to a disciple like Huang Xiaolong would be over the moon.

How long has passed since Huang Xiaolong entered the Vientiane Worlds Fortune Gate It seems like he has almost defeated a late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm Guo Jun with just a few punches, despite being a peak late-Seventh Order Ancient God Realm!

There was a big difference of three orders between the two of them!

On top of that, Guo Jun was a peerless genius that could condense the Silver Whales space!

‘Wait! Hold on for a second! If Guo Jun was Guo Familys peerless genius in millions of years, then what about Huang Xiaolong!More than a few people sucked in a breath of cold air as they thought of this.

Huang Xiaolongs monstrous strength had exceeded their scope of imagination.

Huang Xiaolong felt a little helpless as he listened to Golden Brow Ancestor and Blood Knife Ancestor laughing and talking about smacking his bottom.

However, this was not the biggest concern for Huang Xiaolong, as killing Guo Jun was his priority at that moment.

Huang Xiaolongs thirteen punches had not entirely defeated Guo Jun.

Guo Juns physical bodys toughness had exceeded Huang Xiaolongs estimation.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong guessed that Guo Jun had cultivated some kind of ancient body tempering technique, which ranked quite high.

Just in terms of defenses, Huang Xiaolongs True Dragon Physique was only a point higher than Guo Jun.

As Huang Xiaolong had expected, a bright silver light suddenly enshrouded Guo Jun, while he was sprawled on the stage.

At the same time, his momentum soared.

The people who were busy whispering in shock about Huang Xiaolongs battle power, stopped instantly as they saw Guo Jun.

Guo Jun climbed to his feet.

His injuries healed at a rapid pace as the silver light danced on his chest.

Soon, Guo Juns chest was as good as new; at least, no one could tell he was injured a while ago.

The rest of Guo Juns robe burst into fragments as he shook his shoulders slightly, and revealed his beautiful chiseled body.

For this entire duration, his stare was fixed on Huang Xiaolong.

He laughed sinisterly as he wiped off the corner of his mouth and said, “Those thirteen punches are not bad, quite relaxing, and super cool!”

Quite relaxing, and super cool!Since Huang Xiaolong had spoken those exact words earlier, Guo Jun fired them back at him.

All the Guo Familys disciples erupted into a cheer as they witnessed this.

“Didnt I say it was impossible for Big brother Guo Jun to get defeated by his opponent! See, not a hair on Big brother Guo Juns body is harmed!”

“Big brother Guo Jun, cripple him!”


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