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Huang Xiaolongs group continued flying onwards.

Three days later, they reached the Wind Domain World.

The various world surfaces within the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield had unique traits of their own, for example the Wind Domain World.

The Wind Domain World was enshrouded in a wall of gales.

Furthermore, these gales were a little strange.

They actually formed small groups of tornadoes resembling herds of beasts.

These tornadoes were violent and chaotic, but from afar, they looked like drifting snowflakes. 

These violent gales were light azure in color, and their nature was ever changing—sometimes sharp and violent, at other times, resembling a gentle breeze.

After entering the Wind Domain World, Huang Xiaolong looked at the violent gales rampaging in the four directions, but did not stop.

His group flew in a certain direction, only dispersing the gales in front of them.

Huang Xiaolong punched forward, and resounding blasts ensued as if he had just punched onto a steel ball, as the tornadoes in front of them exploded.

The little cows purple lightning whipped onto the gales, while corrosive devil qi roiled out from the void devil beast Xu Baishengs body, Feng Ers slender finger lightly pointed in the air, whereas Gui Yi, and Gui Er punched out like Huang Xiaolong.

The gale that could shred a peak late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator, dispersed in an instant.

The group flew onwards smoothly.

Even if Huang Xiaolong knew that Li Lu had disappeared at the Wind Domain World, it was still difficult to search for her.

Even though the Wind Domain World was half the size of the Vientiane World, it would take a lot of time to just fly around its perimeter.

And trying to find someone in there would make it more time consuming.

Therefore, Huang Xiaolong decided to split up and search separately.

Huang Xiaolong, the little cow, and void devil beast Xu Baisheng formed the first group; Feng Er was alone in the second group; and Gui Yi, and Gui Er were in the third group.

The three groups separated in different directions, with Huang Xiaolongs reminder to contact using the communication talisman. 

The search went on for over a month.

Huang Xiaolong was dejected.

They had been searching for Li Lu every for more than a month, but they werent able to find even a single strand of Li Lus hair.

Everyone finally regrouped at the same place from where they had initially separated.

Huang Xiaolongs brows were locked together, as he was certain by now that Li Li was not in the Wind Domain World anymore.

And this was the worst situation scenario.

Although Huang Xiaolong had expected this result before coming here, he still couldnt help but feel disappointed.

Frustration, unease, even anger roiled within him. 

Even if it was rare, the little cow actually kept silent this time knowing that Huang Xiaolong was in a low mood.

“Lets go, and check other world surfaces nearby.” Huang Xiaolong said reluctantly and unwillingly.

With that said, the group sped away. 

Facing the gales hindering their path, Huang Xiaolong angrily summoned the Yellow Springs Magic Robe and turned the area around them into hell, as whelming devil qi enshrouded the gales.

The gales bursts into mists and dispersed.

After such a long time of being nourished by the gray spiritual energy, the Yellow Springs Magic Robes devil qi was now able to reach ten li radius, turning the entire ten li radius into a Yellow Springs World.

Inside this Yellow Springs world, Huang Xiaolong was the overlord.

He controlled the devil qi from the robe that could corrode all living beings, turning them into yellow water mists.

Without exaggeration, within the Yellow Springs Magic Robes territory, an average Tenth Order Ancient God Realm cultivator would get reduced to yellow water mist in a short few breaths.

Then again, if it was a late-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm like Guo Jun, it would be somewhat harder.

Huang Xiaolongs magic robe returned to his side after reducing the violent gales into yellow water mists.

Its devil qi was now completely converged as it hung over his shoulders like a cloak.

On the surface, it was merely looked like a common cloak.

 Since the Yellow Springs Magic Robe had dispersed the violent gales in a few short moments, even the little cow was amazed by its immense power.

From the Wind Domain World, Huang Xiaolongs group could only search neighboring world surfaces one by one.

As Huang Xiaolong continued to search for Li Lu, his Archdevil Supreme Godheads devouring power relentlessly absorbed the surrounding devil qi, death qi, and nefarious qi.

During the time he had spent searching for Li Lu in the Wind Domain World, he had consolidated his recent breakthrough to the Eighth Order Ancient God Realm, and was now running towards the peak early Eighth Order Ancient God Realm. 

Suddenly, a thunderous roar shook their eardrums.

A strange, giant magical beast pounced at them from below with its jaw wide open.

As Huang Xiaolong saw this beast, he did not depend on Feng Er, or anyone else to kill it, and he did not even summon the Yellow Springs Magic Robe.

Instead, a light flickered in his hand as the Sky Dragon Blood Knife appeared and slashed down without hesitation.

The sky dragon on the knifes body flew, and then blood mist rained down in the space.

A dozen blood knife qi pierced through the blood mist and vanished in the blink of an eye.

The strange magic beasts limbs was chopped into several pieces as rays of knife qi stabbed down from its head to his torso. 

The magic beast froze for a second, before its body was split into two halves.

Blood splattered everywhere, like shooting arrows.

A mid-Tenth Order Ancient God Realm magic beast was dead, just like that!

Huang Xiaolong nodded with satisfaction, as he looked at the strange magic beast that was split into halves with a single slash.

The result of combining the Blood Knife Technique and Sky Dragon Blood Knife was satisfactory to him.

However at his current strength, Huang Xiaolong could only form twelve rays of blood knife qi by executing the Blood Knife Technique with the Sky Dragon Blood Knife.

On the other hand, Blood Knife Ancestor had once told him that in a single slash, he could form more than ten thousand rays of blood knife qi.

This was the gap between cultivation realm as well as strength.

Of course, if Huang Xiaolong also had the strength of a peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm cultivator, he too would have been able to form more than ten thousand rays of blood knife qi in one slash.

The group traveled on in search of Li Lu, while absorbing the devil qi, and hunting the magical beasts.

As they tried to sense Li Lus presence, they unknowingly reached the Lightning Pool Mainland. 

The Lightning Pool Mainland hadnt changed at all, when compared to Huang Xiaolongs last visit—lightning clouds continued to rumble, and there was abundant lightning element energy everywhere.

Huang Xiaolongs group flew aimlessly above the Lightning Pool Mainland. 

As time passed, the hope of finding Li Lu became remote, and correspondingly, Huang Xiaolongs mood grew worse.

“I have heard that some days ago, Young Lord caught a peerless beauty in the Wind Domain World.

But is that woman really that beautiful” All of a sudden, a voice could be heard from ahead of them. 

“Indeed a beauty, a hundred times more beautiful than our Sand Waves Sects Liu Lei! Moreover, she has a unique physique.” Another voice sounded, full of praise.

“Due to the problem of the Sealed Devils Entrance loosening, numerous devils have trespass into our Divine World.

Most of these devils have the Infernal Devils bloodline, thus, geniuses from the neighboring world surfaces are rushing towards the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield to hunt them!”

“There\'s a rumor that the Tianwu Treasure has appeared.

I wonder if its true!”

“Even if its true, it has got nothing to do with us.

The Tianwu Treasure is in the depths of the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

Not to mention, many high-level Ancestor God Realms who went searching for it, have died!”

Hearing this, Huang Xiaolong blurred into a streak of knife light, cutting across the space.

When he appeared again, he was blocking the path of two Sand Waves Sects disciples.

The two Sand Waves Sects disciples were startled as Huang Xiaolong had suddenly appeared in front of them.

But when they noticed that Huang Xiaolong was just an Eighth Order Ancient God Realm, they sighed in relief inwardly, but at the same time, anger erupted in their hearts.

“Bastard, you—!” One of the Ninth Order Ancient God Realm Sand Waves Sects disciples scolded Huang Xiaolong but in the next second, a hand clutched his throat and raised him up.

Huang Xiaolong commanded, “Speak, wheres your Young Lord What is the females name” His frosty voice seemed like it was coming from the abyss of hell.


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