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Feng Ers frosty gaze fell on Zheng Guowen.

Then she looked away and warned, “The Manor Lord has ordered us to stand guard, and no one is allowed to enter without his permission.

Has Grand Elder Zheng forgotten it”

Zheng Guowen\'s face stiffened, but as he was scared of Feng Er, he hurriedly replied, I remember, I remember.” He quickly retreated.

The group of Sand Waves Sects experts watched silently as they were engrossed in their own thoughts.

Although they didnt know the reason why Huang Xiaolong had stayed inside the mountain for so long, they could guess that it was extremely likely that Huang Xiaolong had found some kind of treasure; more like a supreme treasure.

Otherwise, Huang Xiaolong wouldnt have frantically led them all the way here, despite the dangers along their way.

More than a few Sand Waves Sect\'s Grand Elders had even started thinking of escaping.

Now that Huang Xiaolongs God King Realm magic beast was not around, it was their best chance to escape.

However, they also knew that the first person to make any move would definitely end up being killed by Feng Er, Gui Yi, and Gui Er.

Therefore, they were cautious and hesitant to follow through their plans for escaping.

As time ticked away, three months passed by.

By this time, the Sand Waves Sects groups patience had thinned greatly.

The depths of this ancient forest was enshrouded in dense devil qi and poisonous miasma.

This is where the Sand Waves Sects group was positioned to guard the entrance to the mountain by Huang Xiaolong.

This coupled with frequent magic beasts attacks had reduced the Sand Waves Sects group to a sorry state.

“Miss Feng Er, Manor Lord wouldnt have met with mishap, right It has been more than three months already, and the Manor lord still hasnt come out… Maybe, can you try contacting the Manor Lord” Zheng Guowen said as he approached Feng Er. 

Feng Er frowned.

In truth, she was also worried about the same thing.

‘It has already been three months since the Manor Lord entered the mountain.

Was there something delaying them inside

While Feng Er was thinking of this, a stoic voice sounded, No need to worry.

Master is cultivating right now, we just need to calmly guard him.

Everyone was startled by the sudden voice.

When they looked down, the void devil beast Xu Baisheng was flying out from the mountain crack.

Feng Er eased slightly and greeted, Senior Xu.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng nodded at her, then he coldly looked at the Sand Waves Sect\'s group, Anyone else has a problem

Hearts tightened at the other end of Xu Baisheng\'s cold gaze. 

Zheng Guowen forced a smile, No problem, no problem, we were just worried about Manor Lord\'s safety.

Since Senior Xu says the Manor Lord is cultivating, we wouldnt dare to disturb the Manor Lord.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng ignored them, instead, he sat cross-legged in the air to faithfully guard the crack-entrance to the mountain. 

The little cow had sent Xu Baisheng, since she had been worried that the Sand Waves Sect\'s group might come up with some nasty tricks, given the void devil beast\'s absence for a prolonged period.

Not to mention, she was enough for protecting Huang Xiaolong within the cave.

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng\'s attention was locked onto the Sand Waves Sect\'s Grand Elders.

The moment these people made any ulterior moves, he would kill them on the spot.

Huang Xiaolong stayed cultivating inside the cave for over a year.

On the flat ground in the belly of the mountain, golden bright light was enshrouding Huang Xiaolong, as his grandmist godforce had formed a river around him.

At one point, the calm flowing grandmist godforce river suddenly shook and separated in various sections, then formed light purple-colored worms!

These light purple-colored worms were only the size of a pinky.

They had spirited eyes and were absolutely adorable.

There were stripes of cute-shaped symbols on them.

These symbols were formed from grandmist law.

Finally, Huang Xiaolong opened his eyes. 

Mad joy rushed to Huang Xiaolong\'s heart as he watched the wriggling grandmist worms condensed from the grandmist aura.

He had finally advanced to the second stage of the Grandmist Parasitic Medium!

Upon extending his arm, a grandmist worm immediately fell onto it and shook slightly.

It then rolled left and right unsteadily, looking incredibly adorable.

Huang Xiaolong smiled watching the little guy\'s antics on his palm.

Even though each and everyone of these grandmist worms were condensed with his grandmist godforce, they each had their own separate awareness.

The grandmist aura was the most miraculous of all spiritual energy in the universe, and it had many more wonderful uses.

But, right now, he could only condense around twenty or so grandmist worms.

With a wave of his hand, the twenty plus grandmist worms were reverted to grandmist godforce that drilled back into his body.

After more than a year of cultivating here, his Grandmist Parasitic Medium had finally advanced to the second stage.

At the same time, his strength, True Dragon Physique, and three supreme godheads had grown stronger.

Although his soul had also grown strong during this time, this growth was still negligible.

It was still far from reaching even level one out of level hundred.

Not far from him, the little cow who had been standing guard for this whole time, yawned loudly as she stood up and flexed her legs.

There was joy in her eyes as she said, Not bad, not bad.

You\'ve broken to the second stage of Grandmist Parasitic Medium in such a short time.

It\'s enough for you to swagger a little arrogantly in the Divine World.

But of course, it would be way better if you do that when you advance to the fourth or the fifth stage.

At that time, you can be as arrogant as you please!

Huang Xiaolong stood up and smiled wryly at the little cow\'s words.

The fourth or the fifth stage How many years would that take Without any purple grandmist aura, or grandmist aura, it would take ten thousand years, or twenty thousand years, wouldn\'t it

The little cow grinned sheepishly, then said, Twenty thousand years It took the Grandmist King over a million years of cultivation to reach the Grandmist Parasitic Mediums fourth stage! As for you, it would be extraordinary if you could even reach the fourth stage in two to three hundred thousand years.

Of course, its another matter altogether if you could find more purple grandmist aura, or grandmist aura!”

Over a million years! Huang Xiaolong decisively stopped talking.

Even though Huang Xiaolong had been cultivating for a year, he had only refined half of the grandmist aura river.

He had decided to gradually comprehend and refine the remaining grandmist aura river.

At this moment, he needed to get back on track to collect the Wishful Golden Flowers and Black Flames Ganoderma to refine the Brilliant Black Soul Divine Pill to prepare him for his breakthrough to Ancestor God Realm.

“We should go out now.

It has been so long.

I am sure that Sand Waves Sects group has probably grown impatient by now.” Huang Xiaolong said with a meaningful gaze.

The little cow grinned.

If they come to know that you\'ve successfully cultivated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, they would be willing to wait no matter how impatient they are.

The two of them flew out from the belly of the mountain.

Manor Lord! 


Senior Xiaoniu!

The moment the two of them flew out from the mountain crack, everyone rushed up to greet them.

Huang Xiaolong looked at everyone and said, “Ive made everyone wait for a long time.”

Zheng Guowen smiled respectfully.

“Its related to Manor Lords safety, even if it is guarding for a hundred years, it is our honor.

As Manor Lord has already come out, should we head to the Sand Waves Sects headquarters now”

Huang Xiaolong smiled, “There is no hurry.

Before going to the Reverence World, I have good news to share with everyone.

I have successfully cultivated a divine art.

This divine art is similar to a supreme soul branding technique, but it is superior to a soul branding technique as it allows me to control Ancestor God Realm masters!” 

“Congratulations Master!”

“Congratulations Manor Lord!”

Void devil beast Xu Baisheng, Feng Er, Gui Yi, Gui Er, and the six chaos spiritual beasts congratulated Huang Xiaolong happily.

But the Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders were no longer smiling, as panic gripped them.

The changes in their expressions did not escape Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

He then added, “But, I need the cooperation of those who are above the mid-level Ancestor God Realm, since they need to open the defensive barrier to their souls for me.”

Hearing this, many of the Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders inwardly breathed a sigh of relief.

“Zheng Guowen, didnt you say that all of you are absolutely loyal to me So now, open the defensive barriers to your souls.” Huang Xiaolong suddenly turned around and said to Zheng Guowen.

Zheng Guowen subconsciously retreated several steps at Huang Xiaolongs words, and so did a few other Sand Waves Sect Grand Elders.

Huang Xiaolong sneered at their reactions.

Even though in the last two years, these Sand Waves Sects Grand Elders had seemingly been loyal to him, he had known that they had been always scheming inwardly. 

Huang Xiaolong was well aware that upon their arrival in the Reverence World, these people would secretly try to contact the Sand Waves Sects Ancestors and experts as well as their ally forces to kill his group by borrowing the power of Sand Waves Sects grand formation.


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