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Two months later, Huang Xiaolong\'s group stepped out of the Reverence World surface\'s transmission array. 

Overall, the forces from the Reverence World surface were stronger than the Vientiane World surface.

There were eight forces from the Reverence World Surface that were as powerful as the Fortune Gate from Vientiane World.

Among these eight forces, the Sand Waves Sect ranked fourth.

Manor Lord, according to my avatar, only Cao Fang and the other two are overseeing the Sand Waves Sect\'s headquarters currently. Zheng Guowen respectfully reported to Huang Xiaolong after stepping out from the transmission array. 

Huang Xiaolong nodded slightly.

As Huang Xiaolong was able to use grandmist worms to control an Ancestor God Realm master by controlling their soul, indirectly, he also control their avatar.

Therefore, Zheng Guowen and the rest of the Sand Waves Sect\'s Grand Elders\' avatars also took orders from Huang Xiaolong.

Cao Fang was one of the Sand Waves Sect\'s Ancestors.

In other words, the other three Sand Waves Sect\'s Ancestors who had gone to the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield in search of the Tianwu Treasure were yet to return.

Thus, only Cao Fang and other two Ancestors were guarding the Sand Waves Sect\'s headquarters.

There was a possibility that these three Sand Waves Sect\'s Ancestors had met their demise long ago, as they had not yet returned from the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield.

Then again, it made no difference to Huang Xiaolong whether there were six Ancestors or three.

With the current battle power that he has around him, even if the number of Sand Waves Sect\'s Ancestors were to triple, he could annihilate them nonetheless.

From the transmission array, Huang Xiaolong\'s group flew non-stop to the Sand Waves Sect\'s headquarters.

While Huang Xiaolong\'s group was flying to the Sand Waves Sect\'s headquarters, at a certain location within the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield, a group of people was encircling a devil!

This devil was exuding an overwhelming momentum with devil qi surging out from his body.

No doubt, this devil was a peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm, however, this group of people had severely injured him.

Judging from his situation, the devil was going to fall very soon.

This group was the Vientiane Worlds sea tribe!

Sea God Feng Yingying was watching the battle coldly from a distance as the sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs were slowly hacking away the devils life.

Gradually, the light of excitement started shining brighter in Feng Yingyings eyes.

In the last couple of years, the sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs had consistently hunted and killed devils, while she had devoured more than a hundred devils that had possessed the Infernal Devils bloodline!

At this point, her Sea Gods bloodline purity had reached the apex, after devouring this peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm devils Infernal Devils bloodline, her Sea Gods bloodline would be fully awakened.

In other words, she would possess the magical power of the Sea Gods bloodline!

Once that happened, she would be able to improve the sea tribes Ancestors bloodline talent, which would allow the sea tribes peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm Ancestors to breakthrough to the God King Realm!

Thinking of this, Feng Yingyings blood quickened and her breathing turned a little heavy.


Suddenly, the peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm devil roared in pain, bringing Feng Yingying back to the present.

She looked up and saw Feng Familys Ancestor Feng Jingxi had just pierced his sword into the devils heart.

Black-colored blood splattered to the ground, and the ground actually shook from it.

Just from this, one could tell that this devils black blood contained shocking amount of energy.

Feng Yingyings eyes shone even brighter as she watched Feng Familys Ancestor giving the devil another deadly stab.

Even so, it took the sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs several hours before they were able to kill this devil.

Feng Yingying could no longer hold back as she saw the devil tumble down to the ground.

Almost immediately, she appeared beside the devils corpse.

She ran a secret technique and placed both of her palms on the devil corpses head as she began devouring the devils Infernal Devil bloodline.

Black dots of lights slowly floated up from the devils head, and entered Feng Yingyings body through her palms.

Soon, rings of blue lights rippled out from Feng Yingyings body, which was her mysterious bloodline power. 

Sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs stared feverishly at Feng Yingying as she exuded this mysterious Sea Gods bloodline power.

Feng Jingxi and the rest could see that Feng Yingyings Sea Gods bloodline power had fully awakened!

An hour went by.

The black dots that were the devils Infernal Devil bloodline gradually lessened, whereas the blue ripples of light from Feng Yingyings body became increasingly stronger.

Her Sea Gods bloodline power was growing stronger!

At one point, Feng Yingyings Sea Gods bloodline power reached the peak like a volcano erupting suddenly form a millions years of slumber.

A crisp rumbling laughter rang in the air like the roar of ancient divine beast, shaking heaven and earth.

The blue light from her body soared to the ninth heavens, cutting through the dense devil qi above the Extraterritorial Devil Battlefield and the mainland that they were on trembled from it.

Great shadows exuding divine might appeared above Feng Yingyings head.

“They are the shadows of the generations of Sea God!” 

“Lord Sea Gods Sea God bloodline has completely awakened now, fully awakened!”

The sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs exclaimed and laughed with ecstasy.

Just like what these sea tribes Ancestors had said, Feng Yingyings Sea God bloodline had, indeed, fully awakened, fully awakened!

At the exact moment Feng Yingyings Sea God bloodline was fully awakened, her cultivation realm began to rise exponentially.

When Feng Yingyings Sea God bloodlines power was fully awakened, the energy rushed out merged with her godhead and Sea God Physique.

Feng Yingyings cultivation realm was initially at early Second Order Ancestor God Realm, but it quickly reached peak early Second Order, mid-Second Order, peak mid-Second Order, late-Second Order, then peak late-Second Order Ancestor God Realm!

Finally, her cultivation stopped rising at early Third Order Ancestor God Realm.

Feng Yingying opened her eyes, her pupils resembled two blue crystals the color of the sea.

“Lord Sea God, congratulation for fully awakening the Sea God bloodlines power!”

“Congratulations Lord Sea God!”

The sea tribes Ancestors and Patriarchs got down on their knees and lauded fanatically.

Feng Yingying nodded with a faint smile and said, “All of you may rise.

Now, we should look for a suitable place.

I will start to improve your bloodline.

Once Ancestors successfully breakthrough to God King Realm, we will return to Vientiane World!” 

Everyone respectfully complied.

Guo Familys Ancestor Guo Da took a step forward.

He smiled amiably as he said, “The time we return to the Vientiane World is the time we conquer the Vientiane World! I dare to suggest, we should attack the Fortune Mainland first, capture that Huang Xiaolong as Lord Sea Gods male slave!”

“Huang Xiaolong could be Lord Sea Gods male slave.

He will be lucky and thankful for being Lord Sea Gods male slave!” Guo Familys Patriarch Guo Shi stated.

The sea tribes group left the spot shortly as they began looking for a secluded place to improve their bloodline and talent.

Huang Xiaolong was naturally not aware of the sea tribes plans.


A few days later, Huang Xiaolong arrived at the Reverence Worlds Long Sun Mainlands Long Sun City.

The Sand Waves Sects headquarters was located further down south on the Wind Waves Desert at the southern tip of the Long Sun Mainland.

After entering the Long Sun City, Huang Xiaolongs group casually strolled down the streets.

Zheng Guowen walked beside Huang Xiaolong.

He tactfully took on the role of a guide and started introducing the sights of Long Sun City to Huang Xiaolong.

“Yo, isnt this Grand Elder Zheng Guowen Youre back So, wheres your Sect Chief” A young man leading a group of people taunted Zheng Guowen from the opposite side of the street.

When Zheng Guowen saw this group, his brows wrinkled into a frown but he was quick to explain to Huang Xiaolong, “He is called Chen Wenli, Cao Fangs third disciple.

A Fifth Order Ancestor God Realm, quite a good talent, but he has some conflicts with me!”

Huang Xiaolong nodded.

‘The Sand Waves Sect Ancestor Cao Fangs disciple. Huang Xiaolong simply ignored Chen Wenli, and was about to walk past them.

But Chen Wenli extended his arm out and blocked Huang Xiaolong from leaving.


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