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Chapter 136: You Dare

Huang Xiaolong looked at Mei Pengliang and the number of Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples and sneered, “Strip off all their clothes and then hang them up one by one on the stone pillars across the street.

I think many people will be interested in watching such a spectacle.”

“Strip off all their clothes Hang them up on the stone pillars across the street!” The marvelous expression on Li Bin’s and the Nine Tripod Commerce disciples’ faces were a sight to behold.

This trick –brilliant!

Absolutely brilliant!

Even though Mei Pengliang was on the floor and completely subdued by the frigid cold qi caused by the Asura Demon Claw, he still suffered from inverse blood flow in his heart when he heard Huang Xiaolong and immediately lost consciousness.

If one were to think about it, this truly was a great shock to Mei Pengliang considering his identity as the Clear Cloud Pavilion Big Dawn County branch President’s son.

Relying on his status, even those noble children that resided in Big Dawn County needed to treat him with the utmost courtesy.

How would he have any face to see people if he was really stripped naked and hung in the streets in broad daylight

Not only Mei Pengliang, all the disciples from Clear Cloud Pavilion were choked with anger hearing Huang Xiaolong’s plan.

“You, you dare!” The middle-aged man that arrived later raged violently at Huang Xiaolong.

“I, don’t dare” A mischievous grin crept up Huang Xiaolong’s face.

He turned around towards Li Bin and the disciples standing behind him, signaling them with his eyes.

Li Bin and the rest acknowledged loudly: “Yes, Young Lord!” And immediately, they pounced at the Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples akin to a group of hungry wolves jumping into a herd of lambs!

These Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples were injured earlier by Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou, and thus, not one of them had the power to resist.

They could only watch wide-eyed as pieces of their clothing was torn apart by Li Bin and the Nine Tripod Commerce disciples down to their birthday suits.

In the end, a total of thirty naked bodies laid on the floor.

There was a variety of skin tones: snowy white, baby pink, and even tan.

Glowering at Li Bin who removed his clothes, Mei Pengliang’s heart was raging with anger and embarrassment.

Gritting his teeth with hatred, he wished that he could chop Huang Xiaolong and every person of the Nine Tripod Commerce into thousands of pieces.

“Old dog Li Bin, there will be a day where you’ll die miserably in my hands.

Miserably, you won’t even have a corpse to be buried!”

“I will ensure you can’t wish for your death to come quicker!”

Mei Pengliang vowed through gritted teeth at Li Bin after enduring the devouring pain from the Asura Demon Claw’s frigid cold qi.

Li Bin gave a glance at the single dangling meat on Mei Pengliang’s lower body, raising an eyebrow, he asked, “Is that so” Without waiting for a reply, he lifted his foot and stamped onto Mei Pengliang’s body.

Mei Pengliang let out a tragic, woeful scream.

The originally generous-sized ‘tool’ instantly shrunk after taking a hit from Li Bin’s foot, like a fruit that lost all its juices, wrinkled and dried up.

The other Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples that were throwing harsh, threatening words to the Nine Tripod Commerce disciples’ faces astutely shut their mouths after witnessing their Young Lord’s cruel fate.

The noisy racket died immediately as all of them were busy protecting their ‘family jewel’ by clamping their thighs together.

Watching this, the Nine Tripod Commerce disciples broke out in laughter.

This past month, these Nine Tripod Commerce disciples suffered insults and beatings from these people, and now they could finally vent.

Following that, some of the Nine Tripod Commerce disciples brought out coarse ropes, tying the Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples individually.

Some of the Nine Tripod Commerce disciples even went as far as tying the ‘middle leg’ together.

Therefore, when the rope was pulled, painful screams reverberated in the hall.

After tying up Mei Pengliang and the rest of the Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples, and following Huang Xiaolong’s order, the Nine Tripod disciples hoisted them and hung them up the stone pillars on the opposite side of the street.

Not long after Mei Pengliang and the twenty-nine Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples were hung up for view, the passing commoners and nobles stopped to ‘admire’.

“This looks like Clear Cloud Pavilion President Mei Sen’s son’ Mei Pengliang”

“You’re right!”

“I didn’t expect his ‘below’ would be so black when his face looks so much like a little white lamb[1] What a thick bush!!”

“It’s just… a little small~!”

Some of the nobles’ children that were associated with Mei Pengliang provided their feedback.

Their fingers pointed up and down, deliberately poking fun and laughing out loud at the same time.

Mei Pengliang’s head was cast down, nearly disappearing into his chest, while his heart raged with embarrassed anger.

If there was a mouse hole in front of him at this moment, he would rather crawl inside, even if only by half his head.

This was the way Mei Pengliang felt, and the rest of the disciples’ feelings resonated with his.

While Mei Pengliang and the disciples were hung in public, in the Clear Cloud Pavilion Big Dawn branch’s building main hall, Mei Sen was talking happily with a middle-aged man in an embroidered light red robe.

It was apparent from Mei Sen’s manner and demeanor that he was respectful and trying to please the middle-aged man in the light red robe at the same time.

This middle-aged man in the light red embroidered robe was none other than Baolong Kingdom’s Martial Ning Family Patriarch, Ning Wang!

At this time, a Clear Cloud Pavilion disciple ran in, alarmed, “President, something bad happened!”

Mei Sen’s brows creased into furrows when being interrupted, “What is it”

“Young Lord’s in trouble!” That Clear Cloud Pavilion disciple blurted out in anxiousness.

“Something happened to Liang’er” Watching the expression on that Clear Cloud Pavilion disciple’s face, Mei Sen had a bad premonition in his heart, “What happened”

“Young Lord and those disciples with him are all tied up and hung across the street from the Nine Tripod Commerce!” That disciple hastened to reply.

Tied up and hung on the street Mei Sen secretly breathed out in relief– he had thought his son met with some severe mishaps.

Then, in the next moment, the disciple added: “All of them, including the Young Lord, were stripped of their clothes!”

All stripped off their clothes Mei Sen was nonplussed, and then, he practically jumped up as his hand slammed onto the side table.

With a face ready to kill, he questioned the disciple, “What did you say!” Before that disciple could repeat a word, his robe collar was twisted by a fist and lifted up in the air.

That Clear Cloud Pavilion disciple’s face was ashen with fear.

Tongue-tied and stammering, he tried to reply, “Young, Young Lord and the others were stripped bare-naked by the Nine Tripod Commerce’s people, and then hung high in the street across their branch!”

Hearing this, Mei Sen roared in anger, and with a fling the disciple was thrown out of the main hall.

“Nine Tripod Commerce, I will kill all of you!” Killing intent soared in Mei Sen’s eyes and he prepared to assemble the Clear Cloud Pavilion’s disciples to head towards the Nine Tripod Commerce branch.

“Wait!” It was at this time that Martial Ning Family’s Patriarch, Ning Wang spoke.

Mei Sen was startled, “Patriarch Ning, what is the meaning…”

A light flickered in Ning Wang’s eyes, and he spoke with a solemn tone, “Maybe, Huang Xiaolong is here.”

“Huang Xiaolong!” This name thickened the killing intent in Mei Sen’s eyes, “You’re saying”

Mei Sen probed.

Ning Wang nodded in affirmation, “If it wasn’t for Huang Xiaolong’s presence, would those people in the Nine Tripod Commerce dare to behave this way However, we just need to send someone to check and see if Huang Xiaolong is really here.

Send someone to rescue your son.

We’ll know the truth after asking him.”

“If it is really Huang Xiaolong… heihei, then, this Big Dawn County would be his burial land!”

Mei Sen nodded.

Thus, Mei Sen repressed the rage in his heart, retracted his murderous aura, and sent several Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples out to the pick up his son and the rest of the disciples hanging in the street.

However, not long after that, a Clear Cloud Pavilion disciple ran into the main hall, flustered as he reported to Mei Sen who was waiting for news.

He reported that the batch of disciples that went to rescue the Young Lord were captured by the Nine Tripod Commerce’s people, stripped bare-naked, and ended up being tied up like the rest of them, hung on the street for display.

Mei Sen nearly vomited blood due to anger when hearing the report.

Although he did not manage to save his son, he could confirm Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou’s presence from the disciple’s description of them.

In the end, as he was left with no choice, Mei Sen could only request the Big Dawn County’s Castellan side rescue his son on his behalf.

He was then relieved to find out that Huang Xiaolong did not stop them.

Half a day later, when Mei Sen saw the dismaying appearance of his son, his knuckles went white as he swore through gritted teeth: “Huang Xiaolong, I, Mei Sen, swear that I will take your dog life!”



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