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Chapter 140: Eliminate from the Root

The night wind blew, carrying the thick scent of blood with it.

Within the bodies of these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples, the roaring cries of an Asura from hell continue to resound.

Huang Xiaolong stood in the midst of these corpses and a soft blue light glittered around him from head to toe.

In less than a minute, these glittering blue lights vanished and Huang Xiaolong breathed out some turbid qi through his mouth.

More than an eighth of the battle qi he had exhausted recovered after initiating the natal martial spirit ability, Instant Recovery.

Huang Xiaolong’s eyes swept over the bodies of these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples.

He then walked towards the four peak late-Tenth Order warriors.

From their bodies, Huang Xiaolong found two cultivation techniques and three battle skills’ manuals.

Both cultivation techniques were low-grade Earth rank cultivation techniques whereas within the three battle skills, two were at low-grade Earth rank while the last one was a high-grade Mysterious rank battle skill.

These cultivation techniques were useless for him, but his parents and little siblings could use them.

Huang Xiaolong threw everything into the Asura Ring.

From these dead bodies, Huang Xiaolong had quite a harvest of gold coins and Spirit Dans.

Gold coins were something Huang Xiaolong didn’t need, yet the Spirit Dans he found were also nothing good as most of them were Grade Two and Grade Three Spirit Dans.

Not even one high Grade Three Spirit Dan could be found from the loot.

At this point, Marshal Haotian and Fei Hou returned.

Fei Hou was injured, yet he carried Mei Sen’s corpse back with him.

Instead, it was Marshal Haotian that returned empty-handed; obviously, Ning Wang managed to escape.

When both of them returned, the blood-filled scene full of Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples dead bodies startled them.

All these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples were killed by Sovereign alone!

“Sovereign!” Both of them came before Huang Xiaolong and greeted him.

“How was it” Huang Xiaolong asked.

Marshal Haotian took a step forward, saying “This Subordinate caught up to Ning Wang, and although I managed to injure him severely, he managed to flee.

However, he took my Dark Nether Palm.

Without half a year’s time, he won’t be able to fully heal.”

Then, Fei Hou also stepped forward, “This Subordinate pursued Mei Sen, and finally was able to kill him.” Saying this, Fei Hou pulled out a ring,

“Sovereign, this Subordinate found this spatial ring when searching his body after this Subordinate killed him.”

Spatial ring

Huang Xiaolong took the ring, feeling somewhat astounded for he did not expect Mei Sen would be in possession of a spatial ring.

One must know how precious each spatial ring was, for even Marshal Haotian didn’t have one.

Huang Xiaolong used some of his battle qi to open the spatial ring, and much to his delight, there was quite a number of Spirit Dans inside! Most of them were Grade Three and Grade Four.

Not only that, there were several stalks of precious herbs, some cultivation technique manuals, and records of battle qi.

Fei Hou spoke again at this point, “Sovereign, how do we deal with Mei Sen’s and these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples’ bodies”

“Just leave them here, no need to do anything,” Huang Xiaolong looked at the horizon.

By this time the moon had waned but the wind remained strong.

“Let’s go.”

Three silhouettes flashed, vanishing from the spot as they left.

Not long after Huang Xiaolong and the two left, the patrolling city guards of Big Dawn County arrived.

When these city guards arrived at the scene and saw the piles of the Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples’ corpses, the bloody, gory scene in front of them seemed to have emerged from hell itself.

Their faces were instantly drained of color and showed a horrified expression.

Some were unable to control themselves as they vomited on the sides of the streets, last night’s dinner and whatever good tonic they consumed were all coming back out.

Suddenly, from some of these Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples bodies, an audible sound could be heard that was akin to the eerie cries of Asura.

The sounds frightened these city guards so much that they nearly ** in their pants.

A long time later, these city guards finally summoned the courage to approach the scene and take a closer look.

“That one is, Clear Cloud Pavilion’s President Meisen!” Out of nowhere, one of the city guards’ voice sounded abruptly, exclaiming in fright as he pointed towards a certain corpse some distance away.

All the surprised guards walked up, surrounding Mei Sen’s body for a better look.

“It really is Mei Sen’s corpse!”

After taking a clear look at the face, the leader of the city guards, Captain Wu blurted out.

His body couldn’t help but shiver from the chill running up his spine.

Mei Sen was a Xiantian realm expert ah, still, he was killed!

Moreover, the way Mei Sen died was truly miserable.

Other than the face looking slightly better, there was no other complete part of him.

Moments later, Captain Wu’s reason returned and he issued out an order in a shaky voice: “Quick- quickly go report to the Castellan!”

This time, it was truly a big mess!

Mei Sen and so many Clear Cloud Pavilion Big Dawn County branch disciples were massacred.

That was in Big Dawn County City itself!

Apart from Mei Sen, there were more than two hundred of the Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples!

More than two hundred!

That meant nearly all of the Clear Cloud Pavilion Big Dawn branch disciples died here!

It has been a very long time since a murder or fight happened within the boundary of Big Dawn County City!

“Captain Wu, do you think it might be the Nine Tripod Commerce who did this” One of the city guards couldn’t help asking this question aloud.

The Nine Tripod Commerce!

All the forces in Big Dawn County knew about the conflict between the Nine Tripod Commerce and the Clear Cloud Pavilion.

Astutely, Captain Wu neither denied nor confirmed.

At this time, in the Clear Cloud Pavilion’s building, Mei Pengliang was sitting, waiting in the main hall.

His head kept turning towards the entrance.

“Young Lord, don’t worry, this time President is cooperating with Patriarch Ning Wang and there are so many of our Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples going out in droves.

That Huang Xiaolong and Fei Hou won’t be able to escape!”

One of the Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples noticed this and also spoke out to reassure him.

“That’s right Young Lord, after killing Huang Xiaolong, the headquarters will surely reward the President heavily for this merit.

At that time, the President might even be promoted to Deputy Pavilion!” Another disciple smiled flatteringly as he joined in.

Mei Pengliang nodded.

However, exactly at this time, twenty or so Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples ran into the main hall in panic, blood stained their robes.

These were the fortunate ones that managed to run away from Huang Xiaolong’s gruesome macabre.

Seeing these disciples returning, Mei Pengliang jumped out from his seat, urging them, “Where’s father”

“Young Lord, we were tricked by Huang Xiaolong! No one knew Marshal Haotian accompanied him here to Big Dawn County.

We were lucky enough to escape, but the other disciples have all fallen!” One of the survivors forced out in a brittle voice.

“What! All Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples are dead!” Mei Pengliang and the other disciples that were waiting in the main hall turned ashen.

“Then, my father!” Mei Pengliang repeated his question again.

“Don’t know, when we ran away, the President and Patriarch Ning Wang had already left before us.” A different disciple replied.

In this situation, even staying inside the Clear Cloud Pavilion wasn’t safe.

Mei Pengliang’s heart breathed in relief hearing this, but at this time, a disciple ran into the main hall, shouting: “Young Lord, the President was killed!”

“What!” Mei Pengliang’s mind buzzed as if lightning struck his brain.

The other Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples had despondency hanging on their faces, turning gray in color.

“Young Lord, we’d better flee from here, that Huang Xiaolong might come here next!” A Clear Cloud Pavilion disciple urged frantically.

Now, even this place wasn’t safe.

Mei Pengliang’s senses were jolted back to the present.

Then, together with the remaining Clear Cloud Pavilion disciples, he ran out of the building without bothering to take anything, leaving Big Dawn County City in the deepest hour before dawn.

When Huang Xiaolong returned to the Nine Tripod Commerce, Li Bin, who was instructed to keep a lookout on Mei Pengliang, appeared and reported to Huang Xiaolong, saying Mei Pengliang and a group of disciples hurriedly left the city.

“Running away” Huang Xiaolong sneered and then turned around to signal Fei Hou with his eyes.

Fei Hou nodded, “Yes, Young Lord, Subordinate will head out now.” Without further delay, he turned around and left.

Of course Huang Xiaolong wouldn’t allow Mei Pengliang to escape.

Troubles must be eliminated from the root!


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