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Everyone was stunned for a second.

Other than Huang Xiaolong, there was still someone so tactless as to compete against Wang Tong!

Wang Tong couldnt believe his ears.

“Young Lord Wang, should we investigate the person in private room number three” Chen Xiao inquired.

Wang Tongs eyes narrowed coldly.

“Find out and report to me immediately.”

People were provoking him again and again during this auction, not just him but the prestige of Royal Buddha Emperor Palace!

Chen Xiao complied.

13.2 million low grade-eight spirit stones! Wang Tong subsequently shouted.

His expression was extremely gloomy. ‘You want to play, this Young Lord will accompany you to the end!

“13.3 million low grade-eight spirit stones.” Barely a second passed, and the female guest in private room number three made a bid.

Her voice was still frosty as ever.

The female guest doesnt seem anxious at all, as she is increasing the price by a hundred thousand every time.

“Uncle, youre not bidding” Bei Xiaomei turned her head sideways and asked Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong smiled confidently as he answered, “There is no hurry.”

Since the little cow had a way to repair this Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship, Huang Xiaolong was naturally going to bid for it.

As for the materials required for repairing the ship, he was going to think of a way to get those from the Heavens Avenue after securing the ship.

“13.4 million!” Wang Tongs voice was extremely sullen as he added, “Low grade-eight spirit stones!”

“13.5 million!”

“13.6 million!”


The two voices echoed endlessly in the hall.

Even though each increment was only a hundred thousand, in a short time, the price had already reached 16 million.

The other families Patriarchs and Sect Chiefs could feel their hearts quivered, as they listened to the nonstop rising price.

Sixteen million low grade-eight spirit stones!

Some big families couldnt even dream of gathering that many spirit stones, even if they were to sell every pot and iron they had.

When Wang Tong, and the woman from private room number three raised the price to sixteen million, the auction hall below them, went deathly quiet.

Bei Xiaomei supported her chin with her palms, looking extremely disinterested.

Huang Xiaolong could hear her mumble, “Boring.”

“Seventeen million low grade-eight spirit stones!” Wang Tong suddenly raised his voice and shouted from private room number one.

It was looking like the dogged chase by the woman from private room number three had pushed Wang Tong into a corner, which had prompted him to increase the bid by one million in one go.

“17.1 million low grade-eight spirit stones.” The woman from private room number three maintained a lackadaisical manner in bidding.

Huang Xiaolong suddenly interjected, “Twenty million low grade-eight spirit stones.”

Huang Xiaolongs sudden interjection dumbfounded everyone.

Wang Tong blanked for a moment, then fixed a venomous cold glare at Huang Xiaolong.

As Huang Xiaolong had remained silent since the God Kings Buddha Pellets and Buddha Pastes, he had thought that Huang Xiaolong was finally going to be obedient and wouldn\'t bid against him anymore.

Who wouldve thought that Huang Xiaolong was so tactless.

“Twenty-one million low grade-eight spirit stones.” When everyones attention was on Huang Xiaolong, a thick male voice sounded from private room number eight.

Huang Xiaolongs brows creased slightly.

But Bei Xiaomei immediately became spirited and flashed Huang Xiaolong a radiant smile as she taunted, “Uncle, do you have enough money Why dont I give you my ten million”

Huang Xiaolong was surprised and asked her, “Youre not afraid I wont pay you back”

Bei Xiaomei pursed her lips at Huang Xiaolongs question.

“Its just ten million low grade-eight spirit stones, it doesnt matter even if you dont pay it back.”

Huang Xiaolong almost broke out in cold sweat, why does Bei Xiaomeis words sound as if he was being stingy After all, he had refused her request to lend her five million low grade-eight spirit stones.

“No need, I still have spirit stones.” Huang Xiaolong then turned towards the auction stage and shouted, “Twenty-five million low grade-eight spirit stones!”

Huang Xiaolong had increased the price by four million in one go.

Wang Tong clenched his fists tightly and his killing intent intensified after hearing Huang Xiaolongs bid.

“Damn!” He spat through gritted teeth.

This time, he hadnt brought enough spirit stones, but according to his estimation, that Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship was merely worth twenty million low grade-eight spirit stones, but now Huang Xiaolong had brought the price up to twenty-five million! 

There was a gloomy expression on Wang Tongs face, as he was contemplating whether he should continue to bid or stop If he kept insisting on winning the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship, he wouldnt have enough spirit stones to bid the second superior treasure!

In comparison, he was more interested in the latter treasure rather than the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship.

While Wang Tong hesitated for a brief moment, the female guest from private room number three cried out.

“25.1 million low grade-eight spirit stones.” Still an increment of one hundred thousand.

A cold light glimmered in Huang Xiaolongs eyes as he shouted, “Thirty million low grade-eight spirit stones!”

Thirty million!

The crowd exploded in a furor.

Even Bei Xiaomeis eyes widened in surprise.

“Uncle, youre very rich.”

Counting the amount spent on God Kings Buddha Pellets and Buddha Pastes, the total amount had already exceeded forty million.

Taking the whole Divine World into consideration, not many people could afford forty million low grade-eight spirit stones as a one time expenditure.

After the waves of shock, all gazes turned to private room number one and private room number three, as well as private room number eight.

Each person was guessing if Wang Tong, the woman in private room number three, and the man in private room number eight would continue to bid.

Some time passed, but none of them uttered a single word.

The auctioneer determined three times that no had a higher bid than thirty million, and after that the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship went to Huang Xiaolong.

At that moment, the various families and the other forces female disciples outlook towards Huang Xiaolong had changed completely.

Huang Xiaolong put away the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship, while looking blase the whole time.

Although the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship was more valuable than the God Kings Buddha Pellets and Buddha Pastes in others eyes, their importance was reversed in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

Thus, he was not as excited about the Cauldron Dragon Flying Ship as he was about the Buddha Pellets.

“The next auction item is the last superior treasure for todays auction.” The auctioneers voice rang in the hall, attracting everyones attention back to him.

A staff went up to the auction stage and placed a black wooden box on the auction table.

Tha auctioneer opened the black wooden box and took out a black jade token, nestled quietly inside the box.

The black jade token was exuding a black halo, other than this, there was nothing extraordinary about it.

However, Huang Xiaolongs Archdevil Supreme Godhead was extremely sensitive towards darkness element energy, and he could sense the startling darkness element energy contained within this black jade token.

This darkness element energy was of the highest quality Huang Xiaolong had ever come across in his lifetime.

There was a slight difference between this black jade tokens darkness element energy, when compared to the Blood Eye Devil Steles darkness element energy.

“This is!” The little cow suddenly exclaimed from next to Huang Xiaolong, and jumped up from her seat.

Purple lightning sizzled in her eyes from excitement.

The little cows excitement surprised Huang Xiaolong.

“Xiaolong, you must get this token even if you go bankrupt!” The little cow urged Huang Xiaolong anxiously.

The rest of Huang Xiaolongs group was shocked by the little cows reaction.

“Is this jade token that precious” Huang Xiaolong asked with confusion.

“Precious Get it first, and Ill tell you the rest later!” The little cow promised.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the little cow and nodded, as he trusted her.

“Everyone, dont judge this jade token by its ordinary appearance.

Our auction houses appraisers have determination that this black jade token is something from the grandmist era!” The auctioneer explained seeing the doubt in everyones eyes.

At the auctioneers explanation, the crowd was once again in an uproar.

Its actually an item from the grandmist era!

From the primordial ancient times to the desolate era, the chaos era, then the grandmist era!

This jade token was at least one hundred billion years old!


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