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Liu Qin giggled alluringly as he saw Huang Xiaolongs attack.

He raised his hand to the side of his lips with the pinky sticking out slightly as he said, “Huang Xiaolong, watch how my Flower Grasping Celestial Fingers crush you!”

The Flower Grasping Divine Fingers was a divine art of an ancient super force, the Golden Flowers Celestial Palace.

When cultivated to perfection, this divine art enabled the cultivator to crush a giant chaos mountain easily between a pinch of his fingers.

As Liu Qins fingers made a pinching gesture in the air, as if he was pinching Huang Xiaolong, the space around Huang Xiaolong tightened, squeezing him with pressure.

But Huang Xiaolongs movements did not stop in the slightest, as if he wasnt affected by Liu Qins fingers force at all.

When Huang Xiaolongs fist enlarged in Liu Qins eyes, Liu Qins smiling face suddenly changed to horror as if he had seen something terrifying.

In the next second, Huang Xiaolongs fist landed accurately on Liu Qins chest.

A loud boom resounded and Liu Qin keeled over in pain with his mouth agape as his whole body shot backwards like a cannonball.

Blood spurted out from his mouth, and the ruby-red droplets reflected a mesmerizing glimmer under the sunlight.

After knocking Liu Qins body backwards, Huang Xiaolong arrived above him in the air with a single step, and stomped down with one foot.

After flying backwards horizontally, Liu Qins body was now plummeting to the sea below.

Seawater splattered high into the air, raising turbulent waves over the sea surface.

The disciples who had crossed their arms across their chests waiting for a good show, stiffened on the spot.

Zhao Lei, Gongsun Chi, Xu Wen, Zhang Dong, and the others were beyond shocked by this scene.

One punch!

The one abused was actually Liu Qin! The God King Realm Liu Qin!

Was that really Liu Qin An Elder rubbed his eyes doubtfully, he must have been mistaken.

“A genius of all ages!” A long time later, lightning crackled within Zhao Leis pupils due to his excitement and he suddenly exclaimed, “Wonderful! Wonderful! This Huang Xiaolong is wonderful!”

Wonderful! Wonderful!

As the Fortune Emperor Palaces Chief of Hall Masters, Zhao Lei had lived for several tens of thousands of years.

Through these years, he had seen countless geniuses, but he had never felt so excited until now.

Gongsun Chi, Xu Wen, Zhang Dong, and others returned to their senses after hearing Zhao Leis exclamations.

Even so, the shock in their hearts did not recede.

A second later, a thought struck Zhang Dong, and he couldnt stop smiling wryly.

Initially, he had been considering accepting Huang Xiaolong as his disciple, but now, it looked like he had no part in it anymore.

Judging from the Chief of Hall Masters reaction, it was obvious to everyone that Zhao Lei had taken a keen interest in Huang Xiaolong.

If it were merely Gongsun Chi and Xu Wen competing with him, as the Supreme Harmony Halls Hall Master, Zhang Dong still had a chance.

But now, the situation had changed completely, and even if he was given a hundred peoples courage, he wouldn\'t dare to compete with the Chief of Hall Masters.


At this time, Huang Xiaolong was standing above the sea.

After sending Liu Qin into the sea with a kick, he was merely waiting for him to resurface.

Huang Xiaolong had only relied on his True Dragon Physiques physical strength for his last two attacks, and he had not used even a thread of his godforce.

Therefore, Liu Qins God King Realm body had definitely withstood the two impacts.

As expected, the seawater surface soon separated to the sides and Liu Qin flew out from the seabed.

The resurfaced Liu Qin had lost his usual style.

The alluring smile that always hung on his lips had vanished, so had his arrogance and condescending superiority.

His hair was disheveled, and his eyes were wide open with disbelief as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

At the same time, an uncontrollable and violent burning rage erupted from his heart.

He, a God King Realm master was actually sent flying by a mere Ancestor God Realm!

That too in front of other disciples!

This was as humiliating as eating dog **!

“Huang-Xiao-long!” Killing intent and wrath from the depths of his heart was making him forget his earlier shock.

“Youre so dead!” Liu Qin bellowed in agony, as his eyes turned scarlet.

In a split second, a blinding white light exploded from his body as a powerful force surged out in waves, frightening the other disciples into retreating to safety.

The overpowering white light turned into a tempest around Liu Qins body, becoming increasingly violent and chaotic.

Everyone saw an enormous white tiger emerging from Liu Qins back from the white light, and there was an obviousKing (王) symbol on the white tigers forehead.

“The White Tiger Emperors White Tiger Divine Art!” Gongsun Chi, Xu Wen, Zhang Dong, and the rest were astounded when they recognized the origins of the white tiger.

The White Tiger Emperor was one of the ancient Emperors.

In the ancient times, the White Tiger Emperor was a famous existence that had fallen during the chaotic ancient Heavenly Court upheaval.

The White Tiger Divine Art was a long-lost technique, yet they could see that Liu Qin had actually cultivated the White Tiger Emperors White Tiger Divine Art! Clearly, Liu Qin must have had a fortuitous adventure to obtain the White Tiger Emperors heritage!

“The White Tiger Emperors White Tiger Divine Art! Looks like Liu Qins a lucky kid, and talented as well.” Zhao Lei nodded his head with appreciation as he went on, “The White Tiger Divine Art makes ones body supple yet firm.

Liu Qins achievements are enough to make him stand out amongst the peers of the same generation!”

“However, what is Huang Xiaolong going to do next against Liu Qins White Tiger Divine Art” The Divine Beasts Halls Hall Master Guo Zhao stated out loud.

Zhao Lei, Zhang Dong, and the others attention was completely focused on Huang Xiaolong, as everyone was curious to see Huang Xiaolongs strategy to battle Liu Qin.

The point when Liu Qins White Tiger Divine Arts execution reached its peak, Huang Xiaolong made his move.

Huang Xiaolong took a large stride forward and instantly closed the distance between him and Liu Qin.

Then, he reached out with his right hand...

Zhang Dong, and the others watched intently through the mirror jade, as Huang Xiaolongs hand directly penetrated through the White Tigers white light tempest and grabbed Liu Qins neck.

To everyones disbelief, Huang Xiaolong raised Liu Qin up by his neck and held him there, just like that.

The rage and killing intent roiling in Liu Qins eyes vanished in an instant and it was replaced by terror, panic, and a last desperate struggle when facing death.

His face turned beet red, almost purple, for a moment, and a thought of begging for his life flashed in his mind.

Liu Qins legs flailed in the air, while he tried to attack Huang Xiaolong with his hand, but to his horror, his godheads godforce was sealed by a darkness element power.

He was unable to use his godforce at all...

As the other disciples watched this sight from the distance, they felt a chilling coldness spread over their hearts.

“Can you still easily crush me with a pinch of your fingers” Huang Xiaolong reminded Liu Qin of what he had said in front of the Supreme Harmony Hall, as he watched him indifferently, while the terrified Liu Qin struggled to break free from his grasp.

Another punch from Huang Xiaolong landed on Liu Qins chest.

This time, Huang Xiaolong used his godforce and his punch pierced through Liu Qins chest, leaving a fist-sized bloody hole.

Others could even see flesh and blood flying out from Liu Qins back as Huang Xiaolongs punch went through.

No one noticed that they were holding their breaths as they watched Huang Xiaolong.

Liu Qin had executed the legendary White Tiger Divine Art...

Wasnt the White Tigers body known for its unyielding suppleness

Huang Xiaolong landed another punch on Liu Qins chest, making another hole.

Liu Qins screams reverberated above the sea.

Huang Xiaolong sneered as he took away Liu Qins spatial ring and found the four hundred plus Fortune Divine Fruits, before throwing the spatial ring to the beach far away.

Huang Xiaolong released Liu Qin and let him fall to the beach, where he lay half buried in the sand.

After that, Huang Xiaolong turned around and looked at the disciples waiting in the distance.

Seeing this, the disciples turned deathly pale, and before they could even utter a single word, Huang Xiaolong sent all of them tumbling backwards with a punch.

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