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Chapter 1470: A Perfect Pair


Zhao Lei’s body exuded an icy air.

Before this, he had kept one eye closed to most of the things Yan Ying had done for Ancestor Zhou Chen’s sake, but now, this wench had actually dared to mistreat his personal disciple.

This was the limit to testing his patience and he was not going to give Ancestor Zhou Chen any face any more.

“What did Xiaolong say about this” Zhao Lei asked.

Chen Hao respectfully answered, “Junior Brother said that the Tiger Dragon Palace Garden’s cultivation palace was good enough for him, and he doesn’t want to trouble the Master over such a small issue.”

A satisfied smile appeared on Zhao Lei’s mouth, reducing some of the iciness he was exuding.

Zhao Lei was very happy to know that his new disciple was mindful towards his Master.

His judgement had proven right in accepting Huang Xiaolong as his disciple.

“Master, this matter, what do you think” Chen Hao inquired.

“Alright, go see to your duties, I know what to do.” Zhao Lei said in a solemn tone.

“Yes, Master.” Chen Hao retreated respectfully.


On the other side of the Fortune Emperor Palace, Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, and Chen Yirong returned to the Fortune Divine Kingdom after leading Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao from the Supreme Harmony Hall.

Similar to the Vientiane World’s Fortune Gate branch’s Fortune Divine Kingdom, there was also a Fortune Divine Kingdom in the Fortune Emperor Palace.

Needless to say, the Fortune Emperor Palace’s Fortune Divine Kingdom was on a level several times higher than the Fortune Gate branch’s Fortune Divine Kingdom.

One could see faint wisps of chaos spiritual energy within the Fortune Emperor Palace’s Fortune Divine Kingdom!

This degree of pure chaos spiritual energy could bring unimaginable benefits for an average disciple if they could merely take a sniff of it.

Moreover, interweaved between the chaos spiritual energy was abundant fortune energy that was of a much higher quality than the fortune energy within a Fortune Divine Fruit.

In the Fortune Divine Kingdom’s main hall, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, and others were smiling meaningfully as they looked at Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao.

“Shihai, Master has nothing much to give you, so I’ll give you this Dragon Devourer Spear as an apprenticeship gift.” Zhou Chen said as he took out a long spear.

On the surface of the spear was the emblem of a chaos heaven devouring beast that was extremely life-like.

In truth, the emblem represented an actual chaos heaven devouring beast’s soul that was sealed inside the spear by a great amount of godforce.

The moment the spear appeared, there were ripples across the surrounding space.

“Is this—!” Sun Shihai was beyond excited and delighted, “A low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon!”

Zhou Chen nodded his head with a satisfied smile, “Correct, this Dragon Devourer Spear is a low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon.

The spear’s body is forged from various rare ores and steels that I have found in the Divine World.

Tens of millennia ago, I hunted and killed a chaos heaven devouring beast, before sealing its soul inside this Dragon Devourer Spear.

The heaven devouring beast has an innate ability of devouring the heavens; with one stab of this spear, even a primordial divine dragon could be devoured!”

Chen Yirong sitting on the side chuckled, “This Dragon Devourer Spear has been your Master’s beloved treasure.

Your Master spent several million years to forge it to perfection, therefore, you must treasure this gift from your Master.

Sin Shihai solemnly and respectfully thanked Zhou Chen, “Thank you, Master.

Please believe that your disciple will treasure this Dragon Devourer Spear.” His shining eyes showed his jubilant mood.

Zhou Chen passed the Dragon Devourer Spear to Sun Shihai while saying, “It’s good that you like it.”

Li Shan took out a jade bangle at this moment, and said to Peng Xiao, “Since Zhou Chen has taken out a low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon as a gift, then I cannot appear too stingy either.

This Seven-Colored Mystic Bangle is forged from seven different phoenix flames that I had collected over the years, and refined them over the period of ten thousand years in the land of extreme flames.

It’s quite powerful, and I want to give this to you as an apprenticeship gift.”

Peng Xiao’s heartbeat quickened as she looked at the Seven-Colored Mystic Bangle in front of her.

She received the jade bangle from Li Shan’s hand and thanked respectfully, “Thank you Master for your gift.”

Chen Yirong shook his head on the side with a wry smile, “In truth, I also had prepared a gift, but who knew Huang Xiaolong would choose to worship Zhao Lei as his Master instead.”

Zhou Chen comforted Chen Yirong, “That’s Huang Xiaolong’s loss not knowing what’s good for him; he would soon regret it.”

Chen Yirong waved his hand as if waving away the topic.

“Forget about that kid, even though his battle power is startling, he’s destined to stop at the peak of Heavenly Monarch Realm due to his godhead and talent’s limitation.

It’s also a good thing that he decided to worship Zhao Lei as his Master, saving me the trouble and effort to teach him.”

Since there was hardly any hope for Huang Xiaolong to breakthrough to Emperor Realm, there was no loss, and no pity in Chen Yirong’s words.

Fang Gan smiled as he said to Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao, “When you both go back, refine the Dragon Devourer Spear, and Seven-Colored Mystic Bangle as soon as possible and familiarize yourselves with them.

Half a year from now, you might have to use these two low-grade grandmist spiritual weapons in the grand apprenticeship ceremony.”

Both Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao were inwardly surprised, not really understanding what Fang Gan meant.

Zhou Chen said, “It’s better that I explain to you both; there will be quite a few Emperors and Emperors’ Disciples attending the grand apprenticeship ceremony, including some newly enrolled disciples of other Emperor Palace forces.

The Nine Dragons Emperor Palace has also recruited two geniuses with supreme godheads some time ago, and during the apprenticeship ceremony, these supreme godhead geniuses might want to challenge you two to a little sparring match.”

Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao finally understood what Fang Gan had meant.

Sun Shihai asked, “Master, do you know what is the strength of the two supreme godhead geniuses recruited by the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace”

Zhou Chen chuckled and reassured him, “You don’t need to be overly worried about this, though the two supreme godhead geniuses’ strength is not weak, they are still a bit lacking compared to you.

One of them is a peak mid-First Order God King Realm, and the other is a late-First Order God King Realm.

On the other hand, the Emperor Palace forces like the Solitude Emperor Palace, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, or Flying Blossoms Emperor Palaces, have recruited the supreme godhead geniuses mostly between mid to late-First Order God King Realm cultivation.”

Sun Shihai relaxed hearing that.

Currently, his cultivation was at early Second Order God King Realm, as long as his opponents were not mid-Second Order God King Realm disciples, he had nothing to worry about.

Sun Shihai’s mentality immediately changed and he spoke nonchalantly, “Master, rest assured, when the time comes, this disciple would not disappoint Master and Sect Chief.”

Fang Gan laughed heartily.

“With your strength, we are naturally reassured.

However, Peng Xiao, your current level of strength is still a bit worrying.

In this half a year, you must make an effort to improve your strength.”

Peng Xiao complied respectfully.

Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, and Chen Yirong also mentioned other things that Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao needed to pay attention to in the Fortune Emperor Palace and the apprenticeship ceremony.

Roughly two hours later, Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao took their leave from Fang Gan and the Ancestors.

Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao’s cultivation palaces were not arranged in the Ancient Banks Palace Gardens as Yan Ying had stated to Chen Hao.

Instead, both of them were directly allocated a cultivation palace within the Fortune Divine Kingdom itself.

Fang Gan watched Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao’s leaving figures, and said with a smile, “One is extraordinary and handsome, while the other is beautiful and charming, truly a golden pair.”

Zhou Chen seemed to like the idea very much and he chimed in, “Listening to you, I have to say the two of them are really a perfect pair.

If they could come together in the end, it would be a wonderful event that could strengthen our Fortune Emperor Palace ah”

Li Shan and Chen Yirong also smiled at this thought.

“Oh right, I heard that Xuan’er went to the Brimming Snow City some days back The Azure Dragon Emperor’s Disciple Chen Zhao also went along, is that so” Li Shan asked casually.

Fang Gan shook his head, “I too hope something good would come out of the two of them; that would be a good thing for the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace as well as us.

Pity though, Xuan’er doesn’t like that Chen Zhao, I’m powerless to do anything ah.”

Thinking of Fang Xuanxuan’s stubbornness, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, and Chen Yirong also shook their heads helplessly.

“There are rumors claiming that the upcoming Battle of the Heavenly Court might be brought forward.

I wonder if it’s true!” Chen Yirong’s brows furrowed deeply speaking of this subject.

Fang Gan nodded, “I’m afraid it is.

There were supposed to be at least another ten thousand years before the next Battle of the Heavenly Court, but now, there are rumors circulating that it would be held in three thousand years.

That’s why all the Emperor Palace forces have urgently recruited the emperor rank godhead disciples, lately.”


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