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Chapter 1473: Grandmist Velocity Stones


Huang Xiaolong furtively peeked into the grid Sun Shihai was looking at and saw that the spatial artifact inside contained a large pile of golden ores.

These pieces of golden ores were emitting resplendent lights, attracting the shoppers’ attention.

The Extreme Golden Crow Hematite!

Huang Xiaolong understood what was going on.

The Extreme Golden Crow Hematite was a rare mineral from the desolate era, and it could be found inside the ancient divine beast Three-legged Golden Crow’s cultivation dwelling.

It contained the ancient divine beast Three-legged Golden Crow’s metal element qi, hence it was extremely tenacious.

It was an ideal forging material for metal element divine armor, or adding it when forging a weapon greatly enhanced the weapon’s attack and defenses. 

“How much are these Extreme Golden Crow Hematites” Sun Shihai asked one of the supervisory disciples on duty in the Myriad Treasure Palace’s inner hall.

The supervisory disciple respectfully answered, “Each of these Extreme Golden Crow Hematite is 5 million low grade-eight spirit stones.

If Great Grand Martial Uncle wants to purchase it, then it will cost half the price, 2.5 million low grade-eight spirit stones each.” 

Half the price!

2.5 million low grade-eight spirit stones!

Sun Shihai’s brows creased slightly after hearing the price.

He was keen on buying the Extreme Golden Crow Hematite to reforge his low-grade grandmist spiritual weapon, Dragon Devourer Spear to further increase the spear’s attack power.

But he had not expected the Extreme Golden Crow Hematite to be so expensive!

Fu Feiyu noticed Sun Shihai’s dilemma and said sullenly to the supervisory disciple, “One Extreme Golden Crow Hematite costs 2.5 million low grade-eight spirit stones! Open your eyes wide and look closely, our Grand Martial Uncle Sun is our Fortune Emperor Palace’s supreme godhead genius, and he’s Ancestor Zhou Chen’s personal disciple.

Not to mention just these pieces of Extreme Golden Crow Hematite, even if Grand Martial Uncle Sun takes all the treasures inside this Myriad Treasure Palace’s inner hall, the Sect Chief won’t say anything.”

The supervisory disciple nodded his head in a fluster at Fu Feiyu’s words.

He agreed readily, “Yes, I know, but…” he made a troubled expression as his words trailed off.

He knew very well Sun Shihai’s identity, but the Myriad Treasure Palace had its own rules.

He was merely a small supervisory disciple who didn’t have authority to make such a big decision.

“Huang Xiaolong.” Liu Qin was behind Sun Shihai and he suddenly happened to look around and cried out when he spotted Huang Xiaolong.

Liu Qin’s cry attracted Sun Shihai, Fu Feiyu, and the rest of the group’s attention.

When they saw Huang Xiaolong, each had a different expression on their faces.

An obscure icy gleam flickered across Sun Shihai’s eyes.

Liu Qin and Fu Feiyu’s faces were a little ugly, but Huang Xiaolong was Chief of Hall Masters Zhao Lei’s personal disciple, therefore, neither of them dared to mock Huang Xiaolong in public like they had done before.

On the other hand, Zhou Wen became fidgety after seeing Huang Xiaolong.

The Myriad Treasure Palace’s inner hall supervisory disciple merely looked at Huang Xiaolong with curiosity, while muttering inwardly, ‘So he’s Huang Xiaolong, the Chief of Hall Masters’ new personal disciple!’

As if he wanted to show off in front of Huang Xiaolong, Sun Shihai who was still considering whether he should get the Extreme Golden Crow Hematite, turned to the supervisory disciple and said, "This Extreme Golden Crow Hematite is 2.5 million low grade-eight spirit stones each, right Give me forty pieces!"

Forty pieces, that was a hundred million!

The Myriad Treasure Palace' inner hall supervisory disciple was still dazed by Sun Shihai's request whilst Sun Shihai sent a spatial ring containing low grade-eight spirit stones to the supervisory disciple with a wave of his hand.

When the spatial ring opened, a hundred million low-grade-eight spirit stones were piled high like waves of mountains inside it.

Rich spiritual energy rushed out and filled the inner hall in an instant.

Everyone in the inner hall was startled, including Liu Qin and Fu Feiyu.

What concept was a hundred million low-grade-eight spirit stones!

Well, at least they had never seen so many spirit stones until now, moreover, these were low grade-eight spirit stones.

“This is a hundred million low grade-eight spirit stones, please check it.” Sun Shihai calmly said to the supervisory disciple.

Moments later, Liu Qin and the others came to their senses and all of them were smiling flatteringly at Sun Shihai.

“Grand Martial Uncle Sun’s wealth is astounding, easily taking out a hundred million low grade-eight spirit stones with a wave of the hand.

If it were us, forget one hundred million, we couldn’t even take out a hundred thousand low-grade-eight spirit stones ah.”

Fu Feiyu laughed and said, “With forty pieces of Extreme Golden Crow Hematite, Grand Martial Uncle’s Dragon Devourer Spear would be even more powerful now, shining bright in the grand apprenticeship ceremony.” 

Zhou Wen and other disciples that followed Sun Shihai all chimed in agreement.

After seeing that the supervisory disciple was still in a daze, Sun Shihai frowned faintly in displeasure as he said, “Is the amount of spirit stones correct If correct, then bring over the forty pieces of Extreme Golden Crow Hematite to me, now.”

The supervisory disciple complied in a fluster and swiftly took out forty Extreme Golden Crow Hematite and offered them to Sun Shihai.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, and walked past right in front of Sun Shihai and his group.

Sun Shihai’s face sank since Huang Xiaolong had ignored him.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong suddenly stopped in front of a grid and stared at the item placed inside the spatial artifact with delight. 

Low-grade grandmist velocity stones!

Who’d have thought that he could find low-grade grandmist velocity stones here in the Myriad Treasure Palace.

But it was a pity that there were only twenty-three pieces.

Huang Xiaolong called the same supervisory disciple and pointed at the twenty-three pieces of low-grade grandmist velocity stones and asked, “How much for these”

Everyone who heard his question was dumbfounded.

Does Huang Xiaolong want to buy these low-grade grandmist velocity stones!

Although no one knew how much these low-grade grandmist velocity stones would cost, they were aware of one thing—these low-grade grandmist velocity stones were many times more expensive than the Extreme Golden Crow Hematite.

The supervisory disciple came up to Huang Xiaolong and respectfully replied, “Martial Uncle, each of these low-grade grandmist velocity stones is twenty million low-grade-eight spirit stones.

If Martial Uncle is interested in buying them, there is a forty percent discount, so one will only cost twelve million low grade-eight spirit stones!”

Sun Shihai was an Ancestor's personal disciple, thus he could get fifty percent discount, and Huang Xiaolong was the Chief of Hall Master’s, therefore, Huang Xiaolong could only receive forty percent discount.

Even so, forty percent was already a great sum.

One Extreme Golden Crow Hematite that Sun Shihai had bought was only 2.5 million low-grade-eight spirit stones, but one low-grade grandmist velocity stone that Huang Xiaolong wanted to buy was priced twelve million!

Almost five times higher!

Hearing this, Sun Shihai couldn't help laughing at Huang Xiaolong, "Huang Xiaolong, are you sure you want to buy these low-grade grandmist velocity stones, it costs twelve million low grade-eight spirit stones for one!"

Liu Qin, Fu Feiyu, Zhou Wen, and the others erupted in laughter.

Huang Xiaolong remained indifferent as he said, "These twenty-three low-grade grandmist velocity stones, I want them all." He lightly snapped his fingers and spirit stones rained down from the air, falling loudly on the floor.

"Here is your payment of 431,250 top grade-nine spirit stones, please check it.” Huang Xiaolong pointed at the pile of spirit stones on the floor.

That pile of spirit stones was all top grade-nine spirit stones.

Though it was only four hundred thousand plus spirit stones, the spiritual energy from these stones was more amazing than Sun Shihai’s one hundred million low grade-eight spirit stones.

Twelve million low-grade-eight spirit stones were only a little over 18,750 top grade-nine spirit stones, and twenty-three low-grade grandmist velocity stones equaled to 431,250 top-grade-nine spirit stones.


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