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After the Azure Dragon Emperors arrival, other Emperor Palaces forces Emperors also arrived consecutively.

Some Emperors had come in person, while others had only sent their Emperors Disciples to attend the apprenticeship ceremony.

Soon, the enormous and spacious Fortune Great Hall that could usually accommodate several tens of thousands of people, gradually filled up.

However, out of the four Emperor Palaces forces that had a blood feud with the Void Devil Beast Tribe, only the Nine Dragons Emperor Palaces Azure Dragon Emperor had come to attend the ceremony in person.

Hence, Huang Xiaolong did not get the chance to see the Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace, and Solitude Emperor Palaces Emperors.

Every time an Emperor would arrive, Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao would follow Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, and Chen Yirong to personally welcome them.

Although Sun Shihai behaved respectfully in front of these Emperors, just with the right amount of politeness and courtesy, Huang Xiaolong could see the complacence and glory in his eyes.

Then again, it was easy to feel glorious and complacence, if ones apprenticeship ceremony was attended by so many Emperors and masters.

Huang Xiaolong watched everything around him with an indifferent eye.

However, Huang Xiaolong found it strange that Fang Xuanxuan was absent from the apprenticeship ceremony.

Logically, she should be present at such an event.

As time passed, almost two hours later, all the seats in the great hall were finally filled, and there were no more guests coming in.

The apprenticeship ceremony began, and everyone stood up from their seats.

First, Zhao Lei, as the Chief of Hall Masters, read out some of the Fortune Emperor Palaces rules and regulations to all the guests before Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao both went through the ritual of their apprenticeship ceremony.

Needless to say, this apprenticeship ceremony ritual was more complicated and solemn than half a year ago.

Moreover, before Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao worshiped Zhou Chen and Li Shan as their Masters, both of them knelt down to worship the Fortune Emperor Palaces Ancestors and Founder Ancestor.

The apprenticeship ceremony lasted for over an hour.

However, the great hall remained quiet and solemn, and no one seemed to be annoyed or impatient, or at least, none of these emotions could be seen on the guests faces.

After the apprenticeship ceremony ended, Fang Gan, Zhou Chen, Li Shan, and others exchanged a look, then broke out in laughter.

Their laughter echoed through the whole great hall.

Anyone could hear that Fang Gan, Li Shan, Zhou Chen, and Chen Yirong were in a jubilant mood.

There was envy in some of the present Emperors eyes, and in truth, it would be a lie if they said they werent envious.

Anyone accepting two supreme godhead geniuses would be in a jubilant mood!

“Thank you everyone for coming to attend from far away.

Please have a seat, and relax!” Fang Gan shook his cupped fists at everyone in gratitude and said with a big smile.

A moment later, he and everyone else sat down.

Subsequently, the Snow Moon Halls Hall Master Yan Ying stood up and took a few steps forward.

She saluted demurely at everyone then waved her slender hand in the air.

In the blink of an eye, various kinds of wine, spiritual fruits, and fragrant meats appeared on everyones tables in the blink of an eye.

Tantalizing fragrances permeated the air.

This time around, Snow Moon Hall Master Yan Yings dressing was less exposed than the last time Huang Xiaolong had seen her, however, the lusciousness in her bone was obvious in her every gesture; and her curvaceous figure attracted more than one Emperors Disciples gazes.

Huang Xiaolong looked around.

This Snow Moon Hall Master Yan Ying\'s aura was a little similar to Feng Yingying.

Does that mean Yan Ying has also cultivated the ancient Enchantress Tribes enchantress technique Xiaoniu had once told him that Feng Yingying had cultivated the ancient Enchantress Tribes technique.

But this Yan Yings enchantress technique seemed more sophisticated than Feng Yingyings,didnt it

“Everyone, help yourselves!” Fang Gan smiled and invited everyone to dig in after seeing that the dishes and wine were served.

Everyone raised their wine cups in Fang Gans direction as a toast.

Huang Xiaolong followed whatever Chen Hao did and raised his wine cup whilst saying, “Senior Brother, do you know what technique the Snow Moon Hall Master Yan Ying cultivates”

Chen Hao blanked for a moment, then replied solemnly,, “It is said the Snow Moon Hall Master Yan Ying found an ancient Nine-tailed Fox Emperors cultivation technique several hundred millennia ago in the Demonic World, as for which Nine-tailed Fox Emperor it was, no one knows.”

This information came as a surprise to Huang Xiaolong.

An ancient Nine-tailed Fox Emperors cultivation technique

After a slight surprise, Huang Xiaolong smiled and said, “No wonder this Snow Moon Hall Master Yan Ying is amorous down to her bones, so its because she cultivated the Demonic Worlds Fox Tribes technique.”

As Huang Xiaolong and Chen Hao were conversing via voice transmission, Huang Xiaolong wasnt afraid of their conversation being listened in.

But Chen Hao choked and coughed out the wine he had just drunk at Huang Xiaolongs words, causing the nearby guests to look at him.

Chen Hao gave an apologetic expression to those looking at him, and then spoke to Huang Xiaolong in a whisper, Junior Brother, among the tens of thousands of Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples, I think youre the only one who dares to speak of Snow Moon Hall Master Yan Ying that way.” He hesitated but added, “Even though Yan Ying is said to be Ancestor Zhou Chens disciple-in-name, in truth, her relationship with Ancestor Zhou Chen is ambiguous.”

Huang Xiaolong immediately understood what Chen Hao was implying.


That meant the two are having an affair

The banquet went on merrily.

Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao stayed by Zhou Chen and Li Shans side the whole time, toasting to one Emperor after another as Zhou Chen and Li Shan chatted and laughed with everyone.

In a corner, Huang Xiaolong and Chen Hao were conversing happily.

Chen Hao and Huang Xiaolong talked about the Divine World, which widened Huang Xiaolongs perception of it.

Chen Hao had cultivated for several hundred and thousand years, and had been to many world surfaces.

He had even been to the Devil World and Demonic World several times.

Huang Xiaolong took the chance to ask Chen Hao questions about the Floating Twilight Land.

The lower part of the Blood Eye Devil Stele was suspected to have fallen somewhere in the Floating Twilight Land, but Huang Xiaolong had almost zero clue about the Floating Twilight Land.

However, the Floating Twilight Land was a perilous land.

Chen Hao had been there once, but he had not dared to venture too deep in it, hence, he cant say much about the Floating Twilight Land.

The banquet went on for several hours.

The Azure Dragon Emperor Chen Jianwei suddenly said to Fang Gan, “Brother Fang, why dont we let the juniors have a little sparring competition to add to the merriment on such a happy day Ive heard that one of your supreme godhead geniuses, Sun Shihai, has the Celestial Blood Ape Physique, which means he has an amazing battle strength ah.”

His words immediately attracted everyones attraction, and the great hall quietened down.

Fang Gan had long known Chen Jianwei would make such suggestions.

He put his wine cup down on the table, and smiled widely.

“Since Brother Jianwei has said that, lets have the disciples together for a sparring competition.

However, this time, the sparring competition is limited to newly recruited disciples only, and each fight should stop accordingly without bringing serious injuries to the participants.”

Only the Emperor Palaces newly recruited disciples could participate The majority of Emperor Palaces forces disciples fell within similar scope of strength and bone-age below twenty thousand years, hence, the limitations were considered fair.

Of course, as one of the Fortune Emperor Palaces newly recruited disciples, Huang Xiaolong could also participate in the sparring competition.

Chen Jianwei chuckled as Fang Gan had agreed so decisively.

He said, “Of course, the main objective is sparring, it should stop accordingly.” Just as he finished, one of the disciples behind him stood up.

The disciple took several steps forward and cupped his fists at Sun Shihai, smiling as he introduced himself, “I am Zheng Ming from the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, hope Senior Brother Sun Shihai could enlighten me in regards to the Celestial Blood Ape Physique.

Zheng Ming was one of the two supreme godhead geniuses recruited by the Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, and also the strongest one of the two, a late-First Order God King Realm.

Sun Shihai stood up from his seat and cupped his fists at Zheng Ming in greeting, Enlighten is too heavy a word.

Please! Finally, it was his time to shine, and conquer other geniuses!

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