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Chapter 148: Lin Han Landed a Punch!

Shortly afterwards, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu appeared, making their way to the main stage.

Similarly as with previous competitions, when both of them arrived, one of them would explain the rules briefly before announcing the start of the competition– it was practically a tradition.

The Third Year Third Class teacher, which was the head of the class Huang Xiaolong belonged to, was named Chen Xiaojing.

However, when he recommended the two strongest candidates for the class winner, Huang Xiaolong was not one of them.

Instead, it was the same Lin Han as the past and another female student named Huang Wen.

Lin Han was an early Tenth Order warrior, and Huang Wen was a peak late-Ninth Order warrior.

When Huang Xiaolong heard the two strongest people of his class was Lin Han and Huang Wen, he did not raise any objection nor did he feel strange.

After all, he was just promoted to the class recently, and in the opinion of others, no matter how fast he had risen, he was most likely merely at peak early-Ninth Order.

On the battle stage.

Lin Han and Huang Wen stood on the battle stage, and the moment the judge gave the signal to begin, Huang Wen had called out her martial spirit.

Her martial spirit was an ice type; more specifically, it was a nature spirit, one with an affinity to ice.

Huang Wen’s ice martial spirit was White Ice.

When her martial spirit moved towards her, Huang Wen looked like she was shrouded in an ice world.

Her soul transformation happened in an instant, and she took the initiative to attack Lin Han.

Despite that, Lin Han did not bother to call out his martial spirit, facing Huang Wen with only his bare fist.

Even so, in the end, Huang Wen still lost to Lin Han.

Although there was only a small gap between an early Tenth Order and a peak late-Ninth Order, this ‘small’ gap was a deep canyon to overcome.

This was the difference in strength.

Everyone watching felt it was only natural that Huang Wen lost, considering Lin Han was acknowledged as the strongest person among his peers in the Third Year Third Class.

It was within expectations that he defeated Huang Wen.

After his win over Huang Wen, Lin Han stood in the middle of the stage with his hands behind his back while his eyes swept across his classmates, and when his gaze fell on Huang Xiaolong, it was chilling and full of provocation.

“Lin Han wins! Who wants to step forward for a challenge” The judge stood on the stage and said in a modulated tone, “If no wants to challenge Lin Han, then first place for Third Year Third Class will be Lin Han!”

“Me!” A voice sounded in the silence, attracting the attention of the Third Year Class Three students.

When they saw it was Huang Xiaolong, a low buzz generated from the crowd, some snorted while others were surprised.

Each had a different reaction on their faces.

“I was right, this Huang Xiaolong really wants to challenge him!”

“Does he think he can win over Lin Han He still dreams of getting the class’s first place”

The sounds of high and low volumed voices sounded in the air.

Huang Xiaolong had always been a talking point of the Academy since his first year, and seeing as he wished to challenge Lin Han, it drew quite a reaction from the crowd.

At this time, the Third Year Class Three teacher stepped in front of Huang Xiaolong and cautioned him in a solemn voice, “Huang Xiaolong, you really want to challenge Lin Han You’ve just been admitted into the Third Year this year.

In my opinion… why don’t you wait till next year before challenging him”

Huang Xiaolong’s talent may be amazing, but still, he was just promoted to the Third Year.

The teacher highly doubted that Huang Xiaolong could possibly be Lin Han’s opponent.

Huang Xiaolong was regarded as Cosmic Star Academy’s hope by Sun Zhang and received a lot of care from him– the teacher didn’t want Huang Xiaolong challenging a stronger opponent without the strength to back it up, as he could end up with severe injuries.

But at this point, Lin Han who was up on the stage snickered in a mocking tone, “Teacher Chen, it’s just sparring; don’t worry, I will pay attention during the fight and not go overboard.”

Huang Xiaolong walked up the stage without any changes to his expression.

Chen Xiaojing frowned as he watched Huang Xiaolong’s back, but he did not attempt to persuade him any further.

Since he’s this insistent, then eating some pain would be good for him, and it would grind down his arrogance some! Chen Xiaojing thought to himself in his heart.

A superb talent genius such as Huang Xiaolong having some proud arrogance was normal.

Under the crowd’s curious eyes and whispers, Huang Xiaolong walked onto the stage and stood still.

Watching Huang Xiaolong, Lin Han sneered, “Heihei, I didn’t expect you would really dare to come up, and of course I’ve said I will take care when attacking.

I always keep my words, I definitely will pay attention later!”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “You talk too much nonsense, make your move.”

“My move!” Lin Han was caught off guard by Huang Xiaolong’s words, but very quickly, his face turned grim.

In a ridiculing tone, he questioned,

“You’re telling me to attack first”

“Yes,” came Huang Xiaolong’s placid reply.

This triggered another reaction from the crowd below.

“This Huang Xiaolong actually dared to tell Lin Han to attack first”

“Too haughty!”

“Haughty This is called domineering, this is called confidence, this is what you call a man!”

Some of the female students’ eyes were shining stars as they stared fanatically at Huang Xiaolong.

The male students felt that Huang Xiaolong was too arrogant whereas the female students were rejoicing in their idol’s dominance and confidence!

Chen Xiaojing heard Huang Xiaolong tell Lin Han to make the first move, and he secretly shook his head.

Apparently, he too felt Huang Xiaolong was too arrogant, too conceited!

On Chen Caixiu’s face was a shadow of worry.

Listening to the words coming from all directions, Lin Han’s face grew increasingly sullen as he glowered at Huang Xiaolong, “Fine, before ten breaths’ time is up, I will kick you off the stage! I initially wanted to let you stay longer on the stage, leaving you more face!” Before the last word sounded, his body had dashed forward, and a powerful fist struck out at Huang Xiaolong.

“Great Moonlight Fist!”

The fist struck out, and a giant fist suddenly appeared on the stage like a penumbra moon that was falling on the stage.

The airflow surrounding the giant fist turned black, making the atmosphere on the stage eerie.

The attack carried a frosty energy that quickly spread on the stage, causing some of the weaker students below the stage to retreat in fright.

Huang Xiaolong stood still watching the Great Moonlight Fist punch coming at him.

Then, before the shocked eyes of everyone watching, he received the full extent of the attack.

Bang! The sound echoed in the air.

The fist landed squarely on Huang Xiaolong’s torso.

“Wow!” Sounds of exclamation came like waves from the crowd of students below.

“Just one move, and Huang Xiaolong is already hit by Lin Han!”

“Lin Han’s Great Moonlight Fist is very powerful, and even a mid-Tenth Order expert would be injured with an attack like that! Huang Xiaolong will definitely lose!”

“I already said Huang Xiaolong is too haughty and arrogant.

See, Senior Brother Lin Han only used one move to defeat him!”

“What undefeated legend, all this is bull**! What Senior Brother Lin Han said earlier was right– the reason Huang Xiaolong won all those times was because they were lenient and conceded the win to him!”

The group of male students that were jealous of Huang Xiaolong were excited watching Huang Xiaolong being beaten by Lin Han, and their cheers grew increasingly raucous as if they were venting out all their resentment and frustration suppressed within themselves.

The opposite gender that thought Huang Xiaolong was domineering and confident deflated instantly, and disappointment flashed across their eyes.

So, the undefeated legend in their hearts was actually so useless

Far away, Zhou Teng nodded in satisfaction watching Lin Han’s powerful punch land on Huang Xiaolong, smiling as he commented, “Lin Han, this kid did well.”

He had quite the confidence in Lin Han’s Great Moonlight Fist.

On the main platform, Sun Zhang and Xiong Chu were also shocked watching Huang Xiaolong suffer a hit.

In their mutual opinion, Huang Xiaolong might not be Lin Han’s opponent, but he should not have been struck so easily and defeated!

Successful in his attack, Lin Han’s feet touched the stage floor as he floated down from midair.

There was a brilliant smile on his face, however, at this exact moment, the smile on his face froze.

Disbelief crept into his eyes and the mocking, disdainful voices in the area surrounding the battle stage came to an abrupt stop as their eyes widened in shock and disbelief as well.

 Just like Lin Han, they looked at Huang Xiaolong’s silhouette on the battle stage.

The four corners of the battle stage were quiet, deadly quiet!



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