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After separating from Fang Xuanxuan, Huang Xiaolong once again flew to the Tiger Dragon Palace Gardens.

While, Fang Xuanxuan kept standing in the same spot, watching Huang Xiaolong disappear in the horizon.

She felt a sense of incomprehensible loss as she kept looking in his direction.

There was a complicated gaze on her downcast face.

But she left after a few minutes.

Not long after Fang Xuanxuan and Huang Xiaolong had left, several figures were approaching Fang Gans cultivation palace.

The one at the head of the group was Sun Shihai.

Behind him were his staple followers, Liu Qin, Fu Feiyu, Zhou Wei, and a few other Fortune Emperor Palaces inner sect disciples.

Sun Shihai looked in the direction Huang Xiaolong had left with a dark glimmer in his eyes.

Even though more than a decade had passed since the apprenticeship ceremony, Sun Shihai still remembered everything that had happened in vivid detail.

Whether it was his defeat with a single strike from Wang Yongsen at the apprenticeship ceremony, or Huang Xiaolong transforming into a blue primordial divine dragon and defeating Wang Yongsen.

He also had not forgotten the sight of various Emperor Palaces masters congratulating Huang Xiaolong.

To him, every scene was a humiliation thrown in his direction!

“Unexpectedly, Huang Xiaolong has already broken through to the peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.” Fu Feiyu lamented.

He too was looking in Huang Xiaolongs direction.

He could still remember the day of the rankings competition, when Huang Xiaolongs cultivation was merely at the peak early-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm.

Only a dozen years had passed since then.

“This speed! Indeed, a king of supreme godhead genius!”

Hearing Fu Feiyus tone and words, Sun Shihais face didnt look very good.

Liu Qin secretly nudged Fu Feiyus shoulder, then quickly appeased Sun Shihai, “That Huang Xiaolong is merely relying on those Fortune Divine Fruits and Fortune Emperor Palaces resources to raise his cultivation so fast.

It is said that his cultivation palace within the Fortune Divine Kingdom has the richest spiritual energy, otherwise, he wont even have advanced to the late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm in such a short period of time.

I say his so-called king of supreme godhead is nothing special, Grand Martial Uncle Sun is stronger than him in every way.”

Fu Feiyu realized his mistake and quickly chimed in, “Thats right, thats right.

Hes still merely at the Ancestor God Realm, so it would take him another five to six hundred years of cultivation to break through to God King Realm; five to six hundred years, by that time, Grand Martial Uncle Sun would have stepped into mid-level God King Realm.”

Sun Shihais gloomy expression eased slightly with their words.

“No need to compliment so, this Huang Xiaolong could advance from the peak-early Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm to the peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm in a short dozen of years, his talent is indeed heaven-defying.

I couldnt catch up to him by far.” Sun Shihai spoke calmly, “However, Ill surely break through to the mid-level God King Realm before he steps into God King Realm!”

I swear it!

When that time comes, he would wash away the humiliation he had suffered!

“With Senior Brother Suns supreme godhead talent, breaking through to mid-level God King Realm is hardly a difficult matter, probably two to three hundred years or even less.”

“Ive heard that the Battle of Heavenly Court would be preponed this time.

If the Battle of the Heavenly Court is held in the coming two to three hundred years, and Huang Xiaolong has not stepped into God King Realm, he wont even qualify to participate.

At the end of the day, our Fortune Emperor Palace still needs to rely on Grand Martial Uncle Sun, is that not so”

The several other disciples hurried to agree in sonorous voices.

“Alright now, I need to go see Master, all of you return to practice.” Sun Shihai said to the group and left with a wave of his hand.

Everyone complied and separated.

Sun Shihai returned to the Fortune Divine Kingdom and headed straight to Zhou Chens cultivation palace.

Sun Shihai visited Zhou Chen timely to give him his regards and check on his Master if he was doing well.

Looking at Sun Shihai standing respectfully in front of him, Zhou Chen nodded with appreciation.

In the last decade, he had seen Sun Shihais hard work and efforts.

Zhou Chen inquired about Sun Shihais cultivation progress in recent days, then guided Sun Shihai in certain aspects and described his own cultivation experience to Sun Shihai.

When their session ended, Zhou Chen asked, “It is very likely that the Battle of the Heavenly Court will be brought forward by as early as one thousand years.

Cultivate diligently, and I will do my best to help you breakthrough to Sixth Order God King Realm by then.

If you perform well in the Battle of the Heavenly Court, both the Fortune Emperor Palace and I will reward you heavily.”

Sun Shihai acknowledged respectfully.

“How are things with you and Peng Xiao” Zhou Chen asked with a thick smile.

In Zhou Chens eyes, Sun Shihai and Peng Xiao were the perfect pair, both of them were supreme godhead geniuses, and he naturally wished for them to end up together.

At his Masters question, Sun Shihai hesitated before saying, “In the last ten years, Junior Sister Peng Xiao and Second Miss have frequently visited the Tiger Dragon Palace, and have rarely been friendly towards this disciple, therefore…” He let his words trail off.

Zhou Chens brows creased into a frown almost instantly.

Tiger Dragon Palace

Isnt that Huang Xiaolongs accommodation outside the Fortune Divine Kingdom

Even though Sun Shihai did not put it out in the open, Zhou Chen could hear his hatred and resentment towards Huang Xiaolong.

Thinking of this, Zhou Chen sighed heavily in his heart.

Sun Shihai went on, “Master, that Huang Xiaolong abused the rules because of his status, having his two women sent over from the branch.

To top it off, he brazenly had people arrange cultivation palaces for them! If such unscrupulous behavior spreads out, how would outsiders view our Fortune Emperor Palace How would our own Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples look at this matter”

Zhou Chen could already guess what Sun Shihai was trying to say.

He shook his head at Sun Shihai while saying.

“This matter was approved by the Sect Chief, so I cannot use this as an excuse to reprimand Huang Xiaolong.

Moreover, you should understand Huang Xiaolongs current status and identity in the Fortune Emperor Palace.

I know youre annoyed with Huang Xiaolong, and since you feel that way, why dont you defeat him and suppress him with your strength This is also why I hope you can performed well in the Battle of the Heavenly Court, perform better than him.”

Sun Shihai froze.

Determination burned in his heart as he said, “Yes, Master, please rest assured.”

A while later, Sun Shihai saluted as he excused himself from Zhou Chen company.

Not long after Sun Shihai left, a transparent giant face appeared above Zhou Chens cultivation palace.

There was a soft glimmer circulating this transparent face, obscuringhis real features.

It exuded a majestic force that enveloped Zhou Chens whole cultivation palace.

Zhou Chen was alarmed for a second.

In the next moment, he was on his knees, saluting with utmost respect, “Greetings to the Great Lord!”

The giant face nodded with anen in reply.

“The task Ive entrusted to you, it is completed”

Zhou Chen respectfully replied, “Replying to the Great Lord, all these years, Fang Gan has kept that Fortune Divine Artifact by his side at all times, and the subordinate has yet to find a suitable excuse to use it.” There was apprehension on Zhou Chens face as he explained.

“Then, continue to work on it.

Remember, be cautious at all times, you must not be exposed, at least, not now.” The giant face reminded Zhou Chen.

Zhou Chen relaxed slightly as he complied, “Yes, Great Lord.

Please rest assured.” He paused briefly before asking, “Great Lord, that Huang Xiaolong, should we…” He made a cut-throat gesture with his thumb.

The giant face shook his head.

“Ive heard about Huang Xiaolong, but there is no need for us to take any action, as the Fiend God Emperor Palace will deal with him.

Even if the Fiend God Emperor Palace doesnt, Huang Xiaolong is no threat to us, as he wont grow to the point of threatening us in two to three thousand years.”

“Yes, Great Lord.” Zhou Chen acknowledged once more and brought up another matter, “There are rumors circulating outside that the Battle of the Heavenly Court would be moved ahead of its original schedule.”

Zhou Chen heard a sneer from above him.

“Heavenly Emperor that snot-nosed brat thinks it is enough to stand against me by gathering geniuses through the Battle of the Heavenly Court What a joke! However, it seems like he has felt that I would be making a move, hence, he has planned to bring forward the Battle of the Heavenly Court.

It doesnt matter even if he guessed it right, he wont be able to change anything.”

The giant face tasked Zhou Chen with other things before it vanished.

When the pressure receded, Zhou Chen nearly slumped to the ground in relief.

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