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When Mo Xiao, Peng Yi, and the other five looked out and saw Huang Xiaolongs group, they couldnt help but increase their pace.

Seemingly able to feel the murderous aura behind them, the little cow said to Jiang Hong, “Kiddo Grandmist, remember when I said that with Mo Xiao and Peng Yis personality, they wouldnt give up after a little set back Looks like I was right…”

Jiang Hong forced out a smile and couldnt find a way to retort.

“Senior Azure Cow is right…”

Since they had already sensed Mo Xiao and Peng Yis presence, Huang Xiaolong wasnt in a rush to leave.

They simply stopped in their tracks.

The little cow could no longer hold herself back and she cursed, “Goddammit! Even the journey to the Scarlet Blood Mountain Range is filled with disruptions! I bet well be able to find the second part of the Blood Eye Devil Stele there!”

Huang Xiaolong turned and smacked the little cow on the head.

“What if we dont Stop jinxing it.”

The little cow was startled by the sudden strike to its head.

Opening its mouth, a cackle escaped her lips.

“Hehehe, If we dont find it, reward me with a piece of grandmist spiritual pill!”

Huang Xiaolong was struck speechless by the little cows shameless behavior.

This damn cow!

A top grade chaos spiritual pill was extremely rare even in the Divine World! A pill would occasionally appear in auctions but the damn cow really had a big appetite! She even wanted a grandmist spiritual pill!

“Get lost…” Huang Xiaolong said as he rolled his eyes at her.

As soon as the words left his lips, Mo Xiao, Peng Yi, and the other five arrived before them.

Instead of taking the chance to start the battle, they stared at Huang Xiaolongs group.

They were especially interested in Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Xun, and Jiang Hong.

After all, Xiang Xun was a divine beast and Jiang Hong was a high-level Emperor Realm master.

It was too bad Jiang Hong had already changed back into the nondescript middle-aged man and they werent able to recognize him.

As for the aura he emitted, he limited it to the late-Seventh Order Emperor Realm.

The more Mo Xiao looked at Jiang Hong, the deeper his suspicion became.

Have I seen him somewhere before He seems extremely familiar…

But where Where have I seen him before!

Scanning through his memories, he failed to recall the time when he saw the disguised Jiang Hong.

At that moment, Chen Kaiwen was already speaking to them as he shot Xiang Xun and Huang Xiaolong an icy cold glare.

“So, youre the ones who killed my disciple!” As soon as he spoke, his murderous intent soared and it resembled crashing waves as it smashed towards Huang Xiaolong and the others.

“Who are you talking about What disciple I dont know what youre saying…” Huang Xiaolong shook his head.

Seeing as Huang Xiaolong was messing with him, Chen Kaiwens anger reached a new high.

“My disciple is Cui Wei, the Hall Master of the Martial Demon Emperor Palace! He is my personal disciple! Initially, he had hopes of breaking into the Emperor Realm in the next hundred thousand years! Because of you…”

Before he could finish his sentence, Chen Kaiwen clenched his fists and a terrifying amount of devil qi emerged from them.

“Oh! Yeah, I remember now.

I killed both him and the Magic Shaman Emperor Palaces Hall Master.” Huang Xiaolong declared with an indifferent expression.

When they heard Huang Xiaolongs confession, everyone from the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace and the Martial Demon Emperor Palace raged.

Their killing intent soared to the skies.

“Master, let me fight! I will apprehend this little brat for you!” Chen Kaiwen could no longer hold himself back.

Despite Chen Kaiwens plea, Mo Xiao remained indifferent.

“Theres no need to rush.” After he spoke, he turned to Peng Yi and chuckled, “Brother Peng Yi, do you still have anything you wish to ask them”

Peng Yi started to laugh as well.

“Since that is the case, I will no longer be standing on ceremony.

Ill do the questioning…” Turning to face Huang Xiaolong, he continued, “Are you really the Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple”

“Thats right.” Huang Xiaolong nodded.

“So you really are the Fortune Emperor Palaces disciple, Huang Xiaolong” His eyes shined bright and his gaze didnt leave Huang Xiaolongs body.

King of supreme godhead!

Mo Xiao, Chen Kaiwen, Yan Kang, and the others fixed their gaze on Huang Xiaolong as they awaited his reply.

Peng Yi voiced out the question in everyones heart.

Everyone knew the significance of the king of supreme godhead.

It seemed as though Peng Yi had already guessed Huang Xiaolongs identity…

“Thats right.

I am Huang Xiaolong.” Despite facing everyone present, Huang Xiaolong was able to remain calm and there wasnt the slightest ripple of expression on his face as he confirmed his identity.

I have nothing to hide anyway…

If they really wanted to verify his identity, with the influence and prestige of the Martial Demon Emperor Palace and the Magic Shaman Emperor Palace, they would be able to dig out his identity before long.

Hearing the confirmation from Huang Xiaolong himself, all seven of them became stunned for a second.

Indeed, this black-haired youngster was Huang Xiaolong, the disciple of the king of supreme godhead of the Fortune Emperor Palace!

In the next instant, all of their eyes turned bloodshot.

King of supreme godhead!

It could be said that anyone with a king of supreme godhead possessed extremely good luck.

Even though they couldnt directly swallow the king of supreme godhead, they could make use of a secret technique from the Ancient Chaos Demonic Sect to devour Huang Xiaolongs soul.

After fusing with the soul extracted from Huang Xiaolong, a part of his fortune would be theirs!

Everyone present was Emperor Realm experts.

With their long years of cultivation and experience, they realized the importance of fortune and luck.

Suppressing the bubbling excitement in their heart, Mo Xiao whispered under his breath, “Brother Peng Yi, hand Huang Xiaolong over to my Martial Demon Emperor Palace.

You can have the elephant.

How does that sound Of course, my Martial Demon Emperor Palace can even give you a mid-grade chaos spiritual vein!”

Everyone present fell dumbstruck when they heard his conditions.

Even a low tier chaos spirit vein could be considered a treasure in the Divine World.

Even in some mega auctions, something like that wouldnt appear easily.

As for a mid-grade chaos spiritual vein… it was someone one couldnt dream of getting even if they tried to exchange ten low tier chaos spirit veins for it!

Right now, Mo Xiao was actually casually throwing out a mid-grade chaos spirit vein as one of the conditions for Peng Yi to hand Huang Xiaolong over to them.

Too bad for him, Peng Yi dashed his wishful thinking in the next second.

“One Thats too little.

I want two mid-grade chaos spiritual veins.”

Two mid-grade chaos spirit veins! In Peng Yis opinion, using two mid-grade chaos spirit veins to trade for the king of supreme godhead was a good bargain.

As his brows furrowed together, Mo Xiao turned to look at Huang Xiaolong.

After a short while, a light flashed through his eyes and he nodded his head.


He heard from somewhere that Huang Xiaolong possessed a variant emperor godhead and it would be extremely beneficial for him as he would be able to push his Blood Dragon Devil Art to the next level.

“Thats right! Brother Mo Xiao is really a straightforward person!” Peng Yi laughed.

Mo Xiao didnt bother explaining himself.

He pulled out a spatial ring and threw it towards Peng Yi.

Sweeping his divine sense through it, Peng Yi saw two streams of silver spirit veins and nodded his head in satisfaction.

Turning his head, Mo Xiao nodded at Chen Kaiwen.

The negotiations were over and they could finally make their move.

However, Huang Xiaolong had other plans as he chuckled in embarrassment towards Jiang Hong, “Senior… About those mid-grade chaos spirit veins, how does splitting it up evenly sound

Jiang Hong was stunned for a second but he eventually agreed with candid laughter, “Since youve already made plans to split them up, can I refuse”

Mo Xiao, Chen Kaiwen, Peng Yi, and the others were struck silly.

Chen Kaiwen couldnt help himself as he broke out into rambunctious laughter.

Before long, roaring laughter echoed through the air.

Even though the two heads werent laughing, they shook their head to express their amusement at Huang Xiaolongs words.

In the Divine World, there werent many people who could act so arrogantly under their noses.

“Little brat, youre about to lose your life.

How dare you even think of snatching the spirit veins from right under our noses!” Chen Kaiwen said while catching his breath.

“You should be thinking about how to beg for mercy later on! However, even if Fang Gan appears, he wont be able to save you!”

As soon as the last word left his mouth, the aura around him changed.

The might of an early-Ninth Order Emperor Realm expert burst forth and rushed towards Huang Xiaolong.

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