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As Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, and the rest continued to enjoy their wine leisurely and chattered on in the restaurant, the news of Feng Shiping being kicked out from the restaurant spread like wildfire through the city.

When the rumors also involved Feng Yaozhong, the City Mayor thought about the problem from every corner and decided to report the matter to Chieftain Feng Shili first.

Feng Yaozhongs big brother was the deputy chieftain, whereas Feng Shiping was the leaders nephew.

He himself was merely a small city mayor serving under both of them, thus the matter was a little tricky to handle for him on his own.

“City Mayor, Chieftain Feng Shili went to the Dragon Rain Mountains three months ago.” The deputy mayor reminded.

“He has gone to the Dragon Rain Mountains” City Mayor Feng Zhen repeated, the furrows between his brows deepened.

“Yes.” The deputy mayor asked with hesitation, “What should we do about…”

“Anyhow, report the matter up to the chieftain first, as for Feng Shiping, have people bring them back from the rescue.” Feng Zhen decided solemnly.

“Understood, City Mayor.”


After two whole hours, Huang Xiaolongs group stepped out from the restaurant and bid farewell to Feng Yaozhong.

According to Huang Xiaolongs plan, if there really was a source of grandmist aura in the Dragon Rain Mountains, then they would head directly to the Land of Lightning Penalty aftertaming the grandmist aura.

They were not going to come back to this city anymore.

Therefore, before leaving, Huang Xiaolong gave Feng Yaozhong quite a number of grade-ten spirit stones.

Though not a lot, it was enough to make Feng Yaozhong a rich landlord in this space.

Initially, the honest Feng Yaozhong adamantly refused Huang Xiaolongs spirit stones, but under Huang Xiaolongs insistence, Feng Yaozhong accepted them.

As Huang Xiaolongs group was about to set off to the Dragon Rain Mountains, Feng Shili who was at the Dragon Rain Mountains received a report from his subordinates.

His divine sense swept over the communication talisman.

A second later, the communication talisman was crushed into powder in his hand.

“Are those outsiders still at the Blowing Breeze City” Feng Shili asked his subordinate with a dark face.

“No, they have left the Blowing Breeze City, and are flying in the direction of Dragon Rain Mountains.

Based on our investigation, they are coming towards us.” One of Feng Shilis subordinates hurried to answer.

A burst of cold light shone from Feng Shilis eyes.

He looked at the subordinate who answered his question.

“Are you certain they are coming here to the Dragon Rain Mountains!”

“That is so, Chieftain.

The outsiders have been inquiring about the Dragon Rain Mountains, even inquiring the Dragon Rain Mountains exact location from Feng Yaozhong.

From the Blowing Breeze, the outsiders have been traveling towards us, thus this subordinate is certain, they are coming to the Dragon Rain Mountains.” The subordinate reported respectfully.

“Why are they coming to the Dragon Rain Mountains Are they playing the dragon rains idea It seems like these outsiders are tired of living!” Another subordinate sneered.

“Should we report this matter to Head Chieftain Feng Chen” Another subordinate asked.

Feng Shili sneered and said coldly, “Merely a few outsiders, no need to report to the Head Chieftain.

A few outsiders dared to covet the Dragon Rain Mountains, so I will let them know that death is better than being alive, let them understand what hell is like!”

“Pass my order down, keep track of these outsiders movements at all times.

Report to me when they get close to the Dragon Rain Mountains.”

“Yes, Chieftain!”

At this time, a flying ship built from the body of a primordial divine dragon and divine giant shark, the Dragon Shark Flying Ship, was speeding towards the Dragon Rain Mountains.

Ever since Huang Xiaolong could condense grade-ten spirit stones, the Dragon Shark Flying Ship was fueled by it.

With two Emperor Realm masters, Xiang Xun and the Chaos Black Camel, driving the flying ship, the flying ships speed was even faster.

With the Dragon Shark Flying Ships speed, it would only take them six to seven days to reach the Dragon Rain Mountains.

During these six days time, Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, and the others consistently consumed chaos spiritual pills to replenish their godforce and tried to comprehend the laws and energies of this space.

According to Jiang Hong, any space in the universe, any form of energy, all were connected to each other.

If they could comprehend this spaces power, then they would be able to comprehend the reason this space was devouring their godforce.

This would allow them to resist it and stop being affected by it.

Or they could learn how to cultivate the barbaric force like aboriginal Barbarians that lives here, breaking free of this spaces restraints, and become a natural part of this space.

Six days went by in the blink of an eye.

Huang Xiaolong asked Jiang Hong about his progress in comprehending this spaces force.

Jiang Hong shook his head solemnly and replied, “Difficult, this space was born during the grandmist era, thus its space power is higher than most.

Even though I could comprehend and cultivate the barbaric force at my level, it would take a very long time, at least ten thousand years.”

Ten thousand years!

Huang Xiaolong, Xiang Xung, and the others hopes dashed hearing Jiang Hongs words.

They wont be able to wait that long.

At the rate the space was eating away their godforce, Huang Xiaolong estimated that he could withstand twenty years at most before his godforce was completely depleted.

Meanwhile, Feng Er, Gui Yi, and the rest probably wont last more than three to four years.

Therefore, they needed pass through the Land of Lightning Penalty, and find the way out in these couple of years.

The little cow broke the sudden heavy silence, “Kiddo Grandmist, its already not bad you are able to comprehend the power of this space in ten thousand years.

In the thousands of worlds, there is hardly another person that could do it.”

The little cows praise was not an exaggeration.

In the vast universe, there was a scarce few that could comprehend the power and laws of a space born in the grandmist era.

“Senior Azure Cow is overpraising me.” Jiang Hong responded humbly.

Then, the little cow suddenly sighed as she looked towards the sky, and her tone was woeful, “Who wouldve thought that this cow would be trapped inside a space with the possibility of dying of old age.

If this cows descendents learn of this, they would laugh till their cow-teeth fall out.”

Perhaps Feng Er really saw the little cows descendents laughing until their cow-teeth fell off, as she couldnt resist laughing.

The little cow went on lamenting, “Die, Im going to die, in a few years, would my teeth fall till nothing is left Wont I look very ugly”

Huang Xiaolong and the others were beyond speechless.

“Master, weve arrived at the Dragon Rain Mountains!” Xiang Xun announced.

The rest looked to the front.

The Dragon Shark Flying Ships control rooms display showed miles and miles of undulating mountains that were stretched towards the horizon, resembling a giant primordial divine dragon.

Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, and the rest stepped out from the Dragon Shark Flying Ship.

Though they were still far away from the mountains, both Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong sensed a faint presence of the grandmist aura within the Dragon Rain Mountains.

Both were ecstatic.

There is indeed the grandmist aura in the Dragon Rain Mountains!

Huang Xiaolongs eyes were extremely bright.

He had previously refined the purple grandmist aura, thus he had a keen sensitivity towards the purple grandmist aura.

At this moment, within the Dragon Rain Mountains, not only there was the grandmist aura, there was the purple grandmist aura as well!

A purple grandmist aura dragon condensed from purple grandmist aura!

No wonder there was a hint of the dragon clans aura in the Dragon Mizzle Wine.

Huang Xiaolong collected the Dragon Shark Flying Ship back into the chaos Golden Dragon Lightning Pools space, then leaped onto the little cows back.

The group flew towards the Dragon Rain Mountains.

At the same time, inside a room within one of the buildings that the Barbarians had built on the Dragon Rain Mountains, Feng Shili was refining pills when he received his subordinates report that the outsiders had arrived.

Icy cold killing intent flickered across Feng Shilis eyes as he breathed, “They are finally here.”

“Gather all the tribes experts and follow me!”

“Understood, Chieftain!”

Soon, Feng Shili and a group of experts from various tribes flew out with an overwhelming momentum in the direction of Huang Xiaolongs group.

Feng Shilis group had barely left the Dragon Rain Mountains, when Huang Xiaolongs group had already appeared in their line of sight.

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