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Feng Shili saw a group of strangers flying towards them from afar, thus he stopped in midair.

He waited for the other group to arrive.

Now that he had seen this group of outsiders, he was in no hurry.

From the distance, Huang Xiaolong and the others spotted a group of Barbarians waiting for them.

However, Huang Xiaolongs group neither slowed down nor accelerated as they continued to fly forward at the same speed.

A short while later, Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, and the rest were standing in the air, facing Feng Shilis group.

“Punk, youre finally here.

Ive been waiting for you a few days now.” Feng Shili watched Huang Xiaolong through an icy gaze, and chuckled coldly, “Quite fast, arent you I heard from my subordinates that you guys were traveling on a low-grade grandmist flying ship!”

A light of greed glimmered in Feng Shilis eyes at the mention of the Dragon Shark Flying Ship.

Low-grade grandmist flying ship!

Amongst the entire Barbarians Tribe, only the Head Chieftain had something like that.

Although, as one of the Chieftains, he wont get to keep the low-grade grandmist flying ship for himself, still, he could gain great merits by offering the low-grade grandmist flying ship to Head Chieftain Feng Chen!

With that, he would be the first person under the Head Chieftain, with the status and power in his grasp!

The eyes of the Barbarians behind Feng Shili also burned with greed.

Huang Xiaolong noted the flashing greed in Feng Shili and his subordinates eyes.

He spoke indifferently, “Thats right, I do have a low-grade grandmist flying ship.”

The light of greed in Feng Shili and his subordinates eyes intensified.

“Good, very good!” Feng Shili laughed sonorously, his face was red with ecstasy as he shouted good twice.

Then, he extended his palm towards Huang Xiaolong and ordered, “Handover your low-grade grandmist flying ship to me.”

It seemed like Feng Shili was talking about a casual topic, as if the low-grade grandmist Dragon Shark Flying Ship belonged to him originally.

Huang Xiaolong laughed hearing Feng Shilis words, “Handover to you Why should I”

Xiang Xun, the Chaos Black Camel, and the rest were all looking at Feng Shili like they were looking at a brainless idiot.

Feng Shili ignored Xiang Xun, the Chaos Black Camel, and the others expressions.

He looked at the subordinates standing behind him and the two sides exchanged a glance, breaking out in thunderous laughter.

Feng Shili laughed rampantly, his voice rumbled like thunder to the far distance, echoing above the mountains.

“Punk, are you asking me the reason Are you asking why you should hand it over to me” Feng Shili repeated whilst still laughing.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong like he was looking at a brainless idiot, with an even more obvious expression than the gazes of Xiang Xun and the others from Huang Xiaolongs group.

“Do you have a problem here Cant you figure this out” He pointed at Huang Xiaolongs head.

The group of Barbarians fell into another wave of laughter.

Feng Shili went on, “Youve arrived in this space for some days now, Im sure that Feng Yaozhong has told you about our Barbarianss strengths.

You might think your strengths are very good, but can you fight against the whole Barbarians Tribe Your identities may be high and noble in the world outside, but inside this space, each and everyone of you is under the Barbarians control.

As the Chieftain, I order you to handover the things on you, so you better handover obediently! If I order you to eat beast feces, then youll have to eat beast feces, and if I order you to drink putrid water, then youll drink putrid water!”

Feng Shili suddenly chuckled maliciously, then said, “Do you understand now Of course, if you dont understand, Ill make you understand it very soon.”

“Oh right, there is one more thing, Feng Shiping whom you injured a few days ago is my nephew!” Feng Shilis eyes exuded coldness as he went on, “So, I advise you to avoid doing anything that makes me uncomfortable, or else!” A hard iron kernel stone appeared in Feng Shilis palm, and Feng Shili crushed it bit by bit until everything turned into dust.

“Or else, I will crush you all like I crushed this iron, bit by bit!”

Feng Shilis face was frosty and grim, his body exuded an inviolable momentum.

An early First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm subordinate stepped forward from Feng Shilis side.

He looked at Huang Xiaolong and Jiang Hong with a mocking gaze and taunted, “There was a group of outsiders that disregarded our Chieftain Feng Shilis order, and in the end, all of them were slowly crushed to bits by our Chieftain Feng Shili.

Every moment until their death was painful, if you dont want to know what that feels like, hehe…”

The subordinate stopped talking and crossed his arms waiting.

He had already said so much that he believed that these outsiders would understand what to do.

Neither Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, or any of the others interrupted Feng Shili or his subordinate, generously allowing them to finish their words.

When both stopped talking, Huang Xiaolong laughed softly.

He looked at Jiang Hong and inquired, “Senior Brother, what do you think”

Jiang Hong barely needed to think, he answered straightforwardly, “Abolish them, well go find what we want.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled and nodded in agreement, “Good idea!”

In truth, Huang Xiaolong was not planning to spare Feng Shili and his cronies so easily, but since Senior Brother Jiang Hong had said so, he decided to follow his Senior Brother Jiang Hongs wishes.

Feng Shili and his subordinates were just about to laugh when they heard Jiang Hongs words.

Xiang Xun and the Chaos Black Camel flickered into a blur.

In a split second, Xiang Xun and the chaos black camels feet slammed down on Feng Shilis group.

Two frightening darkness element powers slammed towards Feng Shili and his subordinates like a great wave, rendering them powerless to resist.

There was finally fear on Feng Shili and his subordinates faces.

Feng Shilis group tumbled in the air like withered leaves, jostled by Xiang Xun and the Chaos Black Camels darkness element energy, smashed into the mountain peaks behind them.

Feng Shili and his subordinates rolled off the peak to the foothills, violently coughing up blood.

When they managed to stop coughing blood, the fear in their eyes intensified as they stared at Huang Xiaolong, Jiang Hong, Xiang Xun, the Chaos Black Camel, and the others; Feng Shili and his subordinates faces were bloodlessly pale.

“You guys—!!” Feng Shilis lips quivered.

Feng Shilis cultivation realm had reached the peak of late-Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, even among the whole Barbarians Tribes several hundred chieftains, his strength could be ranked among the top ten.

But he couldnt even withstand one strike from Xiang Xun and the Chaos Black Camel!

The momentum from Xiang Xun and the Chaos Black Camel were…!

Emperor Realm masters!

Absolutely, no doubt—Emperor Realm masters!

Though not as strong as their five Head Chieftains, however, he was certain…!

No wonder! No wonder that black-haired young man and middle-aged man were so fearless.

They actually had two Emperor Realm masters by their side!

Huang Xiaolongs indifferent gaze swept over Feng Shili and his subordinates, then flew onwards to the Dragon Rain Mountains with the little cow, Jiang Hong, and the rest.

Feng Shili and his subordinates struggled up from the ground as they watched Huang Xiaolongs group fly away.

“Those two demonic beasts are Emperor Realm masters” The early First Order Heavenly Monarch Realm subordinate voiced out the question in everyones mind with trepidation.

All his subordinates still had fearful expressions on their faces.

After Feng Shilis fear subsided, he was entirely taken over by intense hatred and killing intent.

“Do they think relying on those two Emperor Realm demonic beasts, they could fight against the whole Barbarians Tribe” The gaze in Feng Shilis eyes turned cold and gloomy as he ordered, “Go, report this matter to the five Head Chieftains! Tell them that outsiders are coveting the Dragon Rain Mountains! We fought desperately to fend them off, but were severely injured by the Emperor Realm demonic beasts by the outsiders side!”

“Yes, my lord Chieftain!” The same early First Order Heavenly God Realm subordinate complied.

Hundreds and millions li far on the northern side of the Dragon Rain mountains was an enormous city.

This city was the Barbarians royal city.

At this time, the five Head Chieftains, Feng Chen, Lei Budong, and three others, as well as thirteen other Chieftains were gathered to discuss the current affairs of the Barbarians Tribe.

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