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Grand Elder Wu Tianhe, you\'re greatly valued by your Ancestor Han Qing.

I\'ve heard that you will be promoted to Deputy Hall Master soon If that is so, it\'s already worth celebrating. The Brightness Emperor Palace\'s Ancestor Peng Xingfei smiled and said to Wu Tianhe.

The Brightness Emperor Palace\'s Hall Master Sun Bin, Elder Tian Ziyi, Elder Bai Yunxiang and others seated behind Peng Xingfei also congratulated Wu Tianhe joyously.

Other Emperor Palaces\' Ancestors and Hall Masters chimed in, and the atmosphere turned lively in an instant.

Wu Tianhe nonchalantly waved his hand, smiling as he said, That is merely a rumor, the result is hard to predict.

With Huang Xiaolong\'s matter looming over my head, I can only hope the Grandmist Emperor does not dismiss my Grand Elder position.

I dare not hope to be promoted to become the Deputy Hall Master.

The Brightness Emperor Palace\'s Ancestor Peng Xingfei smiled confidently as he said, Grand Elder Wu Tianhe is too humble.

Ancestor Han Qing is also an elder of your clan, isn\'t she With her protection and backing, I don\'t think the Grandmist Emperor would punish you because of Huang Xiaolong.

Before Wu Tianhe and Han Qing had entered the Grandmist Emperor Palace, both of them belonged to one of the Divine Worlds ancient clans and were of the same lineage.

Hence, they had a close relationship, and that was also the reason why Han Qing was so protective of Wu Tianhe earlier.

Wu Tianhe still shook his head.

“If that Huang Xiaolong is really our Grandmist Emperors illegitimate son, itll really be tragic for me.

I might really lose my Grand Elders position.”

In truth, Wu Tianhe was genuinely worried.

Just as the Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestor Peng Xingfei was about to say more, several sounds of whistling winds sounded in from the distance.

In the blink of an eye, several figures appeared at the doorway of the hall.

And the person leading them was none other than Liu Rui.

Beside Liu Rui was a muscular middle-aged man with cold, ink-colored pupils.

Seeing this middle-aged man, Wu Tianhes face stiffened, for this middle-aged man was their Grandmist Emperor Palaces Enforcement Halls Hall Master Huang Ansen!

This Huang Ansen had a nickname among the Grandmist Emperor Palaces disciples—the Soul Reapers Beast! Wherever Huang Ansen appeared, something bad would happen, an event of great misfortune.

Standing behind Huang Ansen were several of the Enforcement Halls Grand Elders.

Wu Tianhe stood up in a rush at this moment, and hastened towards the doorway in a few quick strides.

The unease in his heart grew stronger with each step.

The Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestor Peng Xingfei and the others in the hall also stood up upon seeing this sight.

“Greetings to the Emperors Disciple!” Wu Tianhe hurried to salute as he came to a stop in front of Liu Rui.

He then faced Huang Ansen, “Greetings Hall Master Huang!”

Liu Rui did not speak, instead, Huang Ansens gloomy voice sounded, “Wu Tianhe, the Emperors Disciple has brought the Emperors verbal order.

Your cultivation will be abolished and then you will be banished from the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

Any last words”


Everyone was dumbfounded by Huang Ansens words, including the Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestor Peng Xingfei.

Theyre here to abolish Wu Tianhes cultivation! And banish Wu Tianhe from the Grandmist Emperor Palace!

How is it possible!

Is it because of Huang Xiaolong!

Did they guess right Huang Xiaolongs really the Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hongs illegitimate son!

Even so, the Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong was spoiling this illegitimate son Huang Xiaolong too much, wasnt he Just because of the previous incident, Grandmist Emperor Jiang Hong wants to abolish Wu Tianhes cultivation and kick Wu Tianhe out from the Grandmist Emperor Palace

Peng Xingfei and the others felt this punishment was heavier than the crime.

While Peng Xingfei and the others were astounded, Huang Ansens words sounded like a thunderclap in Wu Tianhes ears.

He slumped to the floor, but started screaming manically a second later, “No, you cannot treat me this way! You cannot abolish my cultivation!”

That punishment was worse than death!

“I want to see Ancestor Han Qing!” Wu Tianhe began shouting.

The Enforcement Hall Master Huang Ansen sneered coldly, “This is the Emperors verbal order, hence, even if Senior Han Qing comes here, theres nothing she will be able to do.”

“Insolent!” Right at this time, a womans icy voice rang as a figure appeared in the air.

This was naturally the Grandmist Emperor Palaces Ancestor Han Qing.

“Ancestor Han Qing, save me, save me!” Seeing Han Qing appear, Wu Tianhe shouted madly like a person frantically trying to grasp the last straw, and rushed to Han Qings side.

“Greetings Ancestor Han Qing.” Huang Ansen and the rest of the Enforcement Halls Grand Elders saluted Han Qing upon seeing her.

Han Qing ignored Huang Ansen and his Enforcement Halls group.

Her sharp gaze was fixed on Liu Rui as she said, “Emperors Disciple, you claimed this is the Emperors order How can you prove that If it is the Emperors order, then you must have a token”

A faint frown appeared between Liu Ruis eyebrows.

When he had come over, his Master Jiang Hong had not given him any token, merely a verbal order.

Detecting the subtle change on Liu Ruis face, Han Qing went on matter-of-factly, “Emperors Disciple does not have a token, yet you brought Huang Ansen and his army over to abolish Wu Tianhes cultivation and want to banish him from the Grandmist Emperor Palace This is not in accordance with the Grandmist Emperor Palaces rules, is that not so”

Liu Rui was about to speak when a majestic voice sounded from afar, “Having Huang Ansen abolish Wu Tianhes cultivation and banish him from the Grandmist Emperor Palace is my order!”

The majestic voice thundered from the sky, accompanied by an overwhelming pressure descending down that made everyone have a feeling of suffocation.

Everyone paled.

“Greetings to the Grandmist Emperor!”

Everyone was trembling due to the overwhelming pressure as they knelt on their knees, including the Grandmist Emperor Palaces Ancestor Han Qing and Brightness Emperor Palaces Ancestor Peng Xingfei.

“Han Qing, do you still need proof” Jiang Hongs voice sounded again as if it came from every direction, giving others a great sense of pressure.

“I dare not!” Han Qing lowered her head further and hurried to answer, her face paled slightly as she tried to minimize her presence.

The world was silent again, except for everyones racing heartbeats that sounded like rumbling thunder in their own ears.

Seconds later, the suffocating pressure receded faster than the tide.

Whilst Peng Xingfei and others relaxed with the pressure gone, they felt like their bodies were about to collapse.

At the same time, Peng Xingfei and other Emperor Palaces Ancestors were astounded, was this the power of the Divine Worlds strongest person Despite the distance between them, merely Jiang Hongs pressure had nearly made them suffocated

The Enforcement Hall Master Huang Ansen stood up from the floor and took large strides towards Wu Tianhe.

Wu Tianhe slumped weakly to the floor, his eyes out of focus, while mumbling unintelligibly under his breath.

Standing in front of Wu Tianhe, Huang Ansen raised his palm and when his palm struck down, Wu Tianhe let out a blood-curdling scream.

A short while later, Liu Rui, Huang Ansen, and the group of Enforcement Halls Grand Elders left.

Peng Xingfei and others gazes flickered from Liu Rui, and Huang Ansens leaving group to the unconscious Wu Tianhe in silence.

A long time later, Peng Xingfei and the others voices erupted into a voice transmission commotion.

“Huang Xiaolong is really Jiang Hongs illegitimate son!”

“Most probably its true, why else would he be so furious!”

Jiang Hongs personal order for Wu Tianhes cultivation to be abolished before being banished from the Grandmist Emperor Palace further cemented Peng Xingfei and the others guesses to be true!

Liu Rui returned to report to Jiang Hong after separating from Huang Ansens Enforcement Hall group.

Back in the hall, Liu Rui was just about to report the result, but was stopped by Jiang Hong, “Its fine, I already know.

Sit down.”

Liu Rui respectfully complied.

“Senior Brother, Feng Er, Xu Baisheng, and the others did not give you any trouble while staying here, did they” Suddenly, Huang Xiaolong asked as he thought of Feng Er and the others.

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