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“Netherworld King.” Huang Xiaolongs eyes flickered.

Before he came to the Hell Asura World, his master, the king of grandmist, and the little cow, both had suggested joining the Netherworld Kings Organization as he would be able to run around unhindered.

This Netherworld King\'s Organization was similar to the Alchemy Master Guild in the lower realm.

All alchemists from the Alchemy Master Guild received respect and reverence from everyone in the cultivation world.

Similarly, joining the Netherworld King\'s Organization would give him a special identity.

He would be someone under the Netherworld King and no one would offend him needlessly.

Furthermore, there was a lot of freedom even if he joined the Netherworld King\'s Organization.

Unlike many of the rules and regulations one had to follow if they joined a superpower sect like the Asura Gate, joining the Netherworld Kings Organization would grant him freedom.

It would be much more convenient for him to continue to search for the king of hells inheritance.

After he pondered over it for a little longer, Huang Xiaolong decided to join the Netherworld Kings Organization.

Even after he entered the Netherworld King\'s Organization, it wouldnt be too late to join other superpower sects.

After all, the Netherworld King\'s Organization didnt have any restrictions regarding this.

Just as Huang Xiaolong was about to inquire about the location of the Netherworld King\'s Organization branch in the Brookspring Plane, the sound of spack cracking echoed all around him and hundreds of disciples of the Asura Race shot towards him.

Huang Xiaolong looked at their attire and knew that the Gu Family was there for revenge.

Sure enough, they appeared in front of him and surrounded him, blocking off his path of retreat.

The few old men who stood at the front glared at him with a frosty expression.

“Did you kill our Gu Familys disciple, Gu Chengfeng!” One of them asked coldy.

“You guys better leave now, I dont feel like killing all of you.” Huang Xiaolong said with indifference.

Everyone from the Gu family was shocked and furious when they saw Huang Xiaolong dismissing them.

Those old men even sneered and replied, “Leave Kid, in this entire Silver River Continent, no one has ever killed my Gu family disciple and acted so arrogantly about it.

Who do you think you are A God King!”

The Brookspring Plane was located at a small corner of the Hell Asura World, so he refused to believe that a God King would appear there!

The strongest expert in the Silver River Continent was their Gu Family Ancestor, a high level Ancestor God!

In the Silver Star Continent, they felt that no one else was stronger than them!

“Grand Elder, why bother talking so much nonsense with him Lets just capture him first and bring him back with us before interrogating him!” One of the Elders said icily.

Gu Changcun looked at the other experts of the Gu Family and nodded his head.

The surrounding experts of the Gu family charged at Huang Xiaolong simultaneously.

However, just when these experts were about to reach Huang Xiaolong, a terrifying wave of darkness emerged from Huang Xiaolongs body and swept them all away.

As his terrifying power swept through them, the hundreds of First and Second Order Ancestor God Realm cultivators were swept away.

Not to mention those at the Ancient God Realm.

As the elders of the Gu Family watched on, all of them turned into rotting corpses.

Even if they died, the bodies of Ancient Gods and Ancestor Gods wouldnt decay even after several hundreds of thousands of years.

However, after Huang Xiaolongs energy swept past them, those Gu Family cultivators perished and their bodies evaporated to nothingness.

The most frightening part was that even the armor on their bodies rotted away.


These armors were all specially made by the Gu family using hundred thousand years old darkness frost crystals.

In fact these armors had ore-essence and even if a middle-level Ancestor God used all his power to corrode the armor, it would take them several hours!

But look at it now!

Huang Xiaolong remained expressionless as he looked at Gu Changcuns fearful expression.

After he had refined the fourth set of restrictions in the Netherworld Kings Jade and absorbed all the darkness energy within, the darkness godforce produced by his Archdevil Supreme Godhead reached an extremely frightening level.

The power of corrosion was merely one of the abilities of his Archdevil Supreme Godhead.

Even ordinary high-grade or top-grade chaos spiritual artifacts would turn to dust if he willed it, much less the armor the Gu Family cultivators were wearing.

In fact, he had only released one percent of his strength previously.

Otherwise, even their bones wouldnt be left behind.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Gu Changcun and the others with indifference.

“You, you are” Gu Changcuns voice trembled as he couldnt hide the fear in his heart.

“Sorry, but I have already broken through to the God King Realm a few decades ago.” Huang Xiaolong shrugged.

Of course, even though he had broken through to the God King Realm a few decades ago, he left out the most important fact.

He was already at the Ninth Order God King Realm!

“God … God King!”Gu Changcun and a few others cried out in shock.

Never in their wildest imaginations would they have expected to run into a God King Expert.

From what he said, they felt that he was already a First Order God King Realm expert.

However, all they wanted to know was the business that had brought a God King Realm expert to the Silver River Continent.


Senior… Please have mercy!” Gu Changcun and the rest of them immediately kneeled on the ground and begged for their lives.

Huang Xiaolong hooked his finger, and Gu Changcun and the elders flew towards him.

No matter how hard they tried, they couldnt resist him.

Several rays of purple light flashed through his eyes and entered the space between their eyebrows.

In an instant, all of them lost their consciousness.

Huang Xiaolong decided to keep a few of them alive to search their souls and look through their memories.

As a Grand Elder in the Gu family, Gu Changcun would definitely know the location of the Netherworld Kings Organization in the Brookspring Plane.

The memories of the elders flowed into his mind unceasingly.

After a few breaths of time, Huang Xiaolongs soul search finally ended.

“The Ghost Continent, Mongolia City.” Huang Xiaolong muttered to himself.

From the memories he searched, he found out that the branch of the Netherworld King\'s Organization was located in Mongolia City that was located on the Ghost Continent.

After the soul search, Huang Xiaolong gained a deeper understanding of the Brookspring Plane.

The strongest expert present on the Brookspring Plane was a peak late-Tenth Order Ancestor God Realm expert.

It was precisely the Gu Familys ancestor.

As for the Asura Gates branch, it was also located on the Ghost Continent.

It was in Wuqi City, right beside Mongolia City that housed the branch of the Netherworld Kings organization.

After recollecting himself, Huang Xiaolong flew up and left the city.

Summoning the Black Dragon Throne, he turned into a ray of light as he flew towards the Ghost Continent.

Based on his current speed, he would be able to arrive at the Ghost Continent in a few minutes.

As Huang Xiaolong sat in the Black Dragon Throne, he was deeply moved by the frightening speed of the Black Dragon Throne as it tore through space.

“Lets hope the Gu family is tactful enough to give up on this matter.” Huang Xiaolong inwardly thought.

In the end, he had decided not to kill the rest of them.

He allowed them to report the incident to the Gu Family and he hoped that after learning of his God King identity, they would sweep the matter under the rug.

At the same time, Gu Changcun and the rest hastily returned to the Gu Familys headquarters.

“What An early-First Order God King Realm expert!” In the main hall of the Gu Family branch, the ancestor yelled in shock.

“Yes Ancestor, that was what he said.

Moreover, his strength was extremely terrifying and theres no mistake about it!” Gu Changcun replied fearfully.

“An early-First Order God King Interesting.” At this time, a fatty sitting on the main seat of the main hall smiled indifferently.

He was the inspector in charge of the hundreds of Divine Planes in this particular Galaxy.

He had arrived recently and he was a Fourth Order God King Realm cultivator!

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