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“Whats the reward” Huang Xiaolong felt his heart shake.

Jia Yuan replied respectfully, “According to the rules set by the Netherworld Kings Organization, as long as you kill three thousand hell beasts in a month, you will pass the test.

If you kill five times that amount, you will be an exceptional talent and will be rewarded with a set of Netherking Divine Armor.

The Netherking Divine Armor is split into different levels.

The armor given to exceptional Netherkings is stronger than regular armor and the authority exceptional Netherkings hold in the organization will be greater than that of regular Netherkings of the same level.”

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head, but a feeling of disappointment appeared in his heart.

He didnt lack divine armors.

No matter how good the Netherking Divine Armor was, it wouldnt be better than the Black Dragon Divine Armor.

As for the authority and power he held in the organization, Huang Xiaolong couldnt care less.

The reason he was taking the test was to get the status of the Netherking so he could move about easily in Hell.

Seeing Huang Xiaolongs disappointed expression, Jia Yuan continued, “However, if you manage to kill ten times the passing amount, you will be accepted into the headquarters of the Netherworld Kings Organization and you will be able to cultivate in the Demon God Blood Pool!”

“Demon God Blood Pool” Huang Xiaolong felt his heart tremble when he heard the name.

“Thats right.

The Demon God Blood Pool came from the blood essence of the Demon God himself.

If one could cultivate within it, the advantages could be imagined.

Even Emperor Realm experts fight for the chance to enter the Demon God Blood Pool!”

Huang Xiaolong revealed an expression of shock.

“The blood essence of the Demon God!”

The Demon God Blood Pool was formed with the blood essence of the Demon God himself! It was really too shocking to comprehend…

“However, its too difficult to kill thirty thousand hell beasts in a single month.

From the time our Netherworld Kings Organization was formed, there have only been two people who have managed to kill thirty thousand hell beasts.” Jia Yuan explained as he shook his head.

The Netherworld Kings Organization had been in existence for billions of years.

How many trillions of people must have taken the test to become a Netherking There were only two who managed to accomplish the task of slaying ten times the passing amount!

To kill thirty thousand hell beasts in a month meant that they had to kill a thousand a day.

A thousand hell beasts a day meant that he had to kill fifty beasts an hour! It was a near impossible task!

For example, Huang Xiaolong was in the early-Ninth Order God King Realm right now.

However, he had strength comparable to cultivators at the peak of the late-Tenth Order God King Realm.

Someone like him barely had the qualifications to kill thirty thousand beasts in a month.

For a cultivator to possess Huang Xiaolongs talent to have fighting capabilities at the peak of the late-Tenth Order God King Realm when they were only at the early-Ninth Order God King Realm was practically impossible.

“However, with Lords talent, you can definitely do it.” Jia Yuan continued.

Huang Xiaolong nodded and asked another question, “Where is the headquarters of the Netherworld Kings Organization”

Jia Yuan hesitated for a moment and he said, “I am not allowed to reveal anything about the headquarters.

However, this is a special case and its nothing for me to break the rules to explain it to you.

Our headquarters is located in the Mohe Plane.”

“Mohe Plane!” Huang Xiaolong yelled in his heart.

The inheritance of the king of hell was also located in the Mohe Plane.

Could it be a coincidence!

Right at that moment, a massive flying ship broke through the void and arrived at the space above the plane.

It was too bad Huang Xiaolong and Jia Yuan were both unable to detect it.

The massive flying ship was precisely the Netherking Flying Ship.

After days of rushing about, Tai Yue, Fan Hui, Jin Yuan, and Wan Yutian arrived at the testing grounds.

The four chiefs of the Netherworld Kings Organization appeared at the same time.

“Is that Duwei Were lucky to arrive before the test starts…” Tai Yue, the massive giant, heaved a sigh of relief.

The other three of them followed suit and three consecutive sighs filled the air.

At that moment, Huang Xiaolong was asking Jia Yuan a question.

“What if someone kills twenty times the number of hell beasts Will there be additional rewards”

Jia Yuan stood rooted to the spot as he slowly thought of a reply, “Youll be able to enter the Demon God Blood Pool for a month if you kill ten times the number of hell beasts.

If you kill twenty times the hell beasts required, you will be able to enter the Demon God Blood Pool for two months.

Three months if you kill thirty times the required number.

However, since the founding of the Netherworld Kings Organization, no one has been able to kill twenty times the number of hell beasts required to pass, let alone thirty times.

Anyone who manages to kill thirty times the required number can raise a request to our organization.

As long as we are able to fulfill the request, consider it done.”

Huang Xiaolong was startled.

Any condition he could think of!

The Netherworld Kings Organization was an overwhelming presence in all three worlds in Hell.

It was also the undisputed number one power.

The reward to raise any request to the Netherworld Kings Organization was a shocking one and god knew how many people would fight for a chance to do so.

This was even more shocking than if a disciple in the Divine World could raise a request to his senior brother, Jiang Hong.

“Any thing I will be able to raise any request I want” A fire lit up in Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

“Thats right.

Anything you want.” Jia Yuan nodded his head.

Huang Xiaolong sucked in a deep breath and said in a serious voice, “Im ready.”

Jia Yuan replied respectfully, “Lord Duwei, the test will begin as soon as you step into the plane!”

Huang Xiaolongs figure transformed into a streak of black light as he broke through the defenses of the plane under him.

The moment Huang Xiaolong entered the plane, Jia Yuan waved his hand and disappeared.

When he reappeared, he was back in the Brookspring Planes branch.

The only thing he had to do was to wait for a month to obtain Huang Xiaolongs result.

At that moment, Tai Yue, Fan Hui, Jin Yuan, and Wan Yutian turned their focus to Huang Xiaolong who had entered the plane.

“Hey, do you guys think that he will be able to kill thirty times the required number” Demon King, Fan Hui, asked.

Asura King, Jin Yuan, shook his head and said, “Its going to be difficult.

Ten times wouldnt be a problem, and twenty times would pose a challenge.

However, I dont think its possible to kill thirty times the required number.”

Thirty times… That was ninety thousand hell beasts!

Duwei is an early-Ninth Order God King Realm expert.

It wasnt possible for him to kill ninety thousand hell beasts at the same level as himself.

It just didnt make sense.

“That brat made his move!” Wan Yutian, the Golden Lionman, yelled all of a sudden.

When the few of them turned to Huang Xiaolong, they saw him charging into a mountain range located on the plane.

There seemed to be a group of Demonic Blood Apes located on that particular mountain range.

The Demonic Blood Apes had huge bodies and they possessed unrivalled strength.

Their bodies were extremely tough and the moment they caught sight of Huang Xiaolong, it was as though they caught sight of something extremely delicious.

All of them charged towards Huang Xiaolong without hesitation.

Huang Xiaolong didnt bother retreating and he directly slammed into the charging apes.

Compared to the Demonic Blood Apes, Huang Xiaolong was tens of times smaller.

However, the result when they clashed was different from what they expected.

It seemed as though they rammed into an unshakable mountain formed from chaos divine stone and all of them burst into a rain of blood when they were sent flying away.

Even though the four chiefs already expected Huang Xiaolongs combat strength to surpass their imaginations, they were shocked when they saw the scene where the Demonic Blood Apes exploded into a mist of blood when they slammed into him.

These Demonic Blood Apes were extremely strong and every one of them possessed the strength of an early-Tenth Order God King Realm cultivator.

However, Huang Xiaolong didnt even use his godforce and he decimated them with his fleshy body alone.

When the four of them were still lost in shock, nearly a thousand Demonic Blood Apes in the mountain range turned into a mist of blood, dyeing the entire mountain range red.

After dealing with the Demonic Blood Apes, Huang Xiaolongs body blurred and he went in search of other hell beasts.

Tai Yue, Jin Yuan, and the other two chiefs stood there in shock.

“Thats a terrifying might he possess with his physical body alone.

How can an Asura noble possess such a strong body” Jin Yuan exclaimed in shock.

“Since he hasn\'t used his godforce, none of us can confirm if he has a darkness attributed king of supreme godhead.” Wan Yutian lamented.

“Theres no need to rush.

He has barely begun his test.

Lets wait for him to meet with the two hell beasts at the peak of the late-Tenth Order God King Realm.

He has to use his godforce then… I dont believe he will be able to deal with the both of them with just his physical body alone…” Tai Yue chuckled.

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