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“Slaughter the entire Devil Scorpion Tribe” Hearing that, the Demon King Fan Hui snickered coldly.

“He has some guts to say that!”

Iciness burst out from Jin Yuans eyes, with a voice to match the iceness, “In this hundred thousand years, the Massacring Gods Gate has been expanding their forces rapidly, and in the last several hundred years, they have the cheek to claim that they are going to unify the whole Asura World.

If the Netherworld Kings Organisation dares to hinder the Massacring Gods Gates path, they will annihilate the Netherworld Kings Organisation too.

They are becoming ever more rampant and do respect our Netherworld Kings Organisation at all!”

“Looks like weve really been lying low for too long!” Brutal golden lights gleamed in the depths of Wan Yutians eyes, exuding sharp violent air from head to toe.

“They came at the right time today!” A strong desire for war shined from Tai Yues eyes as he went on, “We might as well scrap them altogether, army and all!”

Scrap them altogether!

The air around Jin Yuan, Tai Yue, Fan Hui, and Wan Yutian changed and it was filled with eagerness.

In the entire Asura World, probably only these four dared to say that they would annihilate the Massacring Gods Gates army.

Though the Massacring Gods Gate ranked under the Netherworld Kings Organisation, the latter had been keeping a low profile, and in the recent one hundred thousand years, the Massacring Gods Gate had been gaining momentum that it created an illusion that the Massacring Gods Gate was going to surpass the Netherworld Kings organisation.

Wherever the Massacring Gods Gates army passed, whichever force that dared to resist would be annihilated without mercy, sending a storm of terror over the Asura World.

Even the top one hundred super forces of Asura World had no choice but to yield.

“Master, please give your order!” The Demon King Fan Hui and the other three knelt before Huang Xiaolong on one knee, awaiting for Huang Xiaolongs order.

“Good! So what if its the Massacring Gods Gate! Today, the Massacring Gods Gates army is the one were going to slaughter!” Huang Xiaolong laughed and spoke with valiance, “Scrap them all, none will be spared!”

Stimulated by the raging momentum from Huang Xiaolong, Fan Hui, and the others as well as Shi Yihais morale rose.

There was an eagerness to fight.

“But, Master, four Lords, the Massacring Gods Gate has sent an army of a billion, as well as thirty-five Emperor Realm experts, six amongst them are high-level Emperor Realm experts! One of them is a mid-Tenth Order and also one peak mid-Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

Hence, to annihilate the Massacring Gods Gate at our current power, Im afraid were still …” Shi Yihai spoke, sounding less than confident.

Shi Yihai was aware that Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, Wan Yutian, and Tai Yue were all peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts, but even with the four of them and the entire Devil Scorpion Tribes power, it was insufficient to annihilate the great army the Massacring Gods Gate had sent this time.

Even though the Devil Scorpion Tribe was one of Asura Worlds top one hundred super forces, the tribe only had eleven Emperor Realm experts, and high-level Emperor Realm amounted to two.

Even Jin Yuan clearly looked shocked after hearing that the Massacring Gods Gate had actually sent thirty-five Emperor Realm experts.

But a second later, Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, Wan Yutian, and Tai Yue were laughing loudly.

Shi Yihai was stupefied to See the four Lords suddenly break out into laughter.

“Yihai, lead the way.

Well take a look at the Massacring Gods Gates mighty one billion army.” Huang Xiaolong said with a hint of humor.

“Yes, Master!” At Huang Xiaolongs order, Shi Yihai could only respectfully comply.

With Shi Yihai guiding in front, the six people flew towards the Devil Scorpion Tribes main hall.

“Later on, open a pathway through the defensive grand formation array and allow the Massacring Gods Gates army to enter.

After all of them have entered, close the pathway.” As they flew towards the main hall, Huang Xiaolong instructed Shi Yihai.

Shi Yihais heart shuddered.

He understood Huang Xiaolongs plan—Huang Xiaolong was going to massacre the entire Massacring Gods Gates army! Once they entered, not a fly could escape!

Then again, in order to achieve this, there was one absolute condition—they had to have the power to annihilate the Massacring Gods Gate, or they would only end up letting the wolves in.

Shi yihai couldnt help looking at Jin Yuan and the other three for assurance.

Asura King Jin Yuan looked at Shi Yihai directly and said, “Master has succeeded in accepting the old masters inheritance, Masters order is equivalent to the old masters order!”

Shi Yihai trembled at the weight of Jin Yuans words.

Succeeded in accepting the old masters inheritance!

Does that mean…! The new Lord of Hell!

“Yes, Master!” Shi Yihai acknowledged solemnly as he saluted Huang Xiaolong with utmost respect.

The group continued flying onwards.

Two days later, they saw the Green Fame Devil Scorpion Tribes main hall on the horizon.

At this time, inside the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes main hall, the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes Patriarch Shi Tong was anxious as an ant on a hot pan.

The Massacring Gods Gates army had surrounded their tribe for a full two days now, and there was only one day left until the deadline!

“Did the Ancestor manage to see Lord Jin Yuan and the others” Shi Tong mumbled under his breath as he paced back and forth anxiously around the hall, growing increasingly flustered.

Right at this time, Shi Tong heard sounds of whistling wind, and then several figures descended in front of the main hall entrance.

Shi Tongs head jerked up and he was ecstatic when he saw that it was Huang Xiaolong, Jin Yuan, and the others.

He quickly hurried forward and knelt in salute, “Greetings, Master, and four Lords!”

Huang Xiaolong, Jin Yuan, and the rest walked into the main hall, and exempted Shi Tong from his salute.

However, they had just sat down when a Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes Elder ran into the main hall in a panic, and reported, “Ancestor, Patriarch, just now the Massacring Gods Gate sent a message, and they are saying that they will give us one last hour, if we dont give them an answer within the hour, their army will destroy every corner of our Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe!”

“One hour! Dont we have one more day until the deadline” Shi Tong yelled angrily.

“Their Ancestor Gao Yu said hes getting annoyed with waiting, so, if the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe still refuses to submit, then he might as well destroy the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe earlier so that he can go back to cultivate.” The Elder replied.

Shi Yihai was outraged.

In the Massacring Gods Tribes eyes, their Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe could be destroyed as they liked

“Alright, I know.

Leave us.” Shi Tong ordered the Elder.

After the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Elder left the main hall, Huang Xiaolong asked Shi Yihai and Shi Tong, “Are all of the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes Eminent Elders loyal to the tribe”

The Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe had nine Eminent Elders, all of them were Emperor Realm experts.

Shi Tong hesitated before answering, “When the Massacring Gods Gates army came knocking at our door, there were three Eminent Elders who allied with the Massacring Gods Gate, while the remaining six Eminent Elders could be considered as willing to fight to the death against them.”

“Allied with the Massacring Gods Gate” Asura King Jin Yuan sneered coldly, “Whats the use of letting this kind of half-hearted people hang around, deal with them now, rather than letting them cause internal turmoil!”

Huang Xiaolong smiled, slightly shaking his head as he said, “There is no hurry.” He then looked at Shi Yihai and Shi Tong, “Gather all the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes Eminent Elders, Grand Elders, Elders, and disciples to accept the war challenge.

Dont forget to open the defensive grand formation array so the Massacring Gods Gates army can enter, every last one of them!”

Shi Tong was shocked.

“Yes, Master.” Shi Yihai responded immediately.

“Master, would this…” Shi Tong couldnt help doubting Huang Xiaolongs action.

“Itll be fine.” Huang Xiaolong waved his hand nonchalantly as he said so.

Soon, under Shi Yihais order, all of the defensive grand formation arrays that covered the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribes thousands of mountain peaks shrunk and disappeared.

Within the Massacring Gods Gates army camp, the Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors were surprised when they heard the report from a subordinate saying that the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe had opened their defensive grand formation arrays.

Hence, they stepped out to check.

“The Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe has indeed opened pathways through their grand formation arrays.” The Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor Gao Yu let out a hearty laughter seeing it.

“Looks like they still got some smart, and has given up on resisting!”

In Gao Yus opinion, the Green Flame Devil Scorpion Tribe opening their grand formation arrays was equivalent to yielding to Massacring Gods Gate, submitting to Massacring Gods Gate!

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