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Contrary to the norm, the Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor Gao Yu looked at the closed defensive grand formation arrays, and he chuckled at Huang Xiaolong instead.

A measly Heavenly Monarch Realm Asura noble actually has the capability to make the Devil Scorpion Tribes Ancestor acknowledge him as Master “I am very curious how did a mere Heavenly Monarch Realm like you convinced Shi Yihai”

Gao Yu was genuinely curious.

In truth, Gao Yu wasnt the only one.

Even some of the Devil Scorpion Tribes experts were just as curious.

Shi Yihai was the Devil Scorpion Tribes Ancestor, an early Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert with a thunderous reputation throughout the Asura World.

Yet, the same Shi Yihai who had adamantly refused to submit to the Massacring Gods Gate was actually acknowledging a mere Asura nobility as Master This was too ludicrous to be funny.

Hearing the Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor Gao Yus words, Huang Xiaolong smiled casually as he asked, “You, really want to know”

Gao Yu sneered sinisterly and bit his word, “Yes.”

Both the Massacring Gods Gate and Devil Scorpion Tribes attention was focused on Huang Xiaolong.

“Because I am the new Lord of Hell, it is normal for Shi Yihai and Shi Tong to submit to me.” Huang Xiaolong stated matter-of-factly.

Everyone was dumbfounded.

In the next second, Gao Yu guffawed, saliva flying in the air.

Other Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors also roared with laughter, even a few experts on the Devil Scorpion Tribes side couldnt resist laughing when they heard Huang Xiaolongs words.

Zhang Xiaomeng was one of those laughing the loudest, “His mother, Shi Yihai, where did you find this retarded kid, too funny, ah, Im going to die from laughing.”

“Brat, youre saying that an insignificant Heavenly Monarch Realm brat like you is the new Lord of Hell” Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor Kang Hes chest was heaving as he chortled.

“What about a high-level Emperor Realm like me The Lord of Hells Masters Masters Ancestor”

Heavens shook from the echoes of laughter from the Massacring Gods Gates army.

A Heavenly Monarch Realm brat had the guts to claim that hes the new Lord of Hell.

It was not only them who didnt believe in Huang Xiaolong, but the entire Hells population, even the whole universe wouldnt believe it.

Gao Yu was still laughing as he said to Huang Xiaolong, “Brat, since youre so adorable, Ill let you die a little more comfortably later.”

But Ancestor Kang He was in no hurry, “I think you shouldn\'t kill him for the time being, as it will be nice to have a clown like him by our side to tell a joke or two occasionally to lighten up our mood.

Its not necessarily a bad thing.”

A cold light gleamed across Asura King Jin Yuans eyes, but Huang Xiaolong raised an arm and stopped the four of them just as they were about to make a move.

Huang Xiaolong looked at Kang He and said, “Since you like listening to jokes, I wont kill you so fast.”

Kang Hes laughter stopped abruptly and he scrutinized Huang Xiaolong.

A second later, he chuckled cruelly, “Hehe, brat, this joke is not funny at all.

I have changed my mind now, so I will first shatter your bodys meridians!” His fingers bent into claws and stretched out to grab Huang Xiaolong.

A giant claw appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong in the blink of an eye.

The giant claw emitted dense layers of green mist, and there seemed to be strange insects screeching inside the green mist.

“Master, this is the Gorger Beetle Demonic Claw!” Seeing Kang Hes action, the Devil Scorpion Tribes Ancestor Shi Yihai yelled to caution Huang Xiaolong.

The Gorger Beetle Demonic Claw was once the supreme technique of Hells ancient super force.

After this super force was annihilated, this supreme technique had not appeared in Hell for a very long time.

The Gorger Beetle Demonic Claw was terrifying, and the terror of this technique lied in the insect called gorger beetles.

Once a person was scratched by this technique, the gorger beetle ignored all divine armors defenses and drilled into the victims body, gorging everything, leaving the victim to die with an excruciating pain.

Just as Shi Yihai and Shi Tong were about to parry Kang Hes attack, there was one person who acted faster than them.

An enormous golden fist full of overbearing momentum collided with the Gorger Beetle Demonic Claw.

Without slowing down, the golden fists power rumbled onwards, striking Kang He on the chest.

The Massacring Gods Gates high-level Emperor Realm Ancestor Kang He yelped in pain as he was sent flying back, crashing into one of the mountain peaks behind him.

Part of the mountain peak crumbled as large cracks appeared on it.

Everyone stared at Kang He, more accurately, at Kang Hes bloody hole of a chest!

This sight astounded both the Massacring Gods Gate and Devil Scorpion Tribe.

A Massacring Gods Gates late-Seventh Order Emperor Realm Ancestor had a hole punched through his chest!

More than half of his torso was gone!

Not to mention Kang He had his divine armor on.

That proved the terrifying power of that punch.

Everyone was agape staring at the Desolate Giant Tai Yue beside Huang Xiaolong.

That golden fist from earlier had belonged to Tai Yue.

Only Jin Yuan, Fan Hui, and Wan Yutian werent surprised at all.

Tai Yues true body was the powerful Desolate Giant body.

It was no exaggeration to say that Tai Yue was Hells most powerful Emperor Realm expert!

Even though the three of them were also peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts, when comparing pure strength, there was a significant gap between them and Tai Yue.

Whats a late-Seventh Order Emperor Realm Massacring Gods Gates Ancestor Kang He in front of Tai Yue, when a Ninth Order Emperor Realm expert would also end up the same way as Kang He if he were to challenge Tai Yue.

“You, who are you” Ancestor Gao Yu lost his earlier confident smile as he stared fixedly at Tai Yue with an unprecedented solemn expression.

He was a peak mid-Tenth Order Emperor Realm, even with his strength, he too could punch a hole through Kang Hes chest in a similar manner, however, the explosion of power from Tai Yues fist made his heart shudder!

Didnt that mean that this person was stronger than him A late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm

Desolate Giant Tai Yue didnt even spare Gao Yu a glance.

Instead, his attention was on the twitching body half-buried in the mountain peak and said in his gruff voice, “Punk, Im sparing your dog life for now since Master has said that he wont take your life first.”

With his strength, had he wanted to kill Kang He with a punch, it was really a matter of one punch.


Gao Yus eyes widened in shock as he heard Tai Yue addressing the Asura noble asMaster like Shi Yihai and Shi Tong.

Gazes from various directions fell on Huang Xiaolong.

Is this Asura noble really a clown However, thisclown has not only convinced the Devil Scorpion Tribes Ancestor Shi Yihai and Patriarch Shi Tong to acknowledge him as their Master, but he has even convinced that late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert, perhaps even a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert to address him as his Master!

Gao Yu inhaled deeply, calming his inward feelings of shock as he looked at Huang Xiaolong again and started, “Who are you Are you bent on opposing our Massacring Gods Gate It is only a matter of time before our Massacring Gods Gate unify the Asura World, so offending us will truly be unwise.

If youre willing to leave with your subordinates instead of interfering with the Devil Scorpion Tribes affairs, our Massacring Gods Gate can promise not to pursue your crime.”

A brilliant smile bloomed over Huang Xiaolongs face hearing Gao Yus words, “So what if I oppose the Massacring Gods Gate” He turned to Tai Yue, Jin Yuan, and the other two with a question, “He said the Massacring Gods Gate is going to unify the Asura World sooner or later, what do you think”

Tai Yue let out a hearty laughter, his voice rumbled like thunder in the air, “The Massacring Gods Gate is but a fart I let out.

A fart wants to unify the Asura World”

The Demon King Fan Hui and the others roared with laughter, which made the Massacring Gods Gates Ancestors face turn extremely ugly.

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