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“Is he from the Undead Race The unkillable Undead Race from the legends!” Deng Feizhi exclaimed with an expression of shock plastered on his face.

“Thats impossible! Didnt the Undead Race go extinct Why is there someone from the Undead Race here!” Xu Junhua looked at the Netherguard puppet captain beside Huang Xiaolong in disbelief.

An outroar broke out among the surrounding experts.

“Undead Race Is there such a thing as an Undead Race” Experts from some of the superpowers were puzzled as they had never heard of them before.

As the Undead Race had already disappeared for billions of years, even ancestors from the strongest superpowers had no idea they existed.

“The Undead Race was one of the strongest races in Hell back in the ancient times.

Back then, there were countless experts from the Undead Race with unfathomable strength.

They were much stronger than the current Massacring Gods Gate or the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe! The reason they were known as the Undead Race was because even the Ancient Heavenly Emperor was unable to kill the patriarch of their race! For some unknown reason, they had disappeared in the annals of time.

Well, one of them just reappeared before us!”

“What Even the Ancient Heavenly Emperor in the Divine World was unable to kill him! Did the patriarch of the Undead Race surpass the Emperor Realm!”

“I have no idea.

However, there were legends that described how the patriarch of the Undead Race raised storms of blood in an attempt to conquer Hell.

He managed to anger the king of hell in the process and after a massive battle with the king of hell, the patriarch of the Undead Race was killed!”

“The king of hell was able to kill someone the Ancient Heavenly Emperor couldnt!”

“Thats where all the misunderstandings come from.

As the master of all three worlds in Hell, the king of hell controls every single creature born here.

It wouldnt be difficult for him to kill off the patriarch of the undead race.”

Fervent discussion broke out in the audience.

Huang Xiaolong felt his heart tremble when he heard what they said.

He had never thought that there would be such a huge secret regarding the Undead Race.

However, since the Ancient Heavenly Emperor was unable to kill the patriarch of the Undead Race, the patriarch should have surpassed the Emperor Realm.

It was very likely the ten Netherguard puppet captains werent refined from the body of the patriarch...

Did master destroy the body of the patriarch If its still out there, I will probably be able to refine it into an extremely strong Netherguard puppet...

Huang Xiaolong eventually dropped the thought and he turned his attention back to the battle.

He didnt bother releasing the other puppets as one of them was enough to scare away all his enemies.

He wasnt planning on showing off all his trump cards by releasing all the Netherguard puppets and revealing the City of Eternity.

By the time he looked at the battle happening in the sky, it was already at its climax.

The destructive power Tai Yue and the rest revealed smashed countless mountain peaks around them and bottomless valleys were formed one after the other.

Earth Qi spewed out continuously as molten lava erupted and filled the surface of the Darkness Divine Plane.

The entire continent was slowly sinking into the ground!

When everyone saw that the continent they were on was starting to sink, their jaws dropped in shock.

This was an entire continent they were talking about! Not to mention the fact that it was the main continent of the Darkness Divine Plane! There were tens of millions of mountain peaks and there were countless cities located on it.

Everything was slowly being reduced to dust by the ultimate battle going down between the Asura Gate and the four Great Commanders!

Every city on the main continent was vast and boundless, and ordinary Emperors would need to put in quite a bit of effort to destroy even a single city.

But now, the entire continent was about to sink and disappear!

The battle could be said to have flipped the heavens and earth! Time and space shattered in the face of this earth-shaking battle!

“Ah… an entire continent disappeared just like this! If they were to continue fighting, wouldnt the entire Divine Darkness Plane be destroyed!” Xu Junhua said nervously.

“No, no … its surely impossible.

I have heard that even experts surpassing the Emperor Realm wouldnt be able to destroy an entire divine plane by themselves.” Wang Liugong stuttered with uncertainty.

With the might Tai Yue and the others possessed, if they were to fight for a few more days, it was really possible for them to wreck the entire Darkness Divine Plane!

Everyone felt goosebumps growing all over their bodies when they thought about the horrific consequences.

Even though Tai Yue and the others werent able to completely destroy a divine plane, causing all the continents in the divine plane to sink beneath the earth wasnt too different from wiping out the divine plane itself.

The battle raged on for another hour or so.

Even with the help of the Asura Reincarnation Array, Huang Peng and the rest were still suppressed by the four of them.

The forty four experts from the Asura Gate had disheveled hair and the armors on their bodies had already shattered to bits.

The corner of their mouths were stained red with blood and they felt extremely embarrassed.

The arrogance they had when the battle had just started was long gone.

On the other hand, Tai Yue and the three others wore a relaxed expression on their faces and they could still joke about between attacks.

It was as if they already knew that victory was within their grasp.

“Dont take it too far!” Huang Peng shouted furiously, “If you stay your hand now, our Asura Gate is willing to expel Wei Hong out of the sect!”

After weighing the pros and cons, Huang Peng finally agreed to Huang Xiaolongs request and decided to expel Wei Hong from the sect.

Wei Hong, who was hiding amongst the disciples of the Asura Gate in the distance, turned pale.

If Huang Peng really kicked him out of the Asura Gate, he would die a horrible death without their protection.

Huang Xiaolong sneered at Huang Peng, “Only Wei Hong What about Jia Ding”

If he only managed to get Wei Hong expelled, he wouldnt have gone so far as to allow the four of them to wreak havoc in the Asura Gate.

The old ancestor, Jia Ding, roared in anger, “Brat, dont think that our Asura Gate is really scared of you! Are you trying to force us to use the Divine Tree of Darkness If we do, all of you wont be able to leave alive!”

“Really I have long heard that the Divine Tree of Darkness is the number one divine tree in the Hell Asura World.

No one will be able to stop it unless they surpass the Emperor Realm.

Since youre adamant about harboring Jia Ding, I would like to witness the might of the Divine Tree of Darkness.” Huang Xiaolong revealed a cold smile and added, “However, is it really worthwhile for you to use the Divine Tree of Darkness to protect a mere Jia Ding”

“You came over to stir trouble with our Asura Gate! How is this Jia Dings fault!” Li Linwei said furiously, “Patriarch, we must awaken the Divine Tree of Darknesss spirit and kill all of them.

This will be the only way we can maintain our prestige in the Hell Asura World! We can send a message to everyone in the Hell Asura World that they wont be able to mess with our Asura Gate!

“Patriarch, please awaken the Divine Tree of Darkness!”

“Thats right, even though we will incur huge losses by waking the tree spirit, we will be able to obtain the treasures on them once we kill them all!”

The ancestors supporting Jia Ding spoke successively.

Huang Pengs face turned gloomy, and a trace of uncertainty flashed through his eyes.

In the end, he instructed ruthlessly, “Alright, we will kill them all today!”

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