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Just like what one of the ancestors had mentioned earlier, even though they would incur huge losses by waking the tree spirit of Divine Tree of Darkness, Huang Xiaolong and the four peak late-Tenth Order Emperors would definitely be in possession of a large amount of treasures.

They would be able to make up for their losses easily.

In the past few years, the Massacring Gods Gate had been more ambitious and had started lusting over the Divine Tree of Darkness of the Asura Gate.

They had their eyes set on devouring the entire Asura Gate but as long as they killed Huang Xiaolong, Tai Yue, and the others, they would be able to deter the Massacring Gods Gate from their ideas.

Huang Peng yelled immediately, “Everyone from the Asura Gate, listen to my command! Circulate the Darkness Night Mysterious Art and wake up the tree spirit!”

“Yes, patriarch!”

The forty four people including Huang Peng broke through the void and shot towards the trunk of the Divine Tree of Darkness in the distance.

Everyone stared at the top tier experts from the Asura Gate in shock.

They were planning to wake up the Divine Tree of Darkness!

It was said that the tree spirit of the Divine Tree of Darkness had only been awakened twice in the past.

Both times, the Asura Gate was facing sect ending disasters.

Right now, Huang Peng was planning on waking it up for the third time!

Everyone who had originally come to attend the wedding ceremony were stunned silly.

Who knew that they would be able to personally witness the awakening of the Divine Tree of Darkness!

“Huang Peng is really planning on going all out this time! The Divine Tree of Darkness is said to be a peak existence among those who havent broken through the Emperor Realm.

Rumour has it that it can kill a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert!”

“If the Divine Tree of Darkness awakens, the Asura noble and his four subordinates will be in grave danger!”

“If they take the opportunity to escape now, they should be able to.

It will be too late to escape once the Divine Tree of Darkness awakens!”

A hubbub of discussion broke out among the spectators.

Just as everyone thought that Huang Xiaolong would escape with Tai Yue and the three others, Huang Xiaolong stood his ground and stared at the Divine Tree of Darkness with a calm expression.

Looking at Huang Xiaolong standing there without any intention to escape, the surrounding experts looked at each other in confusion.

“Why isnt he running” Deng Feizhi exclaimed in shock.

“Does he really think that he can withstand the attack of the Divine Tree of Darkness with four peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm experts” One of the ancestors shook his head in disbelief.

At this time, the members of the Asura Gate arrived before the trunk of the Divine Tree of Darkness and started executing the technique with their hands

Dark and mysterious runes continuously appeared as they submerged into the gigantic trunk of the Divine Tree of Darkness.

What they formed was the dark night secret rune.

Only these runes could awaken the Divine Tree of Darkness.

Of course, only the ancestors of the Asura Gate were able to cultivate the Darkness Night Mysterious Art.

The conditions of cultivating it was also stringent.

One had to be in the Emperor Realm in order to do so.

As the dark night secret runes steadily sunk into the trunk of the Divine Tree of Darkness, the tree started to emit radiant rays of light.

Nobody knew how far the rays of light had reached, and how many planes it had illuminated.

Even some of the planes far in the distance were lit up with the brilliant rays of light.

A storm emerged from the body of the Divine Tree of Darkness and surged forward.

The storm seemed to turn into a heavenly tide, and it swallowed everything in its path.

Even members of the Lifeless Sect and the Yuanyang Valley who had escaped to a faraway place were sent flying.

Anyone below the Emperor Realm felt immense pressure suffocating them.

Even people in the high-level Emperor Realm like Xu Junhua were panting for breath.

The continents of the Divine Darkness Plane started to crumble.

Even continents on the surrounding planes started to shatter one after another.

Thousands of planes in the Asura Gate trembled and it was as if the whole world was about to be destroyed!

The experts of the Lifeless Sect and Yuanyang Valley watched as the bottom of the continent cracked open.

A massive mountain range broke through the surface and it was so huge that they couldnt see the end of it.

It seemed to span across the entire Divine Darkness Plane!

“This… this isnt a mountain range, its the tree branch of the Divine Tree of Darkness!” One of the ancestors in the crowd seemed to recall something that had happened in the past and he yelled in shock.

All the experts present felt their jaws drop in surprise.

“That is the tree branch of the Divine Tree of Darkness! How long is it to be able to encompass the Divine Darkness Plane!”

It is said that the largest and longest tree branch of the Divine Tree of Darkness can pierce through the hundreds of thousands of planes located in the Asura Gate.

How long was that!

Some of the experts felt their legs go numb.

However, Huang Xiaolong didnt command Tai Yue and the others to stop the reawakening of the Divine Tree of Darkness, instead, he quietly waited for Huang Peng and the members of the Asura Gate to awaken theirsavior.

He wanted to see if the Divine Tree of Darkness was as powerful as the legends made it out to be!

The faces of Tai Yue and the three others were solemn as they looked at the Divine Tree of Darkness that was about to fully awaken.

The light coming out from the tree shone with a greater radiance.

Thousands of planess in the Asura Gate headquarters shook even more violently.

Finally, terrifying tree branches that looked like endless mountain ranges emerged from the bottom of the continents of the planes.

Even though the Divine Tree of Darkness was majestic and exuded a shocking presence as it stood tall in the starry space of the Hell Asura World, there wasnt much of a visual impact when people looked at an unmoving tree.

But when everyone present saw the terrifying tree branches that spanned over tens, hundreds, and even thousands of planes floating in the sky, they felt as thought the Divine Tree of Darkness was a primordial beast that was baring its fangs once again.

All of a sudden, a huge yet indistinct face appeared on the body of the tree.

The outline of the face could be vaguely seen, but its eyes seemed to be able to pierce through time and space itself.

Some of the ancestors who were in the Tenth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm were unable to move their bodies when they looked into its eyes.

It was as though they had lost control of their strength and thoughts.

“Darkness...Divine Tree of Darkness, tree spirit!” Someone stammered.

The tree spirit of the Divine Tree of Darkness was finally awakened by the Asura Gate!

“Has it finally awakened” Huang Xiaolong muttered as light flickered through his eyes.

Huang Peng, Jia Ding, and the rest remained by the side of the Divine Tree of Darkness as a look of arrogance slowly appeared on their face.

It was like victory was already within their grasp.

Suddenly, one of the branches that was floating in the air moved and swept towards Tai Yue, Fan Hui, Jin Yuan, and Wan Yutian.

The attack that was strong enough to destroy the earth and shatter the heavens brought with it tremendous might.

In the distance, some of the disciples and ancestors from other superpowers who were unable to avoid the attack in time were swept up by a shockingly powerful hurricane and were torn to shreds.

Even Wang Liugong was caught by the air waves and he was sent flying backwards.

Blood welled up in his throat and he spat out copious amounts of blood.

He was seriously injured with a casual attack from the Divine Tree of Darkness!

The various experts present were overwhelmed with shock as their faces lost all the color.

Suddenly, Tai Yue looked up to the sky and let out a deafening roar and turned into a ten thousand meter giant.

Simultaneously, Fan Hui, Jin Yuan, and Wan Yutian all turned into massive giants as well.

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