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“The moment all of us take action, we will definitely succeed! Also, make sure to capture him alive!” Huang Peng instructed.

If they were to kill Huang Xiaolong by accident, it would definitely incur the wrath of Tai Yue and the three others.

It would be too late for them to regret if something like that happened.

“Yes patriarch, please rest assured.” All the ancestors in the Asura Gate gave their reassurance.

Huang Peng nodded and all forty four of them vanished before reappearing beside Huang Xiaolong.

As discussed earlier, once they appeared in front of Huang Xiaolong, they immediately attacked the Netherguard puppet captain beside him.

Even though the Netherguard puppet captain was in the late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm and was also from the Undead Race, they felt that he was nothing more than a joke when faced against the combined power of all of them.

Everyone who was spectating the battle swallowed a mouthful of saliva in shock when they saw Huang Peng and the rest changing their focus to Huang Xiaolong.

All of a sudden, flashes of light surrounded Huang Xiaolong and nine other figures appeared out of thin air.

Nine Netherguard puppets appeared and shot towards Huang Peng and the rest.

Ten powerful waves blasted through the world and collided with Huang Peng and his group.

An ear-shattering explosion resounded through the air.

Huang Peng and his group shot backwards at a faster speed than before and all of them slammed into the earth below.

Whatever they landed on shattered apart and massive craters in the ground appeared before Huang Xiaolongs eyes.

Everyone was startled at the sudden change as they retracted their gaze from the forty four giant pits created.

They turned to look at the people who had just appeared by Huang Xiaolongs side.

The nine figures gave them the exact same feeling as the first Netherguard puppet, and their appearance didnt differ in the slightest!

“Ten… ten members of the Undead Race!” Deng Feizhi stammered.

“Its … its ten late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm cultivators from the Undead Race!” Xu Junhuas pupils constricted and he felt as though the world was falling apart before his very eyes.

Ren Wokuang and Wang Mengqin opened their mouths in shock as they foolishly looked at the ten Undead Race Netherguard puppet captains.

Even the fierce battle that was ongoing between the four Great Commanders and the Divine Tree of Darkness paused for a moment when the ten Undead Race members appeared.

Four peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert subordinates were shocking enough.

Right now, ten late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm cultivators from the Undead Race had appeared beside Huang Xiaolong to protect him!

Everyone felt as though a bomb was set off in their minds.

They blanked out for a moment and even if someone were to ask them the sect they came from, they wouldnt be able to remember.

They had probably also forgotten their wifes identity and might even have forgotten who taught them how to cultivate.

However, Huang Xiaolong ignored all of them and stared at the forty four pits in the ground.

Huang Peng and the ancestors of the Asura Gate had actually joined hands to carry out a sneak attack on a Heavenly Monarch Realm junior like himself! One had to know that they were all Emperor Realm experts and one of them was even the patriarch of the Asura Gate!

Huang Peng and the others eventually flew out from the pits as they vomited mouthfuls of blood.

Under the combined strength of the ten Netherguard puppet captains, they werent any weaker than Tai Yue in his true form!

How could Huang Peng and the others be able to hold them back in their weakened state

After charging out from the pits they had created in the earth, Huang Peng and the ancestors couldnt be bothered to check up on their injuries as they stared at the ten Undead Netherguard puppets in shock.

Huang Xiaolong revealed a cold smile as he ordered the puppets to commence their attack.

In a flash, the ten puppets appeared before Huang Peng.

Before anyone could react, ten fists flew towards their faces.


One by one, Huang Peng and the others were smashed into the earth once again.

As if the fists had smashed into their own chests instead of the members of the Asura Gate, all the spectators reeled back in shock.

As the bodies of the ten Netherguard puppet captains blurred, they appeared beside Huang Xiaolong once again.

Before long, Huang Peng and the rest slowly flew out from their pits but their bodies were completely bloodied.

They looked to be in an extremely sorry state.

When Huang Xiaolong saw that they were still defiant, he raised his fingers again and signaled for the puppets to attack.

The figure of the ten Undead Netherguard puppet captains flashed, and a loud bang sounded through the air as Huang Pend and the others were sent back to their respective pits.

Everyone who watched Huang Xiaolongs ruthlessness, felt their heart trembling in fear.

This time, Huang Peng and the rest of them only flew out of the pit after a long period of time.

Huang Xiaolong didnt bother giving them time to rest as he pointed out once again.


Huang Peng and the rest of them were smashed into the pits once again.

Every time they emerged from the pit, Huang Xiaolong would order the ten Netherguard puppet captains to send them back.

The cycle repeated for six more times before they stopped climbing out of the pit.

The experts nearby looked at the scene quietly as fear gripped their hearts.

A loud explosion caught their attention and all of them spun their heads to look at the source of it.

The brilliant rays of light surrounding the Divine Tree of Darkness started to dim and the face on the body of the tree slowly started to disappear.

The branches of the tree slowly stopped, and they slowly lowered themselves onto the divine planes nearby.

As the source of spirit qi was exhausted when the spiritual veins ran dry, the tree spirit was no longer able to move.

It slowly returned to its dormant state as it remained standing tall in the middle of nowhere.

Everyone felt a complicated sensation welling up in their hearts when they noticed that the Asura Gates offensive had ended in complete failure.

After Tai Yue and the three others turned back into regular sized beings, they returned to Huang Xiaolongs side.


Huang Xiaolong nodded and smiled at the four of them.

When everything ended, Huang Peng crawled out from his pit as he vomited a huge mouthful of blood.

He stared at the Divine Tree of Darkness with a look of despair.

One of the Netherguard puppet captains shot out and dragged Jia Ding before Huang Xiaolong.

He was almost unrecognizable as his entire body was covered in blood.

A few of the Netherguard puppet captains also went over to grab Wei Hong and Deng Zhifei who were hiding in the crowd before dragging them over to Huang Xiaolong.

Huang Xiaolong turned around and said to Ren Wokuang, “Master, Ill let you decide what to do with these three people.”

Ren Wokuang was stunned for a moment before he quickly regained his senses.

“Senior, thank you very much.”

Even though it was quite funny to see Huang Xiaolong addressing Ren Wokuang as his master before hearing Ren Wokuang recognizing Huang Xiaolong as his senior, no one dared to let out so much as a fart.

Ren Wokuang looked at Wei Hong with eyes full of hatred as he punched out mercilessly.

As his fists connected with Wei Hongs chest, and sounds of bones shattering could be heard.

Wei Hong cried out miserably.

However, Huang Peng, Chu Yunnan, and the rest of the ancestors could only watch silently as none of them dared to ask for mercy on Wei Hongs behalf.

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