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Huang Xiaolong smiled, “If thats the case, then let us go and drink some wine together.”

Immediately, Jin Yuan led them to the Yin Yang Restaurant.

On their way there, Jin Yuan explained to Huang Xiaolong that the Yin Yang Restaurant was owned by an ancient race known as the Yin Yang Race.

Despite their influence, there were some super divine planes that didnt possess a Yin Yang Restaurant.

“How many restaurants are there in all of the three worlds of Hell” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Theres a total of one hundred thousand restaurants!” Jin Yuan answered.

“One hundred thousand! There are actually this many…” Huang Xiaolong was shocked in his heart.

Tai Yue smiled, “Master you might be unaware but even though the power of the Yin Yang Race is inferior to the Massacring Gods Gate and Misty Palace, the wealth they command isnt something the two superpowers can match even if they pooled all of their assets together.”

“All because of the Yin Yang Restaurant” Huang Xiaolong was startled.

“Yes, to be precise, its because of the Yin Yang wine.

In all the three worlds of Hell, they are the only race who possess the method to brew this wine.

Moreover, the profit they make from it is terribly high.

Despite me saying so, I dont think master has any idea about how expensive the wine is.” Tai Yue explained.

“Could each bottle be worth ten thousand spiritual stones” Huang Xiaolong guessed.

Tai Yue and the three Great Commanders laughed.

“Master, each bottle of the Yin Yang wine is worth ten low grade chaos spiritual stones.” Fan Hui smiled.

Ten low grade chaos spiritual stones!

Huang Xiaolong was shocked.

One bottle of wine actually costs ten low grade chaos spiritual stones This was simply beyond his imagination, because even a high grade chaos spiritual pill didnt sell for ten low grade chaos spiritual stones.

“The profit of this wine is more than tens of thousands of times the production cost!” Fan Hui continued explaining.

“Since the Yin Yang wine has such a shockingly high profit, then wouldnt the Massacring Gods Gate covet it” Huang Xiaolong asked.

“Of course the Massacring Gods Gate covet it.

However, the Yin Yang Race is no pushover, even though they arent ranked, their strength is similar to the Dark Roc Race.

Moreover, they also have many types of complicated relationships with the ancient races.” Wan Yutian answered.

Huang Xiaolong nodded his head.

They continued chatting while walking, and after forty minutes, they finally arrived at the Yin Yang Restaurant.

When they entered, they saw thousands of seats that were fully occupied on the first floor.

In the end, Huang Xiaolong had no choice but to go up to the second floor.

Since one would need a certain identity to enter the second floor, the number of people here were relatively fewer.

When they arrived at the second floor, Huang Xiaolong chose a seat near the window and sat down.

The seat he had chosen was pretty good as it had quite a wide view of the surrounding streets.

Moreover, they could see an artificial river in front of them that formed a beautiful scenery.

Once everyone sat down, Huang Xiaolong called the waiter over, “Serve us a thousand bottles of the Yin Yang wine, and on top of it, serve us some good dishes.”

“One thousand bottles!” The waiter thought he had heard wrongly as he looked at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

Huang Xiaolong took out a spatial ring and threw it to the waiter, “Here you go! As for the remaining spiritual stones inside that ring, you can treat it as your tip.”

The waiter looked inside the spatial ring and saw the mountains of low grade chaos spiritual stones.

“Thank you young master, please wait for a moment.” The waiter was pleasantly surprised and left after thanking Huang Xiaolong.

Many of the various experts sitting at the surrounding tables were shocked when they saw that Huang Xiaolong had ordered one thousand bottles of Yin Yang wine.

A few beautiful female disciples were seated next to Huang Xiaolongs table.

This was especially true for the female disciple sitting in the middle, exuding a holy aura around her.

“Young lady, do you think those bottles of wine are for us” One of the female disciples said to the female disciple sitting in the middle, “Moreover, dont you think its too much of a coincidence that they chose to sit right beside us”

These beautiful female disciples had experienced similar situations far too many times.

Often, for the sake of attracting their young ladys attention, many of the various races disciples would spend a large fortune of their money.

“Young lady, do you want us to chase them away” Another one of the female disciples asked.

“Theres no need.” The female disciple in the middle glanced at Huang Xiaolong and retracted her eyes.

Since these female disciples had not set up any restrictions, Huang Xiaolong, Tai Yue and the group could hear them clearly.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but smile bitterly when he heard this.

Tai Yue looked at the three others and smiled as well.

Huang Xiaolong raised his head and looked at the group of female disciples sitting opposite to him.

He had to admit that the female disciple sitting in the middle was extremely beautiful and was even comparable to Li Lu.

Moreover, she was also exuding a holy aura around her, which was unlike Li Lu.

Furthermore, she was also from the Darkness Elf Race and had a natural beauty that the human race did not have.

When the other female disciples saw Huang Xiaolong looking at their young lady blatantly, they were furious and their faces turned icy.

“Hey, if you continue staring at my young miss like that, believe me when I say that I will dig out your eyes!” One of the female disciples couldnt help but shout at Huang Xiaolong.

Tai Yue and the other three Great Commanders\' faces sank when they heard her.

Huang Xiaolong shook his head at the four of them and said with indifference, “Miss, arent you being too unreasonable I merely glanced at your young lady, but you want to dig my eyes out for that.

Could it be that your young lady is too ugly for others to see”

Too ugly

The female disciples were startled, especially the girl who was sitting in the middle.

This was the first time a guy had dared to call her ugly in her presence.

The female disciples faces turned furious and they stood up immediately.

“How dare you say that to our Young Lady!”

However, at this time, the waiter who had left earlier, returned.

The lady sitting in the middle shook her head towards the other female disciples before they sat back down with faces full of anger.

The waiter arrived and arranged the dishes neatly on Huang Xiaolongs table with an air of flattery and respect.

He then passed a spatial ring with a thousand bottles of Yin Yang wine to Huang Xiaolong before bowing and leaving.

Right after when the waiter left, a few people walked up to the second floor.

These people wore red silver robes with a giant wolf insignia embroidered on each of them.

This insignia was exactly the same as the one on the flying ship that Huang Xiaolong had seen earlier.

“Howling Moon Wolf Race.” Huang Xiaolong was startled as he hadnt anticipated running into the people from the Howling Moon Wolf Race here.

After the people from the Howling Moon Wolf Race came up, they went straight to the female disciples table.

The young man leading them smiled and said, “It turns out that Young Lady He Jingyi is here indeed, my subordinates reported this to me yet I couldnt believe it.”

The female disciple sitting in the middle frowned slightly and said, “Yi Qing, our Misty Palace and your Howling Moon arent close, so please call me Young Lady He.”

Misty Palace

Huang Xiaolong was surprised as he hadnt expected these female disciples to be from the Misty Palace.

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