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“Master, it looks like that girl should be the young palace master of the Misty Palace, He Jingyi.” Tai Yue informed Huang Xiaolong via sound transmission, “ He Jingyi is extremely talented and is also considered a supreme genius.

Together with the young sect master of the Massacring Gods Gate, Song Litao, and the Dark Roc Races young patriarch, Wu Dengbing, they are known as the three heroes of the Hell Asura World!”

“Three heroes of the Hell Asura World.” Huang Xiaolong noted in his heart and nodded his head inwardly.

To be able to be called the three heroes of the Hell Asura World… It seemed as though they werent ordinary geniuses.

There were hundreds of cultivators who possessed supreme godheads.

Even if ones talent was outstanding, it wouldnt be suitable for people to address them as the heroes of the Hell Asura World.

When the young man from the Howling Moon Wolf Race saw that He Jingyi was trying to draw a line between the two of them, his face stiffened.

However, a smile slowly formed on his face and he continued, “ Young Lady He Jingyi must be joking with me.

After all, our masters have been acquainted for several billions of years.

They went through harrowing experiences together and it could even be said that they toed the line of life and death alongside each other.

The Howling Moon Wolf Race and the Misty Palace can be considered to be a family at this point.”

At this moment, one of the female disciples from the Misty Palace rolled her eyes and said to Yi Qing with a sneer on her face, “Young Master Yi Qing, you might be unaware, but before you came, that guy over there looked lavisciously at our young lady.

When we asked him to stop, he even said that she had an ugly appearance.”

Several people from the Howling Moon Wolf Race turned to glare at Huang Xiaolong.

In fact, everyone sitting around them turned around to look at him.

There were even some who shook their heads in pity.

Yi Qing swept his gaze over Huang Xiaolongs table and he slowly looked at Huang Xiaolong.

He then said indifferently, “I will give you a chance for you and your subordinates to kneel in front of Young Lady He Jingyi and acknowledge your mistake.

If she forgives you, then I will let you off with a warning.”

Huang Xiaolong felt at a loss for words when he saw Yi Qingsrighteous behavior.

It was as though everyone in the Hell Asura World was his subordinate and had to listen to him without question.

It looks like I have somehow become a pervert this time around, with Yi Qing suddenly becoming a defender of justice...

Huang Xiaolong gestured for Tai Yue and the other three to remain calm before opening a bottle of Yin Yang Wine.

He completely ignored Yi Qing and he waited for the aroma of the liquor to fill the room before saying with a tone of indifference, “What if I dont”

Everyone was dumbfounded.

He Jingyi widened her eyes as she looked at Huang Xiaolong.

Previously, she was sure that Huang Xiaolong had teased her without knowing her identity.

Now, even after knowing Yi Qing and her identity, was he still unwilling to change his ways

“Is that brat someone from one of the small races! Has he not heard of the Misty Palace and the Howling Moon Wolf Race in his life” One of the experts whispered quietly.

“That should be the case.

Otherwise, he wouldnt dare to act so haughtily.” Another person next to him replied.

Even though the Misty Palace and Howling Moon Wolf Race had a frightening reputation in the three worlds of Hell, it was possible that some of the disciples from the smaller races were unaware of them.

Not everyone knew the great Misty Palace and the Howling Moon Wolf Race.

Yin Qing was also surprised and he stared at Huang Xiaolong in amazement as he didnt expect for someone to actually talk back to him.

“Young master, should we…” One of the disciples beside Yi Qing asked.

Yi Qing shook his head and warned, “I advise you to kneel in front of Young Lady He Jingyi and acknowledge your mistake now.

In this world, nobody has ever dared to disobey my orders.”

Huang Xiaolong smiled indifferently before replying, “That doesnt mean that nobody will disobey you in the future.

You better take your subordinates and leave right now.

If you ruin my mood, you wont have the chance to leave even if you want to.”

Without exception, everyone stopped whatever they were doing and they stared at Huang Xiaolong in shock.

What did this Asura noble just say! If the Yi Qing of the Howling Moon Wolf Race ruined his mood, they wouldnt be able to leave!

There were even people who spat out the drinks in their mouths.

Even He Jingyi was dumbfounded.

Yi Qings eyes flashed with a trace of coldness and he said to the expert from the Howling Moon Wolf Race beside him, “Make them kneel for me.”

“Yes, young master!” The expert replied respectfully and pressed down on Huang Xiaolong with his palms.

In an instant, everyone in the restaurant felt the tremors in space.

Many of the people around were surprised to find out that the expert was actually an Emperor Realm cultivator.

With the strength he was showcasing, he might already be in the Fourth Order Emperor Realm.

A terrifying pressure pressed down on Huang Xiaolong, Tai Yue, and their group from above.

Huang Xiaolong shook his hand and smiled when he saw the expert from the Howling Moon Wolf Race attacking Tai Yue and the three Great Commanders all at once.

Jin Yuan merely raised his head and sent a slap flying towards the expert from the Howling Moon Wolf Race.

The moment the attack connected, theexpert turned into a cannonball and shot through the walls of the restaurant.

He slammed heavily into the city walls of Nirvana City.


The expert from the Howling Moon Wolf Race was buried into the city walls of Nirvana City.

Even though there were countless array restrictions, they shattered in an instant and a terrifying crack formed as it spread continuously throughout the city wall.

On the second floor of the restaurant, the members of the Howling Moon Wolf Race, Misty Palace, and everyone present were dumbfounded.

Even the various experts on the streets outside the restaurant were stunned silly.

“Hes simply too weak, he cant even withstand a single blow from me.” Jin Yuan retracted his palm and it was as though he had slapped a mosquito to death without using the slightest bit of effort.

Not a single one of the spectators dared to spit the wine out of their mouth this time.

When everyone regained their senses, their expression was one of shock.

To be able to send a Fourth Order Emperor flying, how strong did the individual need to be! He was definitely a high-level Emperor Realm expert for sure! Even an Emperor at the Sixth-Order wouldnt be able to suppress him to the point of not fighting back.

What sort of background did this Asura noble have He actually has a high-level Emperor Realm expert acting as his subordinate!

Yi Qings face sank and he stared at Huang Xiaolong as his killing intent slowly vanished, “Who are you What is your background”

However, Huang Xiaolong ignored him completely and concentrated on the fragrance of the wine.

“This Yin Yang Wines fragrance is so enchanting, not bad, not bad.”

Yi Qings face turned unsightly as a trace of anger flashed past his eyes.

He then turned to He Jingyi and said, “Young Lady He Jingyi, I still have some matters to attend to for now.

I will pay a visit to the Misty Palace if I have the chance in the future.”

He did not have any true experts at his side and the strongest bodyguard he had was a Fourth Order Emperor Realm expert.

In the end, he decided to return and investigate Huang Xiaolongs background before taking any further actions.

His Howling Moon Wolf Race had never swallowed such a loss before and there was no way he would give up so easily!

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