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One hour later, Huang Xiaolong and his group appeared in front of the Heaven Dome Manor.

It was precisely the residence the Netherworld Kings Chamber of Commerce had arranged for Huang Xiaolong.

The Netherworld Kings was the largest Chamber of Commerce in Hell, and it possessed manors inside large cities on numerous super large divine planes.

Moreover, the Heaven Dome Manor was only one of the many residences they had in the Nirvana Plane.

Tai Yue took out a talisman, disabled the array restriction of the Heaven Dome Manor, and led Huang Xiaolong in.

From the outside, the Heaven Dome Manor looked extremely ordinary.

They would only be able to notice it after stepping past the entrance.

Stars twinkled on the walls and ceiling, giving them the feeling that they were walking around in the middle of space.

Countless dark star stones decorated the interior, and the multicolored crystals hung in mid air, forming a waterfall of sorts.

This sight warmed the cockles of ones heart.

“Not bad.” Huang Xiaolong nodded his head satisfactorily.

“Reward the disciple who arranged this with a hundred thousand of tenth-grade spirit stones.”

Even for an Emperor Realm expert, a hundred thousand tenth-grade spirit stones was a considerable sum.

“Yes, master.” Tai Yue then continued respectfully, “Master, do you want me to take care of those people outside who are spying on us”

Since they had left the Yin Yang Restaurant, hundreds of auras had followed them all the way back to the manor.

“Theres no need for anything extreme, just teach them a simple lesson.” Huang Xiaolong contemplated before giving the order.

Tai Yue and the others acknowledged, and Wan Yutian immediately turned around to push his palms outwards.

All the spies hiding around the residence were sent tumbling away as they coughed out a mouthful of blood.

All of them fell to the ground with a look of horror etched on their face.

“Consider this a little punishment, go back and tell your master that if he continues sending people to spy on us, it wont end with you coughing out a mouthful of blood.” Huang Xiaolongs icy voice echoed out of the manor.

None of them dared to reply as they fled in horror.

After returning, they reported everything Huang Xiaolong had said.

In the main hall of the Massacring Gods Gates branch in Nirvana City, Lu Tianyuan snorted, “This kid is being too arrogant! How dare he injure our men”

Song Litao waved his head and dismissed Lu Tianyuans concerns, “If he really is that Asura noble, he indeed has the qualifications to be arrogant.” He then paused for a second.

“Heaven Dome Manor Have you found out which power it belongs to”

“I ordered some men to investigate the matter, and they said that the Heaven Dome Manor was bought by a person called Yue Feiying millions of years ago.

However, Yue Feiying is only a First Order Emperor.

We werent able to find anything related to his background.” Lu Tianyuan shook his head and sighed, “Master, should we continue sending people to spy on them”

Song Litao shook his head, “Theres no need.

Go look up that person called Yue Feiying.”

“Alright, but his name might also be an alias...” Lu Tianyuan said.

Song Litao replied, “Then find out his true name.

If hes able to buy the Heaven Dome Manor, he wont be able to hide his identity from everyone.

Anyway, are there any movements from the Misty Palace, Howling Moon Wolf Race, or the Nirvana City city lord”

Lu Tianyuan shook his head, “An expert from the Howling Moon Wolf Race went to the city lords residence and demanded for the perpetrator to be arrested.”

Song Litao sneered, “The Howling Moon Wolf Race planned it out pretty well.

Theyre probably planning to wait for the Dark Roc Family to make a move first.

Why would Wu Shisi act so rashly”

“Oh right, young master, I heard that the young patriarch of the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe, Shi Yinyu, has arrived on the Nirvana Plane.

He is currently located in Nirvana City and Peng Zhengfei and Qin Huangzhong came together with him.

Heaven Sacrificial Citys young master, Zhai Chen, is also here.” Lu Tianyuan said.

Song Litaos eyes flickered continuously, “Are they all here However, I am the only one destined to reach the top of the Holy Mountain!”

Song Litao, He Jingyi, and Wu Deng were known as the three heroes of the Hell Asura World! They were the most talented geniuses in the younger generation! In the Spirit World Shi Yinyu and the mysterious Peng Zhengfei were known as the Twin Young Emperors!

As for the younger generation in the Ghost World, the most talented ones were Qin Huangzhong and Zhai Chen.

That night, the moonlight glowed brightly.

Huang Xiaolong sat in a room inside the Heaven Dome Manor and summoned his three avatars before taking out his high-grade grandmist spiritual pills to cultivate.

Since leaving the Asura Gates headquarters two years ago, he had cultivated day and night without taking so much as a break.

He had already depleted all the top-grade grandmist spiritual pills in the Black Dragon Cold Jade Bangle, and he had no choice but to cultivate with high-grade grandmist spiritual pills now.

He circulated the Grandmist Parasitic Medium, and immediately, the Heart of Hell in his chest began pulsating strongly.

A type of primitive power from hell started surging out from the void above him.

In between his eyebrows, lightning energy from the Chaos Black Tortoise and the Chaos Golden Dragon continued to spread and circulated throughout his entire body.

The Black Dragon Divine Armor appeared, and a terrifying dragon aura lingered in the air.

The night passed in a blink of an eye.

When Huang Xiaolong stopped his cultivation, the sun was already hanging above the horizon.

Huang Xiaolong stood up and loosened his muscles, stretching his stiff body in the process.

Even though he hadnt surpassed the Third Order Heavenly Monarch Realm in these two years, his strength had increased a whole lot compared to the time he left the Asura Gate.

“With the help of the Heart of Hell and the lightning pool, my cultivation speed has indeed increased significantly.” Huang Xiaolong said in delight as he came out of his room.

With the Heart of Hell and the Chaos Lightning Pool, he would only need ten more years before reaching the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

However, theres only thirty years before the Battle of the Heavenly Court… It might be impossible for me to break through to the Fourth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm before that… Hopefully I manage to find a treasure in the Holy Mountain...

When he arrived at the main hall, Tai Yue and the three others were already waiting for him.

After greeting him, they reported the names of the geniuses that had come for the Holy Mountain.

Huang Xiaolongs eyes flickered when he heard that Shi Yinyu and Peng Zhengfei were spotted with each other.

“Oh right, master, the experts of the Black Ant Clan and Devil Bone Clan have also arrived in Nirvana City.

There are a few Emperor Realm ancestors.

They seem to be clinging on to the Massacring Gods Gate as well.

Its very likely that they have already decided to join the Massacring Gods Gate...” Jin Yuan reported.

Their so-called alliance was nothing more than them being the Massacring Gods Gates dog!

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