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Two months passed…

An Asura noble who was riding on an ordinary-looking Hell Beast emerged above the air of the Black Ant Clan headquarters.

The Asura noble was none other than Huang Xiaolong, and the Hell Beast he was riding on was obviously the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin.

To not attract too much attention to himself, Huang Xiaolong had asked the qilin to transform into an ordinary Dark Lion.

After he got his bearings, Huang Xiaolong rode on the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin as he charged towards the north of the Black Ant Plane.

The Black Ant Clan headquarters was located on the Heaven Resentment Continent on the northern part of the plane surface.

Due to the Black Ant Planes sheer size, the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin had to fly for two whole days before arriving at the Heaven Resentment Continent.

According to Huang Xiaolongs understanding, even though the plane was named after the Black Ant Clan, they didnt control the entire plane.

Other than the Black Ant Clan, there were two other superpowers close to them in strength.

One was the Spirit Destruction Sect, and the other was the Wavering Light School.

All in all, there were three superpowers in control of the Black Ant Plane.

A day passed…

Huang Xiaolong appeared in the space above a primitive jungle somewhere on the plane surface.

“This should be the Demon Bewitching Forest.” Huang Xiaolong thought to himself.

The Demon Bewitching Forest was the largest primitive forest in the Black Ant Plane, and it had been in existence for longer than any of the superpowers located on it.

After passing through the Demon Bewitching Forest, one would see the Plains of Bones.

After crossing that, one would arrive at the Heaven Resentment Continent, where the Black Ant Clan headquarters was located.

Huang Xiaolong looked at the darkening sky and decided to take a break in the Demon Bewitching Forest for a night before leaving.

After flying for another hour, the sky turned completely dark.

“Hao Ren, lets just take a break here for the night.

Well continue our journey tomorrow.” Huang Xiaolong pointed towards a random spot below them and said.

“Yes, Your Majesty.” The Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin responded and brought Huang Xiaolong down towards the ground.

As they approached the forest, a concealed mountain valley appeared before their eyes.

Even though it wasnt too massive, Huang Xiaolong was shocked by the sheer density of spirit qi rolling about in the valley.

There were spiritual herbs that had grown for many years, and they were considered priceless objects, even in the face of the disciples from the superpowers.

After walking around the mountain valley, Huang Xiaolong arrived at a small lake in the valleys heart.

The lake was calm and incredibly mesmerizing.

After walking around the lake, Huang Xiaolong sat down beside it.

As the smoke from a bonfire rose into the sky, Huang Xiaolong ordered the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin to hunt down a Hell Beast.

After it brought back its catch, both of them sat side by side as they enjoyed some wine as they feasted on the roasted meat.

Looking at the lakes calm surface before him, Huang Xiaolong managed to calm his thoughts fully.

He couldnt help but think about Shi Xiaofei and the Huang Family members in the lower world.

In the blink of an eye, he had already ascended for several hundred years.

Even though it had merely been several hundred years, Huang Xiaolong felt like it had been forever.

At that moment, his longing for Shi Xiaofei and his family members reached the peak.

“After the Battle of the Heavenly Court, I have to find the ancient formation that can send me back to the lower world.

I have to look for the organizer of that competition from the past!” Huang Xiaolong declared in his heart.

Just as he was thinking about his family in the lower realm, sounds of battle entered his ears.

In the Demon Bewitching Forest, lived a Hell Beast called the Demon Bewitcher.

Moreover, the forest was home to many rare spiritual herbs.

The superpowers on the Black Ant Plane often sent their disciples to temper themselves in the Demon Bewitching Forest.

Huang Xiaolong felt that it wasnt odd for there to be sounds of fighting coming from the forest.

Feeling the shockwave from the battle, Huang Xiaolong could tell that whoever was fighting wasnt too strong.

The strongest out of them was probably a late-Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert, and the weakest of them all was in the late stages of the God King Realm.

Both sides seemed to have brought along their fair share of men, and there were a total of one to two hundred people taking part in the battle.

Crushing sounds echoed through the sky all of a sudden.

Huang Xiaolong decided to eavesdrop and listen to their conversation.

“Tan Zhiming, hand over the Seed of Enlightenment.

Otherwise, I, Wu Yixi, shall no longer show mercy!”

“B*ll**! I discovered the Seed of Enlightenment! Why should I hand it over to you Wu Yixi, other people might be afraid of your Black Ant Clan, but my Spirit Destruction Sect wont bow down to you!”

In the next instant, sounds of battle resounded in the air.

The Seed of Enlightenment!

Huang Xiaolong felt a little surprised, and he even displayed an expression of shock.

Wasnt the Seed of Enlightenment a treasure of the Buddhist World Why did it appear in the Demon Bewitching Forest

It was said that as long as the seed was planted in spirit soil, it would germinate into a Divine Bodhi Tree after being watered by spirit water for a long time.

The Divine Bodhi Tree was something that couldnt be found even if one tried their hardest! It was something that could only be chanced upon! From what everyone knew, there was only a single Divine Bodhi Tree in the Buddhist World.

It was like the Divine Tree of Darkness in the Hell Asura World…

Huang Xiaolong stood up.

If it really was the Seed of Enlightenment, Huang Xiaolong had chanced upon a massive treasure!

Even though it was challenging to make the seed germinate as one had to look for the extremely scarce spirit soil and spirit water, it would be a priceless treasure as long as it sprouted.

Legends had it that cultivating under a Divine Bodhi Tree would yield incredible benefits.

Just this one benefit was enough to cause a bloodbath.

The sounds of battle slowly approached the hidden mountain valley, near Huang Xiaolongs location.

Getting on the Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin, Huang Xiaolong said, “Hao Ren, lets go and take a look.”

The Scarlet Flame Dark Qilin acknowledged and appeared at the entrance of the valley with a single leap.

Huang Xiaolong managed to catch a glimpse of the battle from afar.

One of the parties had some sort of black colored diagram tattooed on their forehead.

Their limbs were shorter than usual, and there was an insignia of a black ant on their robes.

They were definitely the disciples of the Black Ant Clan.

As for the other side, their hair was disheveled, and the aura that surrounded them was going berserk.

There was an ancientspirit word embroidered on their robes, and they were definitely from the Spirit Destruction Sect.

They were surprised to see someone appearing from the mountain valley, and as soon as they saw Huang Xiaolong, their bodies froze.

They took a step back and looked at him.

In an instant, several hundred eyeballs spun, and their gaze landed on Huang Xiaolong.

“Mid-Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch” One of the Black Ant Clan elders, who only had one eye, glared at Huang Xiaolong coldly.

He then turned to look at one of the buff middle-aged men from the Spirit Destruction Sect.

“Tan Zhiming, this brat probably heard what we said…”

Tan Zhiming chuckled coldly, “Hes just a Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch.

He wont be able to run from us anyway.

Wu Yixi, why dont we settle the matter of the Seed of Enlightenment first Ill give you five hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones, and youll call it even.

How about that”

Five hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones… It was an astronomical amount even for an elder of a mega superpower.

When Wu Yixi heard what he said, he mocked, “Do you think Im a beggar How about I give you five hundred thousand low-grade chaos spirit stones, and you give me the seed”

Even though the price wasnt too low, it wasnt even worth bringing up in the face of a Seed of Enlightenment.

Even if one went crazy and auctioned off the seed, they would obtain several thousand times more chaos spirit stones.

Huang Xiaolong couldnt help but laugh when he saw that they were disregarding him.

He was stunned that they were ignoring his presence when he was literally standing before them as the Nether King.

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