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“Yes, Young Lord.” The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Ancestor smiled as he went on, “Seven months ago, Duwei appeared at the Death Tomb City.” His voice turned icy speaking of this, “At that time, Gao Ning was sieging the Death Tomb Citys Netherworld Kings Organisation Branch.

No one had expected that punk would suddenly appear at Death Tomb City.”

“What happened then” Shi Yinyus face darkened, urging the Ancestor anxiously.

The Ancestors hesitated.

They were aware that Gao Ning had a close relationship with the Young Lord.

Gao Ning had mainly guided Their Young Lords cultivation.

Although their Young Lord had never worshipped Gao Ning as his master, their relationship was no different than that of a master and disciple.

“Speak!” Shi Yinyu barked at their slow response.

“Brother Gao Ning… was killed by that punk.” The Ancestor lowered his head, sighing heavily in reply.

“On top of that, Brother Gao Nings corpse was hung above the Death Tomb City gates!”

Hearing that, Shi Yinyus eyes turned scarlet like blood.

He roared with anguish towards the sky, as cold and violent killing intent surged around his body.

“Duwei, you bast*rd, Im going to kill you, kill you bast*rd!”

“Im going to kill that bast*rd motherf*cker!”

Shi Yinyus roars continued to echo in the mountain range, and he punched madly with fists at the things around him.

The manic look in his eyes sent cold shivers down the Ancestors hearts.

Shi Yinyu finally stopped after a long time.

He was panting heavily, but the redness in his eyes did not diminish at all.

Green veins on his neck, bulged to the surface.

None of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Ancestors dared to utter a sound.

“Why didnt you all say this earlier Why didnt any of you tell me” Shi Yinyu glared fiercely at the Ancestors.

The Ancestors exchanged silent glances among themselves.

One of them stepped up and said, “Young Lord, it was a critical time during your recovery.

Thus the Patriarch had ordered us not to tell you about this matter before your full recovery.”

“Where is that bast*rd Duwei right now” Shi Yinyu strongly suppressed the boiling fury in his heart and demanded.

The hatred and resentment in his eyes were stronger than ever.

“He left the Death Tomb City as early as half a year ago.

We havent yet located him, but when he left Death Tomb City, he was heading towards the west side.” The Ancestor replied.

“West.” Shi Yinyus eyes narrowed as he said, “It doesnt matter where he is right now, but he absolutely must not be allowed to leave Spirits World.”

“Rest assured, Young Lord, weve layout arrays around the Spirit Corpse Boundary River and Ghost Tomb.

He wont be able to flee from our hands this time.

Whenever he dares to appear at the Spirit Corpse Boundary River or Ghost Cemetery, our Old Ancestor would personally take action to capture and kill him.” The same Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Ancestor explained.

Duwei coming to the Spirits World, was like he was literally seeking death.

This was the best opportunity for them to kill Duwei.

Naturally, the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribe would not miss this god-given opportunity.

One must cross the Spirit Corpse Boundary River to reach the Spirits World from Asura World, while the Ghost Cemetery was the boundary between Spirits World and Ghost World.

Both of these places were now heavily guarded by the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes army and numerous layers of ancient formations.

Theres no escape for Duwei when the time comes!

“Good, this time, well catch him in one fell swoop!” Shi Yinyu laughed crazily, hearing that.

“If the Old Ancestor takes action, that Duweis death is certain.

But its a pity to let him die so easily.”

The Ancestor laughed as he said, “Dont worry, Young Lord.

Our Old Ancestor said that hed hang that punks corpse on the gates of our Nine Yin Giant Corpses headquarters and invite various forces experts to appreciate it.

After that, well refine him into a ferocious corpse puppet, making him obey every order.

At that time, he will have no choice but to obey Young Lords orders.”

Shi Yinyus eyes lit up as he exclaimed with anticipation, “Did the Old Ancestor say so Good! Very good!”

“But from the news that weve received, when that punk left the Death Tomb City, he was already a late-Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch.” The Ancestor added.

“WHAT!” Shi Yinyus face sank.

Late-Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm!

When they were still at the Nethersea, Duwei was still a mid-Fifth Order Heavenly Monarch.

“How, how come so fast!” Shi Yinyu blurted out.

“We were surprised too.

We think it might be related to the thirty-six holy fruits he received.” The Ancestor stated solemnly.

Shi Yinyus face darkened as the words came out of him through gritted teeth, “Even I would take more than a decade to absorb one holy fruit, do you think that punk could have refined thirty-six holy fruits in a dozen years”

He wont believe it, no matter what.

The Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Ancestors felt speechless.

In all honesty, none of them believed that Duwei had refined all thirty-six holy fruits in a dozen years… but they could not think of any other logical explanation for Duweis rapid cultivation speed.

“Regardless of the reason why his cultivation rose so fast to late-Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm, what you all need to do now is to dig out where that punk is as soon as possible!” Shi Yinyu ordered with a twisted expression, “I dont care what method is used, force him out, quickly!”

“Young Lord, please rest assured, we have already arranged all our manpower to search every corner of Spirits World, and every late-Sixth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm expert.

On top of that, we are secretly watching all Netherworld Kings Organisations branches in Spirits World.

As soon as that punk appears at any Netherworld Kings Organisations branch, we will get altered right away!”


Roughly two weeks later.

Huang Xiaolong entered the Nine Yin Mountain Range on the Thunder Bone Tiger.

Two weeks ago, Huang Xiaolong had brought Fang Mingyu out of the Nightless City, safely.

Then, he had summoned the Gates of Hell and sent Fang Mingyu back to the Divine World.

Before sending Fang Mingyu through the Gates of Hell, Huang Xiaolong had given him many high-grade and above grandmist spiritual pills.

At that time, Huang Xiaolong had also given Fang Xuanxuans jade to Fang Mingyu so that he could take it back to the Divine World.

After Huang Xiaolong had dealt with Fang Mingyus matters, he had rushed to the Nine Yin Mountain Range.

Looking at the Nine Yin Mountain Range before him, Huang Xiaolong gathered his wandering thoughts and flew towards its center.

Being the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes headquarters, the Nine Yin Mountain Range was massive, and it spanned across two mainlands! It had numerous peaks, and the buildings and palaces built here surpassed a hundred million.

Some had even built a city on some of these peaks.

Within the cities and palaces on the Nine Yin Mountain Range were the tribes disciples.

Occasionally, one could see Elders and even Grand Elders flying over.

Patrol teams flew by like clockwork, indicating disciplined and strong defenses.

Whether it was at the foot of a mountain peak, around a city, or even a large palace, Huang Xiaolong sensed restriction arrays everywhere.

There were probably several hundred thousand grand formation arrays laid out in the Nine Yin Mountain Range, and each grand formation array had the power to destroy an entire plane surface.

As a Grand Elder, Huang Xiaolong held a high status within the tribe.

No-one stopped to question him along the way.

Between traveling and resting, Huang Xiaolong arrived at a peak that resembled a giant wolf after three days.

This was the Giant Wolf Peak.

As one of the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Grand Elders, Luo Haoming was allocated his own peak and a cultivation palace.

Luo Haomings cultivation palace was located on this Giant Wolf Peak.

Heavy layers of protection guarded the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes treasury.

Forcefully breaking in was definitely a no-go.

Now, Huang Xiaolongs only option was to find the method of opening the treasury and then find a way inside.

Then again, even after entering the treasury, the grandmist aura would be heavily guarded.

As soon as he touched the grandmist aura, it would alert the Old Ancestor Shi Ming.

Therefore, even if he got the secret method to enter the treasury, he still had to wait for the opportune time—wait for the Nine Yin Giant Corpse Tribes Old Ancestor Shi Ming to leave the headquarters.

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