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In fact, not only the Fiend God Emperors Disciple had that feeling, but other Emperor Palaces disciples also felt the same way.

Their faces paled, and their knees went weak.

Before the preliminary round had started, the Fiend God Emperor Palace had issued a lucrative bounty of five million low-grade chaos spirit stones for anyone who killed Huang Xiaolong.

Many of them had been tempted.

The majority had fantasized themselves killing Huang Xiaolong.

Not only could they collect the five million low-grade chaos spirit stones, but they could also obtain the supreme treasures on Huang Xiaolong.

Hence, during the preliminary round, various disciples had searched high and low for Huang Xiaolong inside the Heavenly Court Secret region.

Now, these Emperor Palaces disciples stood petrified.

Had they found Huang Xiaolong inside the Heavenly Court Secret Region, then…!

The purple flames on Huang Xiaolongs palm grew larger, and everyone heard cracking noises from Lan Tailongs two supreme godheads.

All eyes turned towards the two supreme godheads in the air, and they saw fine spiderweb-cracks on their surface.

A moment later, the two supreme godheads broke into many pieces.

This scene shocked the crowd further.

Lan Tailongs two supreme godheads were infinitely close to king of supreme godheads.

In general, there was almost nothing that could destroy this rank of the supreme godhead.

Even if a top-grade grandmist spiritual artifact was slashed on it a million times, there wouldnt be a crack on the supreme godhead.

Yet, they had actually crumbled into pieces under Huang Xiaolongs purple flames in a few short moments!

Even the Heavenly Prince Di Jing looked solemn.

What kind of flame is that!

Heavenly Emperor Di Jun felt like Huang Xiaolongs purple flames looked familiar, but he couldnt be sure.

“Huang Xiaolong, Im going to kill you!” Chen Wenqian roared from afar.

His voice was hoarse with anger, after watching Lan Tailongs two supreme godheads shatter.

Even after a cultivators soul was destroyed, if his godhead remained intact, there was the slimmest chance of resurrecting.

But now, even Lan Tailongs supreme godheads had shattered.

That was real death, without even a fraction of a millionth chance of resurrection!

When Chen Wenqian barely got up from the ground, he violently coughed up blood.

The odd beasts two claw strikes from earlier had injured Chen Wenqian greatly, and he couldnt even stand steadily.

Huang Xiaolong watched without any expression.

Then he turned to the referee, who was on the edge of the battle stage, and said, “The battle has ended, right”

Coincidentally, the referee was the same general who had kicked Huang Xiaolongs group out of Manor 61.

His name was Zhou Han.

Huang Xiaolongs question jarred Zhou Han back to reality.

When he saw the look in Huang Xiaolongs eyes, it sent a chill to his soul as he hastened to announce, “Battle stage six, Fortune Emperor Palaces Huang Xiaolong wins!”

At this point, no matter how he tried, his voice did not sound as calm as he had wanted to, and it was quivering like the strings of a zither.

However, after Zhou Hans announcement, there was no thunderous applause from the crowd; there were no cheers or triumphant shouts.

The world was silent as the various Emperor Palaces disciples looked at Huang Xiaolong with fear, still immersed in the scene of Huang Xiaolong killing Lan Tailong.

Huang Xiaolong leisurely walked off the stage.

“Excellent!” While the world was enveloped in solemn silence, Bei Xiaomei shouted at the top of her lungs.

Huang Xiaolong glanced in her direction and saw Bei Xiaomei clapping her hands with a bright smile on her face.

Under the sunlight, her fair, slender arms were a pretty sight.

This girl! A smile finally spread over Huang Xiaolongs face.

“Very good!” Zhao Lei joined in with his sonorous laughter.

A second later, thunderous cheers erupted from the Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples, reverberating through the plaza.

Every disciple of the Fortune Emperor Palace wore an expression of smug pride and glory on their faces.

During the preliminary round, the Fortune Emperor Palaces disciples were hunted by the disciples from the Brightness Emperor Palace and Fiend God Emperor Palace.

They had to turn tail and run every time they came across other Emperor Palaces disciples, but now, the fury and depression they had been suppressing erupted at this moment.

The waves of cheers and laughter from the Fortune Emperor Palaces group grew increasingly louder.

These cheers and laughter sounded harsh in the Brightness Emperor Palaces disciples ears.

Chen Wenqian and Chen Wenxin, who were being helped up by several Brightness Emperor Palaces disciples, looked uglier than ever.

Chen Wenqians hateful gaze was fixed on Huang Xiaolong, who was stepping down from the stage.

His gaze was nothing less than wanting to swallow Huang Xiaolong alive.

Huang Xiaolong returned to zone sixty-one.

He sensed Chen Wenqians strong killing intent, but he remained unbothered.

“What divine fire is that purple flame Its so terrifying that it was capable of incinerating Lan Tailongs supreme godheads!” Yan Tianchen, by Di Juns side, spoke in a hushed whisper, still in shock.

“Even the Desolate Eras divine fires are not this frightening!” Xiao Yi, too, was genuinely astonished.

Heavenly Emperor Di Juns eyes glimmered, seemingly pondering about something.

“Jinger,” he suddenly called.

Heavenly Prince Di Jing was surprised but responded promptly, “I am here, Imperial Father.”

“Do you still have the confidence to defeat Huang Xiaolong” Di Juns voice was low and severe.

Initially, he had absolute confidence in his son Di Jings strength, but now, his confidence was slightly shaken after witnessing Huang Xiaolong kill Lan Tailong on the battle stage.

Lan Tailongs cultivation was at the peak late-Seventh Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

He also possessed two supreme godheads, and had reached major completion in the Brightness Divine Saint Manual, condensing ten radiance wings.

Moreover, he had even gotten the Brightness Founders inheritance and divine soul will, but he was easily killed by Huang Xiaolong!

In fact, Lan Tailong was severely injured by Huang Xiaolong with one punch! The second punch had exploded him! The third move had destroyed Lan Tailongs soul! And the fourth move had crushed his two supreme godheads!

These had more than proven Huang Xiaolongs startling strength, no, his terrifying strength!

The Heavenly Prince Di Jing looked at the Heavenly Emperor Di Jun and smiled suddenly—a bright, sunny, and even adorable smile as he stressed to Di Jun, “Rest assured, Imperial Father.

If Huang Xiaolong encounters me, hes bound to die!”

The Heavenly Prince Di Jing exuded a resilient and confident aura, and his confidence stemmed from his own strength.

Di Jun was surprised for a second but then nodded his head smilingly, “Thats good, thats good.

When the time comes, Huang Xiaolong must not be allowed to leave the battle stage alive!”

Huang Xiaolongs talent was too monstrous.

In less than a thousand years of cultivation, he had reached such terrifying heights.

Di Jun really couldnt imagine Huang Xiaolongs growth if he continued to cultivate further.

He felt a strong sense of unease and disgust whenever he thought of Huang Xiaolong.

Logically speaking, since he had never met Huang Xiaolong before this, these feelings of unease and disgust should not have existed, but they did.

These feelings were strong and intense, as if the two of them were archenemies.

“Please rest assured, Imperial Father.” Heavenly Prince Di Jing nodded lightly.

Similar to Huang Xiaolong, Heavenly Prince Di Jing, Fiend God Emperors Disciple Feng Chan, and the others finished their first matches.

Other battle stages matches also came to an end.

The sight of Huang Xiaolong killing Lan Tailong had long extinguished the crowds desire to watch the battles on other stages.

Soon, the drawings for the second round of matches for the top one hundred rankings lots started.

The Fiend God Emperors Disciple Feng Chan and the others were trembling when they went up to draw their numbers with Huang Xiaolong.

A while later, the number Huang Xiaolong had drawn came out.

It was number eight.

The Fiend God Emperors Disciple Feng Chan flipped over the number in his hands, and the instant he saw the number in his hand, his heart nearly jumped out from his chest.

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