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All eyes in the crowd were on the number Fiend God Emperors Disciple Feng Chan had drawn, especially the Fiend God Emperor Palaces group.

They were tightly clenching their hands in tension.

Number nine!

When they saw that the number in Feng Chans hand was nine and not eight, everyone in the Fiend God Emperor Palaces group heaved in relief.

Buddhas blessing, ah!

Even Feng Chan had thought that his heart was going to stop beating a moment ago.

There was cold sweat all over his palms, but fortunately, it was not number eight!

A feeling of surviving a catastrophe washed over Feng Chan.

Although he had not used any of his trump cards inside the Heavenly Court Secret Region, it was apparent at this point that even if he used his trump cards, he was not stronger than Lan Tailong.

Since Huang Xiaolong had Killed Lan Tailong in two punches, in Feng Chans opinion, Huang Xiaolongs two punches could send him to hell as well.

Right at this time, the crowd and all the participants were in a furor.

Feng Chan turned to look with an uneasy feeling and saw Li Junhua standing among the Grandmist Emperor Palaces group holding the number eight, not far from him.

The person who had drawn the same number as Huang Xiaolong was none other than the Grandmist Emperor Palaces Li Junhua.

The moment Li Junhua drew the lot, flipped it over and saw the number, his expression changed for the worse immediately.

His hands were trembling as he held the token number in his hand.

If this were before the first match of the top one hundred rankings, Li Junhua would have felt confident in defeating Huang Xiaolong, despite Huang Xiaolong taking first place in the preliminary round.

But now, after witnessing Huang Xiaolong kill Lan Tailong, even if he were given a thousand times more confidence, Li Junhua still wouldnt dare to think he could defeat Huang Xiaolong.

During the preliminary round, participants would, more or less, have kept their trump cards, and so did Li Junhua.

But even if he were to throw out all his trump cards now, he would have lost against Lan Tailong, who had two supreme godheads.

With the number eight token in his hand, Li Junhua returned to zone one, walking as if he had lost his soul.

After seeing his demeanor, Han Qing snapped at him angrily, “In this times Battle of the Heavenly court, you are our Grandmist Emperor Palaces strongest and most talented disciple.

You represent our Grandmist Emperor Palace.

What are you so afraid of Are you afraid of that lousy Huang Xiaolong! Dont tell me Huang Xiaolong would have the guts to kill you”

Li Junhuas head hung over his chest and did not respond to Han Qing.

“Even though Huang Xiaolong killed Lan Tailong, that doesnt mean he wont die.

It doesnt mean no one could not kill Huang Xiaolong.” Han Qing added with a cold sneer.

Li Junhua was stunned, failing to register the meaning of Han Qings words.

In the meantime, Han Qing took something out.

The thing in her hand was round in shape, like marble, the size of half an adults fist.

Its surface was densely covered in black-colored runes.

There was nothing special about it other than that.

But when the Grandmist Emperor Palace\'s Ancestor Zhang Renjie saw this item, his face paled and he blurted out anxiously, Han Qing, you are planning to give this item to Junhua!

Other Grandmist Emperor Palace\'s Ancestors might not know how terrifying this item was, but Zhang Renjie knew.

This bead was found by him and Han Qing during one of their trips to the Devil Abyss.

Neither of them knew what this bead was exactly.

However, they had used this kind of bead in the past.

Hence, he knew the power of this bead.

This bead contained a frightening chaos lightning energy that resembled a vast reservoir of chaos lightning pool.

Once the runes on the beads surface were activated, the bead would explode.

The magnitude of the explosion wouldnt be different from a reservoir of chaos lightning pool exploding, destroying everything in its range.

Forget Huang Xiaolong; even a Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert, would be bombed until nothing was left.

Han Qing scoffed, “It is worth it if Huang Xiaolong can die due to this item.

I have been reluctant to use this bead all this while.”

Zhang Renjie yelled anxiously, “No!”

Han Qing harrumphed icily and spoke strongly, “Zhang Renjie, dont forget your identity.

You are a Grandmist Emperor Palaces Ancestor, and you should think and act for the benefit of the Grandmist Emperor Palace.

If youre not helping Li Junhua, then are you planning to help Huang Xiaolong instead”

For a second, Zhang Renjie couldnt think of any words to refute her.

Han Qing stuffed the bead into Li Junhuas hand, then imprinted the method of activating the beads runes straight into Li Junhuas mind.

“Remember, the moment you go up to the battle stage, no need to wait for the battle to begin.

Immediately use the method I have taught you to activate the runes and kill Huang Xiaolong!” Han Qing stressed icily, “Do you understand”

Li Junhua was dumbfounded, and he repeatedly muttered, “This, this…!”

Han Qing added, “As for the Heavenly Courts battle stage rules, ignore it.

So what if you violated the rules Youre Grandmist Emperor Palaces disciple.

How will Di Jun dare to penalize you Moreover, I believe he wishes for Huang Xiaolong to die.

You can help him kill Huang Xiaolong, and he might even shout with joy inwardly.”


Still!” Li Junhua looked dazedly at the bead in his palm.

Although he didnt know anything about this bead, judging from Ancestor Han Qings tone, she looked absolutely certain that it would kill Huang Xiaolong.


The Grandmist Emperor Palaces grudge with Huang Xiaolong had not reached this degree.

Furthermore, Huang Xiaolong had met with their Grandmist Emperor.

Despite the vague relationship between Huang Xiaolong and Grandmist Emperor, still…!

Li Junhua struggled inwardly, and his determination swayed indecisively.

“This is an order!” Han Qing snapped, “You just need to execute it, you dont need to bother with other things!”

Sensing the intimidating pressure from Han Qings body, Li Junhua lowered his head and replied solemnly, “Yes.”

“The competing disciples please come up to the stage.” At this time, the referee on battle stage eight yelled.

His gaze shifted to Li Junhua and Huang Xiaolong.

Li Junhua took a difficult deep breath then stepped up onto battle stage eight.

On the stage, Li Junhua gripped his fingers tightly around the bead.

In fact, he was still hesitating.

“Damn!” Han Qing cursed under her breath, seeing Li Junhua had defied her order, delaying the beads activation.

She had named the unknown bead as the Massacre Emperor Bead, as it could kill any order of Emperor Realm experts in one strike.

“The battle begins!” The referees on all the battle stages shouted.

Han Qings heart sunk to the bottom of the abyss.

Li Junhua had missed the best opportunity to kill Huang Xiaolong the moment the battle began!

“I admit defeat!” Just as the referees voice fell, Li Junhua looked up and threw in the towel.

The crowd was dumbfounded.

Even though dumbfounded, they could understand Li Junhuas decision.

Even if the person standing on battle stage eight right now was the Fiend God Emperors Disciple Feng Chan, he would have likely thrown in the towel as well.

Han Qing was already white with anger, seeing Li Junhua had admitted defeat.

Her icy cold glare was fixed on Li Junhua as he stepped down from the battle stage.

Anyone could tell from the cold gleam in her eyes that she wanted to kill someone.

“You have the guts to defy my order! When we return, I will have you punished according to the Emperor Palaces rules!” Han Qings voice was low, hoarse, and filled with malice.

“Im sorry, Ancestor Han Qing.” Liu Junhua returned the bead to Han Qing and did not dare to look in her eyes.

“Battle stage eight, the Fortune Emperor Palaces Huang Xiaolong wins!” The referee on battle stage eight announced.

Han Qing raised her head, looking coldly at Huang Xiaolongs figure on battle stage eight.

There was still a free round of matches, and Huang Xiaolong would come across more Grandmist Emperor Palaces disciples as opponents.

She believed that the next disciple would follow her order.

She still has opportunities.

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