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Chapter 1796: That Was Just Warmup

“Three… Three king of supreme godheads!” Di Jings face lost all color, and he went hysterical.

“This… How… How is this possible! How can this happen!”

Three king of supreme godheads.

A single cultivator with three king of supreme godheads had made his appearance for the first time.

Di Jing had the number one godhead in all the lands, and no one had managed to surpass his achievement as the number one genius! However, Huang Xiaolongs appearance with three king of supreme godheads was enough to suppress him.

No, Huang Xiaolongs appearance smashed histalent as he knew it into the ground and more.

“Its impossible! I represent Heavens Dao, and everything in the world will grovel under my feet! This cannot happen!!!” Heavenly Prince Di Jings facial muscle spasmed, and he screamed incoherently.

It was indeed difficult for him to accept the fact that someone had surpassed him.

In his entirety of existence, he had always been hailed as the number one talent.

No one had surpassed him in terms of cultivation talent—not in the past, and would never in the future.

He felt that he was chosen by Heaven, and everyone would worship him like the god he was.

Right now, Huang Xiaolongs appearance with three king of supreme godheads broke his fantasy.

No one could deny the fact that in terms of talent, he had already lost to the person standing opposite him!

When Di Jing was crying out in indignation, Zhao Lei, Fang Xuanxuan, Bei Xiaomei, and the others were staring at Huang Xiaolong with their mouths agape.

“Uncle… Uncle is too good!” Bei Xiaomei managed to force the words out of her mouth after a long time.

Elder Fu nearly fell face-first into the ground.

Bei Xiaomeis words were a little ambiguous, werent they

“Huang Xiaolong, so what if you have three king of supreme godheads Today, youll die regardless of what happens!” Di Jing roared in a low voice and commenced his attack.

“Phantom of Ten Thousand Emperors! Behead!”

Along with the crushing amount of godforce coming from Di Jings body, the phantoms around his body started to move.

While the phantoms radiated light, covering a thousand miles, they raised their arms, and horrifying pressure filled the plaza.

They slammed downwards at a shocking speed, and a terrifyingly strong blade light measuring tens of thousands of miles came crashing down on Huang Xiaolongs head.

Under the blade light, everything was eradicated, and life and death were decided.

A radiance flashed through Huang Xiaolongs eyes, and the Innumerable Buddha King of Supreme Godhead started to rotate.

As boundless Buddhist energy gathered around his body, Huang Xiaolong returned the attack with one of his own.

A simple punch without any superfluous movements was shot out.

Blinding light covered the plaza the moment Huang Xiaolong moved his body.


The heavens and earth shook at the impact of the blow.

Even the True Emperor Stage started to tremble under the insane power contained behind the attacks.

As divine lightning crackled in the air, everyone felt their expressions changing.

The attacks were simply too strong!

Not to mention that both Huang Xiaolong and Di Jing were only in the Heavenly Monarch Realm.

“Its too terrifying.

If they break through to the Emperor Realm in the future, how strong will they be” One of the ancestors from the Bladeless Gate asked after swallowing a mouthful of saliva.

In a single exchange, one could see that Huang Xiaolong and Di Jing were evenly matched.

“Phantom of Ten Thousand Emperors! Divine Blood Demon Desolate Fist!”

Following Di Jings yell, a fist containing immeasurable killing intent shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

The punch seemed to bring endless waves of bloody energy as a desolate feeling permeated the atmosphere.

Huang Xiaolong gathered the Buddhist energy around him and punched out once again.

“Phantom of Ten Thousand Emperors! Everlasting Sword Qi!”

In the same instant, a sword held by another phantom on the other side of Di Jings body chopped downwards at Huang Xiaolong.

The Everlasting Sword Qi was boundless and contained endless might.

It carried with it an unstoppable momentum as it shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

The sword qi rolled off as though waves crashing onto the shore.

It seemed to raise a hurricane made with chaos lightning, and everything charged towards Huang Xiaolong at the same time.

A resplendent light appeared around Huang Xiaolongs body when he saw the second wave of attack coming at him, and an uncountable amount of sword qi emerged from his body.


The stage turned into a sieve when the sword qi gathered by both of them collided.

In a split second, the two of them exchanged tens of moves.

Every single attack of theirs could shatter the heavens and crumble the earth.

The speed at which they fought wasnt something that could be seen with the naked eye and the phantoms of Emperors beside Di Jing moved unceasingly.

Every move was different, and every move they used had never been seen before.

However, no matter how Di Jing came up with new attacks or techniques, Huang Xiaolong punched and slapped outwards to welcome them.

Even though Huang Xiaolongs methods were a little primitive, he managed to block every single attack.

As the battle became faster and faster, even some Emperor Realm experts were unable to catch their movements.

Only blurs could be seen on the stage with the occasional burst of lightning and blinding radiance that shot out in all directions.

Sword qi that flew around randomly and punches broke the very fabric of space.

Everyone felt overwhelmed with shock as they watched the battle before them.

In an instant, the Huang Xiaolong and Di Jing had exchanged 162 moves.

Di Jing had precisely formed 162 phantoms, and he had already utilized every single one of them.

Even though Di Jing paused for a moment, he shot into the skies in the next second.

The light enveloped his body as the 162 phantoms started to resonate with him.

They seemed to have come to life as the will of 162 Emperors tore through the rivers of time to enter the phantoms.

Emperors might filled the stage below him, and everyone stared at him in shock.

In the past, Lan Tailong had already scared everyone by calling down a divine will of the Brightness Emperor Palaces founder.

Right now, Di Jing had managed to call for 162 wills of some terrifying expert from the ancient times!

All 162 phantoms started to swirl around, and they moved in a mysterious pattern.

Simultaneously, the jade dragons around Di Jings body twisted around each other to form a massive dragon.

Horrifying energy from the dragon race appeared, and it seemed as though a tornado was forming around him.

Di Jing stood in mid-air as though he was an unbeatable god, a ruler transcending the rules of time.

“Huang Xiaolong, Im afraid that was only warm-up.

Right now, Ill play with you for real.” Di Jings voice was like a clap of divine thunder that resounded in everyones ear.

As soon as the words left his lips, devastatingly powerful energy emerged from the 162 phantoms as they commenced their attack on Huang Xiaolong.


“Divine Blood Demon Desolate Fist!”

“Everlasting Sword Qi!”

Previously, he had unleashed the attacks one by one.

But now, Di Jing was no longer going to allow Huang Xiaolong to do as he wished.

He went all out, and all the attacks flooded towards Huang Xiaolong like a tsunami.

As the sky changed color, the 162 phantoms went crashing downwards at Huang Xiaolong.

The might of a single phantom was enough to shock the world.

Right now, 162 of them were attacking in unison! What kind of power was that

“Jade Dragon Ancestor, father of ten thousand dragons… KILL!”

Di Jings cold voice sounded out once again in everyones mind, and the massive dragon around his body raised its head to roar at the heavens.

It followed the lead of the 162 phantoms as it shot towards Huang Xiaolong.

The might of the jade dragon was enough to shatter a supercontinent by itself.

Seeing as all the attacks were about to land on him, Huang Xiaolong didnt panic in the slightest.

He didnt dodge, neither did he run.

Resplendent light covered his body, and the dragon runes on his body glowed with a brilliant radiance.

The three godheads emitted boundless might as they entered his body.

Behind Huang Xiaolong, three thousand arms formed, and every one of them was thousands of miles long.

All of them seemed to be formed from gold, the same as Buddhas.

That was the only similarity it had to the actual Buddha.

On the arms formed by Huang Xiaolong, darkness energy swirled around and emitted an air of desperation.

Moreover, divine dragons were coiling around every single arm.

The three thousand arms moved at the same time.

Some of them turned into fists, and some of them turned into palms as they shot out to counter Di Jings attack.

There were even some that formed a sword as they sliced towards Di Jings sword qi.

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