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Not long after Huang Xiaolong had left, a light flashed in front of the Heavenly Courts lightning pool door, and the father and son duo, Di Jun and Di Jing, appeared.

The two of them walked through the gates, only to realize that the pools were empty.

“Huang Xiaolong!” Di Juns voice grew cold as a murderous glint flickered in his eyes.

The Heavenly Court had spent hundreds of millions of years nurturing and cultivating these two chaos lightning pools.

They had even wasted countless amounts of chaos spiritual ingredients and chaos spirit pills.

Right now, someone had stolen it from right under their noses!

Not to mention, thatsomeone was Huang Xiaolong!

“Huang Xiaolong managed to absorb these two chaos lightning pools so quickly...” Di Jings eyes flashed for a brief moment before he continued, “Since he has completely absorbed those two chaos lightning pools, then the Ancient Thunder Maggots should have already entered his body!” Di Jings body shook in excitement when he thought about the possibility of Huang Xiaolong digging his own grave.

When he thought about the scene of Huang Xiaolong being tortured to death by the maggots soon, he was unable to contain his delight.

Di Jun regained his senses and sneered, “I have leaked the news of Fang Gans whereabouts to the Silver Fox Commerce.

Huang Xiaolong should be rushing to the Fiend God Emperor Palace right now.”

Di Jing widened his eyes in shock, “Is this part of Imperial Fathers plan”

Di Jun shook his head.

“Is Fang Gan not trapped in the Fiend God Emperor Palace”

“Fang Gan is indeed trapped in a mysterious room in the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

Since Huang Xiaolong wants to save him so badly, I fulfilled his wishes and leaked the news to the Silver Fox Commerce.”

Di Jun laughed coldly and continued, “Huang Xiaolong, ah Huang Xiaolong.

Shouldnt you thank me properly for leaking the news to you”

“Is Imperial Father planning to use the Fiend God Emperor Palace to deal with him” Di Jing pondered for a moment before asking.

Di Jun nodded his head, “Since the Fiend God Emperor Palace wishes for nothing more than to tear Huang Xiaolong into pieces, shouldnt we fulfill their wishes While that is true, the Fiend God Emperor Palace is not the only one who wants Huang Xiaolong dead, especially after the Battle of the Heavenly Court.”

Di Jings eyes brightened, “Is Imperial Father referring to the Brightness Emperor Palace”

During the Battle of the Heavenly Court, Huang Xiaolong had killed the Brightness Emperor Palaces disciple, Lan Tailong, in front of everybody.

The Brightness Emperor Palace definitely wants to drink his blood right now.

Di Jun laughed, “The Brightness Emperor Palace is not the only one who cant wait for Huang Xiaolongs death.

The Solitude Emperor Palace, Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, and Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace are all hoping for Huang Xiaolong to kick the bucket.” He then changed his tone and continued, “Once the news that Huang Xiaolong is going to the Fiend God Emperor Palace is leaked to the other palaces, they will definitely start something.

Of course, we need to let the Fiend God Emperor Palace prepare well for his arrival.”

“Will they dare to move against Huang Xiaolong even after knowing that hes the disciple of that old fart from the Grandmist Emperor Palace”

Di Jun smiled, “You are unaware of something.

Currently, Huang Xiaolong has something that the Brightness Emperor Palace needs.

Even if the King of Grandmist backs him up, the Brightness Emperor Palace wont hesitate to kill Huang Xiaolong to obtain what they need.

As for the Solitude Emperor Palace, they have no choice but to do as the Brightness Emperor says.

After all, they signed a life and death alliance to serve the Brightness Emperor Palace years ago.”

Di Jing experienced an epiphany.

Huang Xiaolongs sixteen wings were something that the Brightness Emperor Palace needed, and it was the ultimate temptation that could drive the devil to grind the whetstone.

As long as they killed Huang Xiaolong and obtained the sixteen wings secret, everything would be worth it.

They wouldnt need to consider the aftermath of their actions.

“However, will the Brightness Emperor Palace and the Fiend God Emperor Palace be able to kill Huang Xiaolong” Di Jing asked in concern, “Those two beasts behind Huang Xiaolong possess terrifying strength.

With Huang Xiaolongs personality, he will probably be hiding some of his trump cards…”

Di Jun shook his head and reassured his son, “Since the Fiend God Emperor Palace was able to cause so much carnage in the Divine World, their hidden forces are something you cant even begin to fathom.

Even though they might not be able to do anything to Huang Xiaolong in the other parts of the Divine World, there is only one fate waiting for him as long as he enters their territory.

Not to mention the fact that the Brightness Emperor Palace and the Solitude Emperor Palace will be backing them up…”

“However, if Huang Xiaolong dies, wont the sixteen wings and all the treasures on him all go to the Fiend God Emperor Palace and Brightness Emperor Palace” Di Jing asked.

Di Jun laughed, “If the Fiend God Emperor Palace and Brightness Emperor Palace want to kill Huang Xiaolong, they will definitely have to kill the two beasts behind him.

Those two beasts arent pushovers.

In order to kill them, they will probably pay a sky-high price!”

Di Jings eyes sparkled, “So Imperial Father intends to reap the benefits by attacking the Fiend God Emperor Palace after they successfully kill Huang Xiaolong”

Di Jun smiled in satisfaction, “Actually, I have long wanted to wipe the Fiend God Emperor Palace off the face of the earth.

However, I hesitated in the past due to their hidden force.

Since they are planning to go all out against Huang Xiaolong, it will be a perfect opportunity to annihilate them.

Not to mention the fact that the Fiend God Emperor Palace is probably working in cahoots with the Nine Yin Corpse Tribe.

All the more reason why I need to eradicate them! As soon as we destroy them, all the treasures in Huang Xiaolongs hand will definitely be mine.”

Di Jing smiled, “We can even put on a pretense of avenging Huang Xiaolong.

Hahaha, the King of Grandmist and Jiang Hong should be thanking us!”

The two of them roared with laughter.

After Di Jun had deliberately leaked the news, the Fiend God Emperor Palace, Brightness Emperor Palace, Solitude Emperor Palace, Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace, and Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace soon got wind of Huang Xiaolongs intention of barging into the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

Inside the main hall of the Brightness Emperor Palace headquarters…

Countless ancestors gathered around, and a middle-aged man sat on the throne before them.

Who else could the middle-aged man be other than the Brightness Emperor, Lan Zhi

“Emperor, I feel that this is the best opportunity for us to kill Huang Xiaolong.

We must not let this opportunity slip out of our hands! There is no doubt that Huang Xiaolong will die the moment we ally with the Fiend God Emperor Palace!” Chen Wenqian raised a solid point.

“No, Huang Xiaolong revealed his identity as a direct disciple of the King of Grandmist.

If we join hands with the Fiend God Emperor Palace to kill him, we will be unable to bear the wrath of the King of Grandmist!” Another ancestor, Chen Hai, said urgently.

“As long as we kill Huang Xiaolong and obtain the sixteen wings, our Emperor will surely be able to surpass the Emperor Realm and become a supreme master! With the sixteen wings, why would we be afraid of the King of Grandmist!” Chen Wenqian laughed coldly, “As long as our Emperor surpasses the Emperor Realm, our Brightness Emperor Palace will surely be able to crush the Grandmist Emperor Palace and become the top-ranked Emperor Palace! Not to mention that we have to avenge our disciple!”

“Emperor, I agree with ancestor Chen Wenqian.

We should join hands with the Fiend God Emperor Palace and kill Huang Xiaolong!”

“I agree, as well!”

The Brightness Emperor Palaces ancestors started voicing out their stand, one after another.

Other than a handful of Emperor Realm experts, everyone else supported the decision to join hands with the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

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