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One of the odd beasts directly aimed its attack at Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu, while the other odd beast dived into the group of Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors.

A flurry of blasts ensued.

When the two odd beasts reverted to their real forms, they were over a thousand zhang tall.

Due to their sudden attack in their real forms, Feng Chu and the Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors took on the full force of the attack and got smashed backward violently.

Feng Chu was a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert at the same cultivation realm as the two odd beasts.

But in their real forms, the two odd beasts strength surpassed an Emperor Realm expert.

Moreover, how could Feng Chu withstand an odd beasts full force attack!

And the full force attack of an odd beast carried the power of shattering the universe for the Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors.

Liu Yuan, Zhao Wendan, Liu Wen, and other Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors were smashed into a planets land in the distance.

The entire planet trembled violently, and that particular land exploded, spitting dirt everywhere.

Though Feng Chu fared better than these Ancestors, he was still sent flying back over ten thousand li, coughing up blood.

The nefarious light that enshrouded his body dispersed from the impact, exposing his true appearance.

Feng Chu was an old fogey!

A tall and burly old man with small eyes and a small mouth that only emphasized this eighty-plus-year-old mans sinister personality!

The two odd beasts succeeded with their first attacks, and without waiting for Feng Chu, Liu Yuan, and the rest to react, their second wave of the attack arrived.

One of the odd beasts aimed its punch at Feng Chus head.

The hill-sized claw burst out in radiant rays of black light, resembling a giant black hole.

This punch shattered the void, and even time seemed to slow down.

No matter how powerful or hard Feng Chus head was, or even if his entire body had been tempered and forged by numerous herbs, his head would inevitably suffer injuries if this punch hit it.

Feng Chu was alarmed.

As the Fiend God Emperor, he had experienced many things, and he had personally annihilated countless sects and even Emperor Palaces, but the expression on his face had remained indifferent through it all.

This time, he actually felt death enveloping and entangling his whole body.

Under the threat of death, Feng Chu roared in resistance.

Something seemingly triggered the nefarious power inside his body, exploding in blinding light.

Nefarious qi roiled frenziedly as the Fiend King Star emitted thousands of rays of nefarious light like a million bright suns, shining on Feng Chu.

When the odd beasts punch struck Feng Chu, the million rays of nefarious light on Feng Chus body turned into a Fiend God Divine Armor.


The odd beasts powerful void-shattering punch landed accurately on Feng Chus head.

The Fiend God Divine Armor that had just formed around Feng Chu shattered in the blink of an eye.

Whereas Feng Chu was sent flying horizontally with his head crooked at an odd angle.

Loud buzzing noises thundered in Feng Chus mind as if there was a sea of chaos lightning raising hell in his head.

However, because Feng Chu was protected by the Fiend God Divine Armor earlier, he survived the odd beasts lethal attack, and his head did not explode.

Feng Chu was furious, shocked, and afraid.

He was shocked by the odd beasts strength and furious because he had never been humiliated like this in his life! In the last ten billion years, he had never been struck flying endlessly, and no one had dared to hit his head!

Although Feng Chu had estimated the odd beasts strength, only now did he understand that its strength was higher than he could imagine.

At this point, Feng Chu finally understood why the four odd beasts were hailed as the four gods of war under the King of Darkness, who had swept across the eight directions, unrivaled amongst the Emperor Realm.

After the other odd beast smashed Liu Yuan, Zhao Wendan, and the rest into a big planet, the odd beast appeared above the planet in a flicker.

Its arms looked like sky-propping pillars hammering down on Liu Yuan, Zhao Wendan, and the others.

Two overwhelming forces hit onto the planet.

Liu Yuan, Zhao Wendan, and the others were horror-struck and frantically circulated their godforce to execute their own escape methods, regardless of the heavy injuries on their bodies.


When the odd beasts two arms with the force of two galactic rivers punched into the planet, the entire planet was dislocated from its original spot!

This giant planet had been in existence for countless millions of years, probably countless billions of years, but now, it was actually sent rolling in space!

This was not the end of it.

The mainland where Liu Yuan, Zhao Wendan, and the others had fallen were reduced into dust by the punches.

Two holes broke on the other end of the planet!

Starlight could shine through the entire planet!

Other than Liu Yuan and Zhao Wendan, the other four Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors were smashed into the core of the planet, exiting from the other end before exploding to their deaths in a mist of blood.

Dead in two punches!

These four were Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors, but they didnt even get a chance to resist.

More accurately, they didnt even have the opportunity to think of resisting.

However, at this time, a radiant ray of sword qi whistled from a distance with overwhelming momentum, exuding a sacred aura.

It stood out from the surrounding nefarious qi, but it was just as piercing.

No doubt, it could split a planet into two.

This radiant sword qi directly targeted Huang Xiaolongs back.

It was so fast that many Emperor Realm experts couldnt react, much less Huang Xiaolong.

This radiant sword qi was going to pierce through Huang Xiaolongs back and cut him into two in a split second.

Out of nowhere, another radiant sword appeared and completely blocked the attacking radiant sword qi.


A crisp sound resounded as blinding sparks flew.

Two figures enshrouded in holy radiant halos appeared in everyones sight.

One was the person who had attempted to assassinate Huang Xiaolong in the dark.

It was the Brightness Emperor, Lan Zhi, while the other was…!

“Fourteen-winged Radiance Angel!” Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi and Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors shouted in unison, filled with incredulous disbelief as they stared at the figure enshrouded in the holy halo.

The one who had blocked Brightness Emperor Lan Zhis assassination attempt was none other than one of the Heavenly Halls fourteen-winged Radiance Angels of peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm.

In terms of strength, the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel might be slightly weaker than any of the four odd beasts.

However, the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel was a lot stronger than the same realm Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi.

Hence, Brightness Emperor Lan Zhis assassination attempt on Huang Xiaolong was blocked without breaking a sweat.

After blocking Brightness Emperor Lan Zhis assassination attempt, the fourteen-winged Radiance Angels sword slashed across space in Lan Zhis direction.

The stars in the vicinity seemed to light up with his action, emitting unprecedented radiance.

Brightness Emperor Lan Zhis eyes widened in horror.

Radiant lights burst out from his entire body as he desperately retreated as far as he could from the Radiance Angel.

However, no matter how far and how fast Lan Zhi retreated, the fourteen-winged Radiance Angels sword-slash was still aiming for his throat.

On top of that, the sword attacks speed was faster than his retreating speed.

As Brightness Emperor Lan Zhi was that close to being beheaded, suddenly, several radiant figures rushed out from the void from above, below, and the four sides, attacking the fourteen-winged Radiance Angel.

Huang Xiaolong sneered, watching this scene and inwardly summoned the other fourteen-winged Radiance Angel from the Heavenly Hall.

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