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The two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels radiant energy suppressed and blocked the violent nefarious qi rolling down from above.

The rolling nefarious qi smashed against the massive radiant energy wall like meteor rain, yet the radiant energy wall remained steadfast.

Feng Chu and the Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors faces tightened nervously.

The two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels radiant energy was far stronger than they had imagined.

The nefarious qi within the Grand Fiend God Formation was formed from their Fiend God Emperor Palaces generations of experts forging and accumulation.

Even Feng Chu himself could not accurately judge the terror of this nefarious qi.

But it was actually blocked by the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels radiant energy from behind Huang Xiaolong.

“The Fiend Kings Descend!”

Seeing this result, Feng Chu bellowed furiously and pushed the nefarious energy within his own body to the limit.

Blinding nefarious light burst out from his body.

The same happened from the Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors as they followed suit, circulating their nefarious energy to the limit.

In a split second, the nefarious qi from the Fiend King Star rose sharply, raising humming noises in space, as if there was a terrifying fiend creature awakening from slumber inside the Fiend King Star.

Simultaneously, bursts of nefarious light and endless nefarious qi roiled, gathering and merging, condensing into two giant arms.

There were runes on these giant arms, shining brightly.

Robust nefarious qi roared violently like a galloping waterfall from the void.

As the infusion of more nefarious qi further strengthened these malevolent giant arms, it formed an utterly massive body.

This figure exceeded a hundred thousand zhang height, clad in an armor of fiendish runes.

“Who awakened me from my slumber” The massive malevolent body opened its mouth and spoke in a thunderous voice, rumbling outward in all directions.

Nefarious qi roiled, turning into a turbulent hurricane.

“We pay our respects to the Founder Fiend King!” Elation rushed up to Fiend God Emperor Feng Chus face as he saluted with the utmost respect.

This massive body of nefarious qi not only contained the dense nefarious qi from the Fiend King Star but also a fraction of the Fiend God Emperor Palaces Founders consciousness.

The Fiend King was an existence who had surpassed the Emperor Realm.

He was a peerless overlord!

“Founder, this disciple is the Fiend God Emperor Palaces third-generation Emperor, Feng Chu.

Currently, the Fiend God Emperor Palace is under enemies attack.

The enemies are so strong that this disciple has no choice but to awaken the Founder and plead with the Founder to save our Fiend God Emperor Palace by annihilating the enemies!” Feng Chu answered respectfully.

The fiend figure looked at the two odd beasts and fourteen-winged Radiance Angels behind Huang Xiaolong.

“En, two of the four odd beasts!” The Fiend Kings consciousness was locked onto the two odd beasts.

The fiery amber lights that were his eyes glimmered with intense killing intent.

He had once suffered heavy injuries at the hand of the King of Darkness.

Thus he was very familiar with the four odd beasts under the King of Darkness.

“So, its you guys!” Fiend King chuckled sinisterly, and his voice echoed throughout the entire Fiend God Emperor Palaces starry space.

“Not bad, not bad.

After this king devours you two, I might even have the chance to be reborn a few million years based on your powerful darkness bloodline!” After the Fiend Kings consciousness finished speaking, two giant arms shot out, slamming down on the two odd beasts.

Nefarious qi roiled frenziedly.

Two giant arms moved with world-destroying power that a peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm expert would explode to his death in an instant if hit by it.

Seeing this, the two odd beasts roared in annoyance, and their claws swept out, meeting the Fiend Kings two giant arms head-on.

Rumble~r~rr-rumble~! Thunderous blasts shook the starry space.

Right at this time, the dense nefarious qi within the Grand Fiend God Formation rushed towards Huang Xiaolong and the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels from every direction.

The radiant lights shining on the fourteen-winged Radiance Angels intensified, forming layer after layer of light barrier that blocked the incoming nefarious qi.

“Kill!” Feng Chus voice reverberated, “Whoever captures Huang Xiaolong will be greatly rewarded with ten million low-grade chaos spirit stones!”

With that, Feng Chu was also the first to lunge toward Huang Xiaolong in the attack.

His palms turned to two huge mountains, slamming down on Huang Xiaolong from above.

The Fiend God Emperor Palace\'s Liu Yuan, Zhao Wendan, and the others promptly joined in attacking.

Brightness Emperor Palace\'s experts also made their moves.

Over three hundred Emperor Realm experts\' simultaneous attack was powerful enough to destroy a piece of the universe, breaking a super world surface in crumbles.

Each swirling palm force bore the weight of an insurmountable chaos mountain.

The space around Huang Xiaolong was already distorted and began to crack even before Feng Chus attack arrived.

Huang Xiaolong narrowed his eyes as he looked at Feng Chu and the others lunging towards him, and the sharp gleam in his eyes veiled under his lashes.

He was in no hurry to act, and he waited until Feng Chu, Lan Zhi, and the rest to get close.

Only then did he summon the City of Eternity and Heavenly Hall.

The City of Eternity appeared first.

Under one hundred high-level Emperor Realm Undead Race Netherguards godforce, the City of Eternity ballooned in size into a hundred million miles wide behemoth that smashed onto Feng Chu, Liu Yuan, Lan Zhi, and the rest.

Then, twelve twelve-winged Radiance Angels drove the Heavenly Hall.

The Heavenly Hall resembled a radiant shining sun, emitting boundless radiant energy, as it flew out after the City of Eternity.

As Feng Chu, Lan Zhi, Liu Yuan, and the rest were quite close to Huang Xiaolong, they were unable to react to the speed of the City of Eternity.

The City of Eternity had arrived in front of them like a giant mountain smashing into a flock of birds.

Fiend God Emperor Feng Chu and the rest were all knocked backward, smashing into a large planet.

Some low-level and mid-level Emperor Realm Ancestors exploded into blood mists in this collision.

Blood splattered everywhere.

The Heavenly Hall rammed into them barely a moment after Feng Chu was hit by the City of Eternity.

Half of the planet disappeared, and countless mainlands and mountains collapsed, and seas were gone.

The City of Eternity flew up once again and then slammed down on the group again with overwhelming pressure.

The remaining planet exploded into a dozen pieces.

Under the City of Eternity and Heavenly Halls consecutive smashes, the Fiend God Emperor Palace, Brightness Emperor Palace, Solitude Emperor Palace, Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace, and Thousand Venoms Emperor Palaces Ancestors miserable undulating screams pierced through space.

Out of the twenty-six Ancestors of the Solitude Emperor Palace, Nine Dragons Emperor Palace, Flying Blossoms Emperor Palace, and Thousand Venoms Emperor Palace—eighteen of them died! Only eight remained!

Whereas the Fiend God Emperor Palace and Brightness Emperor Palace had lost a total of fifty-six low-level and mid-level Emperor Realm Ancestors!

In the meantime, the Grand Fiend God Formations numerous giant arms collided with the City of Eternity and Heavenly Hall, finally slowing down their movements.

At this time, Feng Chu and Lan Zhi were staring at the City of Eternity and Heavenly Hall in their shattered divine armors and disheveled hair, as if they had just seen something unbelievable.

Their expressions changed drastically, filled with astonishment and indescribable horror.

“Huang Xiaolong, you, so its you! The New Lord of Hell is actually you!” Feng Chu blurted out as he stared at Huang Xiaolong.

Other Ancestors from Fiend God Emperor Palace, and Brightness Emperor Palace, as well as Gudu Wuyi, Chen Jianwei, and others shuddered, hearing Feng Chus exclamation.

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