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Huang Xiaolong went forward nonstop, getting closer to the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

Along the way, Huang Xiaolong could see Fiend God Emperor Palaces disciples fleeing in different directions, but he ignored them.

But there were some unwise Fiend God Emperor Palaces disciples who tried to sneak-attack and kill Huang Xiaolong as they flew past him.

Huang Xiaolong didnt even need the fourteen-winged Radiance Angels and the two odd beasts to handle these disciples.

He merely burst into misty blood splatters with one punch.

Based on his current early Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm cultivation, even an early First Order Emperor Realm expert would be hard-pressed to take one punch from Huang Xiaolong without suffering some internal injuries.

Then what was more to these God King or Heavenly Monarch Realm Fiend God Emperor Palaces disciples

Hence, Huang Xiaolong killed several hundred of these brazen Fiend God Emperor Palaces disciples who attacked him along the way.

Finally, after killing several hundred fleeing Fiend God Emperor Palaces disciples, other disciples stopped harassing Huang Xiaolong.

All of them avoided him.

It didnt take Huang Xiaolong long to reach the Fiend God Emperor Palaces cluster of main buildings.

The Fiend God Emperor Palaces buildings were built on the Fiend King Stars central mountainous region.

The mountain range stretched for miles and miles, littered with at least a billion clusters of palaces.

However, due to the earlier intense battle, there were fissures and collapsed palaces everywhere.

Many of the formations were broken and damaged as well.

Even so, Huang Xiaolong proceeded carefully.

The formation arrays around the Fiend God Emperor Palace were indeed not to be sneezed at since it ranked third in the Divine World.

To top it off, it had remained standing until now despite rousing several bloodbaths across the Divine world.

As expected, the moment Huang Xiaolong arrived above the Fiend God Emperor Palaces main buildings, several hundred fiendish creatures suddenly flew out from the buildings below.

They had opened their jaws wide open to swallow him in one go.

These fiendish creatures were captured and tamed with secret methods by several generations of Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors to guard various Fiend God Emperor Palaces buildings.

Needless to say, every fiend creature was powerful and had shocking origins.

Each one was a rare ancient beast of the Divine World.

More importantly, these fiend creatures were hard to kill.

These fiend creatures were Huang Xiaolong and the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels.

When these fiend creatures attacked, the two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels countered immediately.

The fourteen wings on their backs spread out, shooting out radiant feather arrows.

These fiend creatures were split into countless pieces by the torrents of these radiant feather arrows.

Furthermore, after these fiend creatures were divided into countless pieces by the fourteen-winged Radiance Angels holy radiant energy, it purified their nefarious energy.

There was no chance these fiend creatures could recover or come back to life.

Huang Xiaolong wasnt one to be polite, and he summoned the City of Eternity.

He had left the Heavenly Hall outside with the two odd beasts to continue attacking the Grand Fiend God Formation and brought the City of Eternity with him.

The moment the City of Eternity came out with one hundred Undead Netherguards, it launched a powerful blow.

In a split second, numerous fiend creatures exploded to their deaths.

Subsequently, the City of Eternity slammed into the cluster of palace buildings below, reducing tens of thousands of buildings to dust.

Formations burst out in lights then fizzled out.

Huang Xiaolong sped onwards, straight into the depths of the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

Now, he was still in the outer periphery of the Fiend God Emperor Palaces territory.

As Huang Xiaolong flew deeper through the Fiend God Emperor Palaces main buildings, he encountered more powerful fiend creatures than before.

These fiend creatures were sealed within these buildings.

Furthermore, one or a group of powerful fiend creatures were sealed within every important palace.

These fiend creatures would only appear when enemies trespassed.

Once, Huang Xiaolong even came across a group of twenty to thirty high-level Emperor Realm fiend creatures.

However, even twenty to thirty high-level Emperor Realm fiend creatures couldnt impede Huang Xiaolongs advance under the City of Eternity and two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels assault power.

They were annihilated by the City of Eternity and two Radiance Angels constant attacks in less than a dozen breaths.

Even though these fiend creatures had high-level Emperor Realm experts strength, it was merely a high-level Emperor Realm.

How could their strengths withstand the City of Eternity or the two peak late-Tenth Order Emperor Realm Radiance Angels

A while later, Huang Xiaolong finally arrived at the center region of the Fiend God Emperor Palace.

Rich nefarious qi enshrouded this center cluster of palaces in front of Huang Xiaolong, almost obscuring the buildings completely.

However, Huang Xiaolong could taste the danger coming from these buildings on the tip of his tongue.

The entire way until here, Huang Xiaolong had not encountered the Fiend God Emperors Disciple Feng Chan, Liu Yuan, Zhao Wendan, or any of the Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors who had fled back to the Fiend King Star.

Feng Chan, Liu Yuan, Zhao Wendan, and the others were probably hiding inside these palace buildings.

Huang Xiaolong did not enter the palace building with the richest and most abundant nefarious qi recklessly.

He had the City of Eternity expand to its biggest size possible and cover half of the sky.

Then, he had it dropped straight onto the center palace buildings.

The moment the City of Eternity started falling onto the palace buildings below, numerous powerful formation lights soared to the sky from the center palace buildings, forming a giant nefarious qi barrier.


The bottom of the City of Eternity slammed onto the nefarious qi barrier.

Strong lights rippled across the barrier surface, then dimmed and vanished.

The attack was actually blocked! This was unexpected for Huang Xiaolong.

In the next second, Huang Xiaolong had the City of Eternity rise and slam down on the barrier again.


This time, the nefarious qi barrier gave out, and the palace building below began to crumble as fissures and cracks opened over the land.

At this time, numerous figures whistled out from the palace buildings and attacked Huang Xiaolong.

But Huang Xiaolong was prepared.

He retreated in a flicker just as these people appeared.

The two fourteen-winged Radiance Angels slashed out with their swords, parrying these peoples attacks.

These people were none other than Liu Yuan, Zhao Wendan, and other Fiend God Emperor Palaces Ancestors who had fled earlier.

However, Huang Xiaolongs attention was not on Liu Yuan, Zhao Wendan, or any of the Ancestors.

His Eye of Hell opened and locked towards a certain direction.

He could see several people trying to escape in concealment.

In a flicker, Huang Xiaolong and the fourteen-winged Radiance Angels blocked their paths.

“Fiend God Emperors Disciple Feng Chan, where are you planning to go” Huang Xiaolong sneered.

This fleeing group consisted of the Fiend God Emperors Disciple Feng Chan and several Ancestor bodyguards.

Feng Chan had not expected Liu Yuan and the others sneak-attack to fail in distracting Huang Xiaolong.

He had still noticed them.

“Huang Xiaolong, what do you want to do” Feng Chan inhaled deeply as he forced himself to calm down.

“If you let me go, our Fiend God Emperor Palace can give you anything you want.”

Huang Xiaolong shook his head, “I will take what I want.

You know very well what I want to do.

But dont worry as I will quickly devour your archdevil bloodline.

You wont feel much pain at all.”

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