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In fact, the mountain was the only thing present on the first floor of the Devil Tower.

There were flights of steps on the mountain peak, and it wasnt difficult to guess where they went.

After climbing the flight of stairs, they would be able to arrive on the second floor.

Countless disciples struggled as they lined the steps.

Most of them were in the Heavenly Monarch Realm, and there were some God Kings.

There were also several Emperor Realm cultivators among them.

However, all the Emperor Realm cultivators were in the Second Order and below.

It had already been eight hundred thousand years since the Devil Tower had last opened.

Since then, no one had seen the inside of the tower.

As for all the present disciples, most of them wouldnt be older than eight hundred thousand years old.

For a cultivator to reach the First or Second Order Emperor Realm in eight hundred thousand years, that was a feat in itself.

Most of these cultivators would be able to break through to the high-level Emperor Realm if nothing went wrong.

Huang Xiaolong hadnt made any preparations, and he directly stepped on the first step.

The instant he stepped foot on the first step, a formless pressure and energy pressed down on him.

Of course, the little bit of resistance was nothing to Huang Xiaolong.

He raised his foot and walked towards the second step.

The instant he set foot on the second step, another wave of pressure and energy assaulted him.

They charged at him at waves, and every time he climbed a single step, another wave would wash against him.

Huang Xiaolong didnt hesitate, and he climbed to a higher step every second.

Before he knew it, he had climbed up several tens of steps.

His shocking speed attracted the attention of a lot of people climbing the Devil Tower.

“Who is that! He climbed several tens of steps in a single breath!” One of the disciples from the Violent Yin Sect exclaimed in surprise.

The Violet Yin Sect ranked somewhere in the two hundred in the Devil World.

“Its him! Hes the black-haired man from the Six Nether Gate!” Someone managed to recognize Huang Xiaolong, and their expression changed.

“What! Thats him!”

“Hes the mysterious black-haired man His talent is astonishingly high! Shouldnt he be able to rank in the top three hundred in our Devil World!”

The number of geniuses in the Devil World was countless.

After all, the Devil World was boundless, and there were billions upon billions of talented individuals.

The disciple who thought Huang Xiaolong possessed talent rivaling the top three hundred felt that he was already overestimating his talent.

While discussions broke out all around him, Huang Xiaolong made his way higher and higher up the mountain.

Every time he moved to a higher step, the pressure and energy would increase a little.

Even though the increase was small enough to be ignored when he moved up a single step, the increase after tens of steps was pretty obvious.

The pressure that he had to endure at his current height was around twice the first step.

Huang Xiaolong very quickly climbed to the thirtieth step, and he didnt stop for even a second.

Every step he took was firm, and his body remained steady even under the bombardment from the mysterious energy.

All the geniuses from the Devil Race were extremely shocked.

No matter how shocking climbing up several tens of steps in one go was, many people could accomplish the same feat.

However, climbing up to the thirtieth step in a single attempt was something even some of the most talented geniuses could not do.

Under the gazes of everyone present, Huang Xiaolong climbed to the fiftieth step.

When the disciple who had claimed that Huang Xiaolongs talent merely ranked in the top three hundred saw how far he had gotten, he couldnt help but widen his eyes in shock.

“This… this… Can he possess talent rivaling the top hundred” He asked in shock.

“Even the top hundred geniuses wouldnt be able to climb fifty steps in a single breath!” One of the geniuses shook his head, and a stunned look hung on his face.

“Dont tell me hes going to reach the seventieth step in one go…” Several disciples felt their throats going dry.


Everyone fell silent as they looked at Huang Xiaolong.

The number of disciples who had reached the seventieth step in one go numbered less than thirty!

Watching Huang Xiaolong climb up one step at a time, everyone forgot to blink.

The fact that they were also currently climbing the tower had probably slipped their mind, as they failed to take a single step upwards.

Huang Xiaolongs legs didnt falter as he arrived on the seventieth step.

When they saw Huang Xiaolongs leg stepping onto the seventieth step, all of them felt a little dizzy.

“This… Hes still going! Hes still climbing up! Is he really going to reach the eightieth step!” Someone muttered weakly.

Even though only ten steps were separating the eightieth and seventieth step, the increase in difficulty was extremely apparent.

The number of people who had managed to reach the eightieth step in one go numbered less than twenty.

Without disappointing all of the spectators, Huang Xiaolong stamped down on the eightieth step.

“Eighty! Eighty steps!”

“How long did he take He didnt even use eighty seconds to climb all the way up there!”

The disciple who was trying to determine Huang Xiaolongs talent level in the Devil World trembled as he spoke.

“He hasnt stopped! Hes still going!” A sharp cry brought them all back to their senses.

Everyone could see that Huang Xiaolong had already continued his climb…

Eighty-three… eighty-four…

They felt as though it was harder to breathe as the air got stuck in their throat.

“Nine… Ninety!”

When Huang Xiaolong arrived on the ninetieth step, the disciple who had claimed that his talent was in the top three hundred of the Devil World felt his eyes growing sluggish.



As he climbed higher and higher, his steps seemed to stomp into the hearts of everyone present.

“One… one… one… One hundred!” A genius from the Heavenly Punishment Sect was so shocked that his voice started to shake.

Only three people could climb to the hundredth step among the people who took part in the event this time around.

They were Chen Weijian, Xing Yinuo, and Qin Hongbao!

Right now, another monster had appeared right before their eyes!

“Devil… Devil Worlds fourth supreme genius!” A random voice echoed through the air.

Everyone was shocked, but no one dared to comment.

“One hundred and one!”

“One hundred and two!”

“One hundred and six!”

When Huang Xiaolong stepped on the one hundred and sixth step, everyone felt their hearts shaking.

That was Qin Hongbaos record, and he had only managed to continue climbing after taking half a days worth of rest.

“One hundred and seven!”

Huang Xiaolongs feet landed on the next step…

“He surpassed the record!”

A single step separated Huang Xiaolong from Qin Hongbao.

However, Huang Xiaolong wasnt about to stop anytime soon.

He raised his feet as he continued to move forward.

“One hundred and eight, one hundred and nine!”

He quickly arrived at the hundred and twelfth step.

He had already surpassed Xing Yinuos record!

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