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“He even overtook Xing Yinuo!”

Everyone looked at Huang Xiaolong with a face of disbelief.

Undisturbed by others, Huang Xiaolong continued his way up, step by step.

“Is he going to overtake Chen Weijian!” Someone in the crowd muttered.

One of the Hundred Transformation Sects disciples sneered, “Our young master is one of the three great geniuses of the Devil World, and he is also the number one figure in the younger generation.

How can this black-haired man possibly surpass our young master!”

However, he felt his mouth going dry.

Huang Xiaolong was picking up the pace!

He was taking one new step every second.

However, after the one hundred and thirteenth step, Huang Xiaolong even increased his speed! He started to jog, covering three to four steps in a single second.

Three to four steps every second!

Others were amazed at his speed.

“One hundred and twenty-eight!” Someones voice trembled.

Chen Weijian had set the record of one hundred and twenty-eight previously.

As if he could not hear the surrounding disciples frightened screams, Huang Xiaolong continued his way upwards.

“One hundred forty!”

“One hundred and fifty-eight!”

“One hundred and seventy-two!”

Looking at Huang Xiaolong climbing up the steps without signs of faltering, everyone felt as though their hearts were about to explode.

“How many steps did the Heavenless Archdevil Lord manage to climb in one go” One of the disciples asked out of the blue.

Everyone sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Its one hundred and eighty-eight!” Someone answered.

At this time, Huang Xiaolong had already reached the one hundred and eighty-second step.

In the next moment, he arrived at the one hundred and eighty-sixth step.

“One hundred and eighty-eight!” When Huang Xiaolong arrived at the hundred and eighty-eighth step, the surrounding disciples held their breath.

Everyone present seemed to be able to hear their own heart beating wildly in their chest.

“One hundred and eighty-nine!”

When Huang Xiaolong raised his leg and stepped onto the next step, all the disciples watching him felt like the sky was about to split apart.

Tens of billions of years ago, when the Heavenless Archdevil Lord climbed had the Devil Tower, he had only managed to climb one hundred and eighty-eight steps in one go.

Since then, no disciple in the Devil World was able to surpass that record.

In everyones mind, the Heavenless Archdevil Lord was an insurmountable peak that nobody could overcome! However, the scene before them changed the long-standing record!

The record that the Heavenless Archdevil Lord had set for billions of years was actually broken!

“This is impossible!”

“Its definitely impossible!”

“This… this cant be real!” Some of the disciples said in denial.

However, Huang Xiaolong continued to make his way up.

“Two hundred!”

Two hundred!

When Huang Xiaolong had reached the two hundredth step, they felt like a bomb was going off in their heads.

Since the start of time, there had been no one who had managed to climb to the two hundredth step in a single shot.

“Hurry, someone report this to Lord Archdevil Ancestor!” One of the disciples from Devil Ape Cult shouted out as he regained his senses

“Thats right, hurry up and report this to the sect master!” Another disciple from the Black Killer Sect shouted as well.

The remaining disciples regained their senses one after another.

They took out their summoning signal and reported what they saw to the people outside.

The Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor was watching the second floor of the tower when his summoning signal suddenly vibrated.

When he took it out to take a look, his whole body trembled.

An expression of disbelief appeared on his face as he screamed, “What! Two hundred!”

The reaction of the Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor was the same as the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor.

At this moment, he finally understood the reason behind the Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestors surprised cry.

Very soon, all the devil sects outside received the report from their disciples inside the tower.

Immediately, discussion broke out heatedly outside the Devil Tower.

“Its the Six Nether Gate! That mysterious black-haired young man was actually able to climb up to the two hundredth step in one go!”

“He even broke Chen Weijians record!!”

“Chen Weijian Whos he Even the Heavenless Archdevil Lords record is gone!”

Expressions of shock could be seen everywhere.

The faces of the elders from the Hundred Transformation Sect turned extremely ugly.

A discussion broke out amongst the different Devil Races experts, and many people were rejoicing in others misfortune.

Some said that Chen Weijian was dogsh*t, while others were saying that he was as good as worthless.

“Damn it!” Elder Yi from the Hundred Transformation Sect cursed as murderous intent oozed out of his eyes.

He looked towards Elder Long, “Elder Long, we cant let that kid continue to climb! He will definitely be able to make it to the ninth floor!”

With Huang Xiaolongs frightening talent, it was only a matter of time before he reached the ninth floor.

Elder Longs eyes flickered, and he finally nodded his head.

He then took out his transmission symbol and passed down an order to the rest of the disciples.

The Stone Ape Archdevil Ancestor, Violent Lightning Archdevil Ancestor, and the Black Killer Sect took out their transmission talismans and passed down their orders as well.

Not too far away, the Heavenly Punishment Archdevil Ancestor looked at everyones reaction and sneered.

He didnt bother stopping them.

“Sure enough, he is worthy of being named the number one throughout history.” The Heavenly Punishment Archdevil Ancestor looked at the Devil Tower and sighed.

All the ancestors from the Heavenly Punishment Sect were startled.

“Lord Archdevil Ancestor is right.

With this type of talent, he indeed deserves his name as the most talented throughout the lands.

Who would have thought that our Devil World will be able to produce such a monstrous genius!”

One of the ancestors from the Heavenly Punishment Sect, Li Yu, said in shock.

All the ancestors from the Heavenly Punishment Sect nodded their heads in agreement.

The Heavenly Punishment Archdevil Ancestor merely smiled and said nothing.

At this moment, Gao Changran was clenching his fist, and excitement filled his heart.

Even though he knew Huang Xiaolongs identity and the shocking level of his talent was, he could have never imagined that Huang Xiaolong would actually be able to climb two hundred steps in one go!

When the disciples inside the Tower received their orders from their elders, they retrieved their weapons and launched their attacks at Huang Xiaolong.

Suddenly, countless devil tools covered the sky and charged towards Huang Xiaolong.

Even though making a move in the Devil Tower would cause them to be inflicted with a curse, none of them could be bothered about it.

Seeing the numerous devil tools flying towards him, a cold smile appeared on Huang Xiaolongs face.

The supreme godforce from his fists transformed into countless invisible fists that collided with those devil tools.

“Clang! Dang!”

Huang Xiaolong blasted back the countless devil weapons, and these weapons flew back towards their owners at a terrifying speed.

In an instant, countless miserable shrieks sounded out.

The Hundred Transformation Sect, Devil Ape Cult, Lightning Beast Valley, and Black Killer Sect suffered disastrous losses as their disciples fell from the mountains peak.

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