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After watching Chen Weijian activate his Hundred Transformation Devil Armor and urge him to attack, Huang Xiaolong responded callously, “In that case, as you wish.”

Huang Xiaolongs Archdevil Supreme Godhead spun, supplying robust supreme devil godforce throughout his body.

As this robust devil godforce surged out from Huang Xiaolongs body, howling shrieks sounded around him.

These howling cries could only be achieved when ones devil godforce reached a shocking high threshold.

Simultaneously, it seemed like hundreds and thousands of giant devils had awakened within Huang Xiaolong as his outer appearance changed completely.

Devilish lights shone where his eyes should be, exuding an overwhelming devil qi that could swallow up a mainland.

Chen Weijian, Xing Yinuo, and Qin Hongbao were startled by this sight.

Then, Huang Xiaolong moved.

His fist swung out, whistling through the air, and he aimed straight at Chen Weijians chest.

The three people on the other side were wide-eyed when they saw there were frightening devil flames wrapped around Huang Xiaolongs fist.

The space in front of Huang Xiaolongs fist became distorted, and it collapsed into a huge black hole as his fist whistled across the air.

With this black hole, Huang Xiaolongs fist struck accurately on Chen Weijians chest.

With the overwhelming destructive power from Huang Xiaolongs fist, the calm expression on Chen Weijians face crumbled.

However, it was already too late for him to even try evading Huang Xiaolongs punch.

His best reliance was the Hundred Transformation Devil Armor, and he frantically sent all his godforce into the armors devil arrays.

“Hundred Transformation Devil Armor!” Chen Weijian yelled, trying to mask his panic.

Rays of devilish light shot out like an exploded dam.

The devil arrays on Chen Weijians armor lit up one by one in the blink of an eye, immediately erecting layers of protective barriers over him.


The instant Huang Xiaolongs fist landed on the protective barriers around Chen Weijian, the barriers layers crumbled like decayed wood, and splinters exploded in various directions!

The devil arrays on the armor completely gave out from the impact as Huang Xiaolongs fist landed on Chen Weijians chest area.

Huang Xiaolongs fist force easily passed through the devil armor, straight into Chen Weijians flesh.

Instantly, noises of breaking bones rang in the air.

Chen Weijian screamed as his body arched and flew high into the air from the two hundred and twenty-second step before plummeting to the foothills.


A thunderous crash came from the foot of the mountain.

However, Chen Weijians sharp screams were still echoing in the air.

Huang Xiaolong retrieved his fist, and the surging godforce returned to his body.

The devilish light around him disappeared completely.

He stood there calmly like an ordinary young man, who had not attacked anyone moments ago.

The next second, a curse rune condensed from the devil qi silently appeared in high air and shot into Huang Xiaolongs body.

This curse rune was a punishment to those who attacked others inside the Devil Tower.

Huang Xiaolong didnt put this curse rune to heart.

He could easily erase this curse rune with his current strength and abilities without leaving any sequelae.

Huang Xiaolong turned and resumed climbing the stairs without sparing another glance at Chen Weijian lying at the mountain foot.

This small delay had wasted his precious time.

Though it wasnt much time, he still quickened his steps.

The faster he cleared every floor, the devil qi rewarded would be more and purer.

Xing Yinuo and Qin Hongbao stood woodenly in a daze on the twenty-sixth and twentieth steps, respectively, as they stared at Huang Xiaolongs back on the mountain peak.

Huang Xiaolong had already reached the three-hundredth step when the two of them finally recovered their senses.

Xing Yinuo looked at Chen Weijians unmoving figure lying limply at the mountain foot, and her breathing was a little heavy as if her heart was racing.

Her dainty cherry lips were slightly agape in shock.

“Ju-just now, just now...!”

For the first time, she realized it was so difficult to express herself.

But Qin Hongbao was still terror-struck, unable to extricate himself from the scene earlier.

That sight was carved deep in his soul, unerasable for a lifetime.

More time passed before Xing Yinuo, and Qin Hongbao truly regained their composure.

Both took out their communication symbol and reported the second-floor incident to their respective sects outside.

“What! Chen Weijian was blasted off with one punch!”

The Heavenly Punishment Sects Ancestors were agape with shock after reading the content of Xing Yinuos message.

With the Heavenly Punishment Sect Ancestors loud exclamations, the news soon spread throughout the square.

The crowd exploded in shock.

Even the Hundred Transformation Sects Ancestors were astounded.

Killing intent needled in their eyes as their expressions turned gloomy, intermingled with unease and anxiety.

Huang Xiaolong was unaware of the furor he had raised outside.

A few minutes after crossing the second floors entrance, he stopped to rest and restore his godforce on the four-hundredth step.

The gravity on the second floor was greater, increasing Huang Xiaolongs godforce consumption.

Half an hour later, Huang Xiaolong resumed climbing, steadily maintaining the same speed of three steps per second.

When Huang Xiaolong reached the eight-hundredth step, he stopped to rest and restore his godforce once again.

But he had not even reached halfway, and there were two thousand steps on the second floor.

It was double the number of steps on the first floor.

Hence, it took Huang Xiaolong about three hours to reach the top of the second floors stairs.

Like the first floor, the instant Huang Xiaolongs feet landed on the second floors highest stair, a hole opened in the void above him, pouring down devilish lights like a waterfall.

The devilish lights went on for six hours this time around, and it was twice as long compared to the first floor.

Huang Xiaolong discovered after accepting the second floors devilish lights tempering that his cultivation had actually advanced to the peak of the early Eighth Order Heavenly Monarch Realm.

Inside his body, his Archdevil Supreme Godhead and Blood Eye Devil Stele emitted resplendent lights.

The Blood Eye Devil Steles blood-red light was even more dazzling and glaring.

Huang Xiaolong stood on the same spot for a dozen breaths, adjusting his state of mind before taking the step into the third floor.

The third floor of the Devil Tower instantly shone brightly, astonishing the experts spectating on the square outside.

“Passing two floors consecutively in less than twenty hours!” Xing Tian sighed in amazement as he stared at the dazzling rays of light shining from the Devil Towers third floor.

If they deduct the amount of time of body tempering under the devilish light, it was only a short four hours…

Four hours!

Thinking of this, even as the leader of the twelve Archdevils, Xing Tian couldnt help but feel dumbfounded.

The passage of time continued to flow by.

In the blink of an eye, more than a month had passed.

After a little over a month, Huang Xiaolong finally stepped through the ninth floors entrance.

When climbing the Devil Tower, every higher floor had an additional hurdle.

For example, the second floors high gravity.

On the third floor, in addition to the second floors high gravity, there was lightning punishment.

On the fourth floor, there was high gravity, lightning punishment, and also soul attack.

In comparison, the fifth floor had everything from the previous floors with the addition of poisonous fog.

Furthermore, the number of steps increased by a thousand and became steeper with every floor.

After crossing the ninth floor entrance and seeing the towering peak that reached the clouds, Huang Xiaolong sucked in a breath of cold air even though he was mentally prepared.

This towering peak was literally a straight vertical line.

From the mountain foot to the mountain peak, and slope of any degree was nonexistent.

The mountain surface was smooth as a mirror, reflecting soft mysterious light.

Huang Xiaolong gulped loudly.

Just imagining what he was about to embark on next under the resistance of space power, chaos law, extreme gravity, lightning punishment, soul attack, poisonous fog, a sea of fire, icy hail, and layers of sword formations attack while climbing up slippery steep stairs at a ninety-degree angle.

What kind of situation would that be

Probably, the many monstrous geniuses outside wouldnt even manage to stand firm on the first step under such harsh conditions.

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